Gefahren bei deflation investing

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gefahren bei deflation investing

Therefore, equity and mortgage REIT investments may not offer a safe haven during Real Estate, Stocks, and Bonds as a Deflation Hedge. As the reflation trades cools down and the economic data begins to roll over, Jeff Snider, head of global research at Alhambra Investments. Währungsschwankungen können sich nachteilig auf den Wert, Preis und die Rendite eines Produkts bzw. der zugrundeliegenden Fremdwährungsanlage auswirken. Die. FOREX MARKET OPENING TIMES AUSTRALIA NEWS

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Gefahren bei deflation investing indikator scalping forex strategies


This is the opposite of inflation , which is characterized by rising prices. Note: Deflation is different from disinflation , which is a slowing of inflation. To many economists, deflation is more serious than inflation because deflation is more difficult to control. Let's take a look at the different effects of deflation.

Yes, people would presumably be happier if prices were to go down. Everything becomes cheaper, and the money that we have seems to go a little further than before. However, when this effect drags on for too long, companies' profits begin to decline. Economic conditions such as excess supply force companies to sell their products for even cheaper and subsequently cut back on production costs , reduce employee wages, lay off workers or even close production facilities. At this point, unemployment will increase, the economy cannot expand and people aren't spending their money because their economic future seems uncertain.

During that long and drawn out transfer process, I was not earning one cent in yield. But ultimately I came out way ahead, because the tie up in cash was the best thing that could have happened to me — it saved me from decimating myself with my own trading heroics, as the biggest stock market collapse of our lifetimes was occurring!

Paradoxically, the US dollar has been the strongest performer during deflationary waves. Since most debt is denominated in US dollars, the supply of available dollars decreases, which actually sends the dollar up. The dollar was the strongest currency then, and I expect it to be again until further notice.

Source: StockCharts. Stocks Will Get Creamed Stocks are not a good place to be during a deflationary depression check out the price performance of stocks during the Great Depression. Conservatively, you can expect stocks to take out their previous March lows, as was the pattern during the Great Depression. Stock prices collapsed in amazing fashion during from And maybe much lower.

Last time, not many stocks were spared. Best bet would be to avoid stocks altogether. Originally I thought gold would get slammed as it did in , just not as bad this time around. I may have been too harsh in my predictions for the yellow metal. Gold has held up more than admirably over the past few trading sessions.

Same goes for oil — peak oil or not, if demand hits the road for a year or two, we could see an instant replay of what happened to natural gas.

Gefahren bei deflation investing northern league division 1 betting

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