Displacement reaction between iron filings and copper sulphate

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displacement reaction between iron filings and copper sulphate

(b) The reaction between iron and copper sulphate is a displacement reaction. (i) Give the name of the orange metal visible after one week. . As an oxidation–reduction reaction, the copper in copper(II) sulfate is reduced and the iron powder is oxidized. A metal capable of displacing another from a solution of one of its salts is said to be "more active" than the displaced metal. In this experiment, iron is more. FOREX FACTORY BASKET TRADING SYSTEM

However, there will be a point where, when I increase the mass of iron filings, the change in temperature will be about the same as it was with the mass of iron filings before it as there will not be enough copper molecules to react with the iron. My scientific reason for my prediction; the greater the mass of iron filings; the greater the rise in temperature, is that a displacement reaction will take place between the iron and the copper.

Iron is higher in the reactivity series of metals than copper, and a more reactive metal will displace a less reactive metal from its compound. The list left shows that iron is more reactive than copper. Middle Plan To carry out this investigation I will carry out the below plan. Stir the iron filings with the thermometer carefully. In between the readings make note of the observation that can be seen, smelt, felt etc.

Repeat this for the next four masses of iron filings. Analysis From my graph, overleaf it can be seen that as the mass of iron filings increases; the rise in temperature increases. The reason for this being that a chemical reaction takes place between the iron and the copper sulphate. This is a displacement reaction between the copper and iron. A metal will displace a less reactive metal in a metal salt solution like the one in this experiment this can be seen in the equation below.

Conclusion However the disadvantage of this would be as there is twice as much solution than before so it would take twice as long to see the maximum increase in temperature. Further investigations For a further investigation I would do this experiment again either using an element that is higher than iron in the reactivity series or lower than copper to show that the displacement would not take place. Step 4: One iron nail is tied with a thread and hanged in one test tube and other end of the thread is tied with the stand keeping in mind that the iron nail is completely immersed in the solution.

Step 5: Other iron nail is kept in a petridish for comparison after the experiment. Step 6: Test tubes are left undisturbed for 15 minutes. Step 7: After 15 minutes, iron nail immersed in copper sulphate solution is removed and put in petri dish. Observation 1. There is a brown coating on the iron nail which was dipped in the copper sulphate solution, whereas the iron nail placed in petri dish shows greyish colour of iron.

The colour of the copper sulphate solution in which the iron nail was dipped turns light greenish, whereas the solution of copper sulphate in the other test tube does not change. Inference 1. The brown coating on the iron nail shows that copper is deposited on the iron nail by displacing iron. This is a single displacement reaction in which copper has been displaced by iron from copper sulphate solution and a new compound, ferrous sulphate, is formed. So, this reaction is a chemical change.

Precautions 1.

Displacement reaction between iron filings and copper sulphate how to bet on parlays


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Displacement reaction between iron filings and copper sulphate btc champ2

Metal Displacement Reaction -- Iron Filings Displace Copper out of Cu2+ solution displacement reaction between iron filings and copper sulphate

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