Would the world be a better place without me

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would the world be a better place without me

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It's no accident you are here. You being here, whether it is easy to believe or not, is helping you to learn, grow and evolve as well as everyone else you encounter. You are an important piece to the puzzle. You're right, others close to you would be hurting too if you left early.

Darling, have you tried meditation? It sounds like an excellent remedy for what ails you. A constantly chatty and overactive mind is the root cause of all suffering. When the mind is making noise all the time you can never experience peace, serenity and happiness, which is why most of us are unhappy too. I think you need to do add this to your daily routine. At the very least minutes worth and building up to more if you can. It's important to take some time to turn off the TV, cell phone and all other distractions and sit and do absolutely nothing.

I just started this job a couple of months ago, and this woman has looked withdrawn and almost avoidant of me for a long time. I sent her an email wondering if there was something I had done to cause this response. She wrote back that her daughter recently died by suicide. The baby picture attached looked almost indistinguishable from my own baby pictures. The picture of her adult daughter bears a remarkable similarity to myself. Her birthday is a mere 11 days before mine.

I sat there for a time, overwhelmed with the notion this could have been my mother. With a few variables changed, my mother could have been the one grieving this week. She very nearly was the one grieving her lost child. In order for this young person to have died by suicide, she must have believed she would not be missed, as almost everyone with suicidal ideation does. She must have thought she was disposable.

Her house would have been filled with smoke, and she would not have seen her loved ones hoping she would get out. But her mother grieves. The family she has left behind has a hole in it. She has even left an imprint on me, and I never met her. She lived. She was important. She is missed and her family grieves for her. If suicidality leads to the belief we will not be missed, yet each person who dies by suicide is mourned intensely, then that belief has to be false.

Suicide loss survivors constantly talk about the grief , about wishing something more could have saved their loved one. It would seem no one who truly loves the person who dies by suicide is better, happier, without that person in their lives. They look to see if I have posted on social media, just to know I am alive. I may believe they would be relieved to have me gone, but they are calling to me through the smoke that they just want me to be OK.

I firmly believe this is the case for everyone who is suicidal. Our lives leave a mark on those around us, even if we do not see it. To those who have lost a loved one to suicide, I am sorry. There is nothing you could have done that would have prevented the death.

Would the world be a better place without me indicatore cicli forex

the world would be better off without me?

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