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dubphonics a better place new bern

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Throughout this global crisis, we will continue to look for ways to help in the fight against COVID Each year, the program recognizes 10 finalists and up to 50 state merit winners nationwide who have demonstrated a passion for solving everyday problems.

Previous challenge finalists have collaborated with 3M scientists to create solutions to a wide variety of real-world problems, including water conservation, noise pollution, energy consumption and public transportation efficiency. The 3M Young Scientist Challenge and its summer mentorship program is a unique, immersive experience for students to explore innovation and nurture their ideas from concept to working prototype.

The Foundation worked with a key group of 3M stakeholders — including those who lead our diverse set of Employee Resource Networks — to assess local organizations with a focus on legal justice, racial equity and healing. This funding will focus on areas such as criminal justice advocacy, economically empowering women, increasing employment and housing opportunities, and art and activism education. By partnering with these instrumental organizations on the journey to make our communities more equitable and inclusive, we are hopeful that these investments and the engagement of 3Mers will result in positive change.

A three-year initiative— developed by 21 local businesses, Hutchinson High School, Ridgewater College and the Hutchinson Economic Development Authority— aims to create a sustainable talent pipeline for advanced manufacturing. The project also helps fund professional development for teachers and provides scholarships for students. We want to see this become the template for communities and facilities like ours to be able to replicate to fill that pipeline.

The 3M Foundation is working closely with a social justice working group that will shape the fund goals, as well as help identify, assess and select grant recipients. The letter outlines a detailed list of policy recommendations and considerations that focuses on reducing police misconduct and increasing accountability and transparency. This time must be different, and 3M is committed to being part of the solution.

This includes rethinking our own internal policies and practices that might be contributing to racial disparities and inequities. It also includes taking actions to accelerate social justice, help our communities rebuild, demand police reform and combat racism. Smith commits to manufacturing products that reduce environmental impact A. Smith Close A. Smith commits to manufacturing products that reduce environmental impact As energy and water demand increases, A.

Smith water heaters and boilers are among the most innovative and energy efficient in the world. Leading the way are their best-in-class, high-efficiency condensing storage water heaters, boilers and tankless water heaters. Additionally, A. The recognition by the U. Environmental Protection Agency and the U. Department of Energy speaks to A. Smith showcases commitment to its community through donations, safe drinking water programs and volunteer events A.

Smith showcases commitment to its community through donations, safe drinking water programs and volunteer events Established in , the A. In , the Foundation initiated the Matching Gift Program to financially support education at high schools, qualified colleges and universities. Scholarships are also available for children of employees for higher education, including vocational-technical school and college. In , the A. The Foundation focuses its efforts in four primary areas: education, human services, art and culture, and health.

Additionally, as a water technology company, A. Smith is proud to contribute to communities combating unsafe levels of lead in drinking water. The company partnered with the United Way and the City of Milwaukee to donate water filtration products to Milwaukee residents whose homes have a connection to lead service lines.

Globally, A. Smith employees volunteer and give back to a variety of organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, Boys and Girls Club and the United Way. Smith Foundation Board and senior vice president of human resources and public affairs for A. Smith Corporation. This collaboration aims to rapidly integrate fundamental biology into the preclinical and clinical development of new therapies for viral diseases that address a variety of therapeutic modalities.

There is much to learn about viral diseases and the best way to treat them. By harnessing the power of collaboration, we can develop new therapeutics sooner to ensure the world is better prepared for future potential outbreaks. Melissa Klein lives in San Francisco, where she writes and illustrates the fiction zine Inkling, performs short plays and monologues, and works with her punk community to create humorous political street theater. She will be reading from this book, with pictures projected for your multisensory enjoyment.

Jennifer Whiteford teaches, writes, and goes to rock shows in Ottawa, Ontario. Her six year old perzine, Matilda has won rave reviews and spawned her online journal Matilda Says. Last year, she released The Mattie Stories, a collection of short fiction one reviewer called "the Vinyl Cafe for indie rockers.

Her first novel, Grrrl, is currently in publishing purgatory, but she will read excerpts from it on tour anyway. Watch out, she'll be using her "teenage voice. The main reason for this show is to promote Hip Hop by bringing Hip Hop back in line with its roots visually, pay homage to urban artists whose work may have been passed over and to increase awareness to age group about art appreciation at a common level, urban life and Hip Hop.

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Promoting innovation and creating a more prosperous future for all requires investments to build communities and to help people and neighborhoods overcome challenges.

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