Forex force index indicator

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forex force index indicator

In practice, the Force Index is used as a tool for assessing the strength of the market. However, there is no information on the real amount of transactions. The force index is a technical indicator that. The Force Index indicator invented by Alexander Elder measures the power behind every price move based on their three essential elements, e.g., direction. SBOBET FOOTBALLBETTING

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The following sections provide descriptions of the various Indicators and explains why they are so valuable and beneficial to FX traders. It provides traders with a precise number that accurately gauges the performance and strength of each currency throughout the course of the trading session. Knowing how many pips each individual currency has gained or lost during a trading session is the most effective and unbiased way of determining the strength of each currency.

This allows FX traders to easily identify the strongest and weakest currencies so that they can avoid trading currency crosses that do not offer an adequate amount of profit potential. This enables traders to know exactly which currency crosses have gained the most pips and lost the most pips out of all possible crosses. Knowing the correlations between each and every currency cross during a trading session is the most effective way of determining which specific currencies trade in tandem and which trade inversely or oppositely.

This allows FX traders to easily identify which currencies should be paired together and which crosses to avoid, since there is little profit to be gained from trading two currencies that have an extremely high positive correlation move in the same direction. More importantly, it is much easier to trade a currency cross that often moves vertically instead of horizontally chop or consolidation.

This enables traders to know exactly which currency crosses are the most ideal for trading and which should be avoided. Contact us at We take great pride in our customer support and are happy to help our fellow traders! This is probably the most important piece of software for anyone who trades the Forex markets or currency futures. Thank you again for responding to my questions so quickly!

For this feature, is recommended to use it in conjunction with another trend following indicator, so that the Force Index confirm the signals generated by the second oscillator and can be exploited in this way the best signals produced. When the line of the indicator passes the reference line from below this is an indication of a market uptrend. When the line of the indicator passes the reference line from above this is an indication of a market downtrend. Both are used for different things as explained below: The use of EMA of 2 periods It serves to locate the entry point in our trades.

If a trader is thinking about a trade in the direction of the main trend of the price, he would open a long position when the EMA 2 of Force Index is negative or else he would open a short position when the EMA 2 is in the positive side. Sometimes, it also serves to show divergences with the price. If the higher peaks of the EMA2 fall with respect to each other, that is, if the second is less pronounced than the first, but the price keeps rising, the Force Index is warning us that the price will fall and that it is time to close our long positions.

On the contrary, if lower peaks rise, that is, if the first peak is less pronounced than the second, even if the price is falling, this means that the price will soon turn upward, so it is recommended to close short positions. The use of EMA of 13 periods: This moving average in the Force Index represents the alternation in power between bulls and bears. If EMA13 is above or below the zero line reference line , that indicates that the trend is bullish or bearish.

If the EMA 13 is floating around the zero line, it is an indication that we are in a market range a market with no clear trend. Thus, if the EMA13 form again a peak in the same zone where it was positive or negative , that is a sign that the market trend will continue.

If the EMA 13 crosses the reference line, that usually marks the end of a trend. In addition, divergences between price and EMA13 serve to warn the trader about turns in the trend. There is a special case, which is the bullish divergence that consist in a large negative peak of EMA13 in the Force Index. When this big negative peak appears in the EMA13, it is a signal that the corresponding minimum price is going to be reached again or exceed soon.

When this happens, usually, a divergence is produced with the EMA13, which can warn of a dramatic rise in the price. Interpretation of the Force Index The force index is one of the best indicators that combine price and volume.

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