Nfl replacement refs packers seahawks betting

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nfl replacement refs packers seahawks betting

on a controversial referee call that decided the Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. Ontario man Gino DiFelice won $, thanks to the replacement refs' handling of the Seahawks-Packers game last Monday, the Toronto Star. NFL Replacement Ref - (Photo: Twitter) - Fans of the Green Bay Packers cry foul. and Seattle Seahawks came down to a yard catch made by Seahawks wide. SPORTS-BETTING-COMMUNITY

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Nfl replacement refs packers seahawks betting betting odds calculator decimals to fractions converter nfl replacement refs packers seahawks betting


The refs threw a number of flags on the Packers that moved the Seahawks within scoring range before they failed on fourth down near the goal line. One was a terrible roughing the passer call on Eric Walden during the first play of the next-to-last drive that should've been an interception on Wilson. Then Sam Shields got tagged for a defensive pass interference penalty that was questionable even if he did get Sidney Rice 's jersey and gave the Seahawks new life. But nothing compared to the final play, when a disastrous series of events managed to boil the referee situation over the proverbial pot.

Not really mentioned in all of this was the fact that Tate shoved a Packers player, a blatant offensive pass interference penalty. But that's because it's small potatoes compared to the refs whiffing on an obvious interception, making two totally different calls, screwing up the replay review which they couldn't really review and then finding themselves in the middle of an awkward disaster that wouldn't end because the Packers and Seahawks needed to be on the field for the final extra point.

This was the second straight week of Monday Night Football that featured a nightmare situation with the officials. It was going to be a problem for the league well before Monday night, but the NFL needed to get through the Seahawks-Packers game without a big-time mistake. Instead, they got the biggest mistake of them all, and you have to wonder how long the league can stick with a situation big-time players like Drew Brees have called "horrendous" and "embarrassing.

But those terms are finally applicable. It's hard to imagine that the league can stay with the replacement officials now that a game's been decided by a group of guys in stripes who are clearly overwhelmed with the speed, pace and general management of the NFL game. Jennings appeared to intercept the pass, which would have ended the game. Instead, a touchdown was awarded to Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate.

As a result of the call, the Packers, a three-and-a-half point favorite, failed to cover the point-spread. While the NFL is loathe to adjust its practices to assuage the betting industry — or even acknowledge it for that matter— the truth is that betting on games is a huge part of why the NFL has the rabid following it does. Many wonder if the N. Replacement referees — and especially this crew, led by referee Wayne Elliot — are drawing ire for indecision, slow pace and overall lack of competency over the course of the last four weeks.

On Tuesday, the N. This should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference, which would have ended the game.

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Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks Blown Call: NFL Refs Back to Negotiating?

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