Aiding or abetting

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aiding or abetting

To convict as a principal of aiding and abetting the commission of a crime, a jury must find beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant. 8. As for aiding and abetting's mens rea, the ad hoc and hybrid Tribunals have found that the accused must have acted or omitted to act with knowledge that. Aiding typically refers to actions that help the crime, like financing an element of the crime, while abetting often refers more to encouraging. BETTING BANGARRAJU ACTRESS LEE

Where an accused aider and abettor is remote from relevant crimes, evidence proving other elements of aiding and abetting may not be sufficient to prove specific direction. In such circumstances, the Appeals Chamber, Judge Liu dissenting, holds that explicit consideration of specific direction is required. The factors indicating that acts of an accused aider and abettor are remote from the crimes of principal perpetrators will depend on the individual circumstances of each case.

Such factors may include, but are not limited to, geographic distance. See also paras 42, The Appeals Chamber also discussed types of evidence that may prove specific direction. The Appeals Chamber notes that previous judgements have not provided extensive analysis of what evidence may prove specific direction. Nonetheless, the Appeals Chamber observes that in most cases, the provision of general assistance which could be used for both lawful and unlawful activities will not be sufficient, alone, to prove that this aid was specifically directed to crimes of principal perpetrators.

If an ostensibly independent military group is proved to be under the control of officers in another military group, the latter can still be held responsible for crimes committed by their puppet forces. However, as explained above, a sufficient link between the acts of an individual accused of aiding and abetting a crime and the crime he or she is charged with assisting must be established for the accused individual to incur criminal liability.

The Appeals Chamber recalls that specific direction may be addressed implicitly in the context of analysing substantial contribution. See also Rukundo Appeal Judgement, paras Trial Judgement, paras , , ; Limaj et al. Generally, though, a mere passive presence during the commission of an offence, without any positive actions, does not amount to aiding an offence.

Counselling or procuring someone to commit an offence Counselling is taken to mean the encouragement of the commission of an offence, whether by word or actions. Procuring involves intentionally causing or commissioning the commission of an offence. Importantly, it does not matter if the offence actually committed is the same as that counselled or a different one, provided that the facts constituting the offence committed are a probable consequence of carrying out the acts counselled.

That term is used to describe someone who helps an offender escape punishment after the offence has been committed. Examples of being a party to a crime A simple example of a party to a crime is someone who acts as a getaway driver as part of a bank robbery. That person might not go inside the bank, or share in the proceeds of the robbery, but they can nonetheless be convicted of the robbery given their role as aiding the commission of the crime.

Other examples include hiring procuring someone to commit an offence such as to assault or kill someone. A woman whose male partner assaults another male for his conduct towards the female does not commit any offence by passively watching her partner assault the other male.

In other words, one can be a party to an offence even where one of the parties goes beyond the original plan entered into. For example, where a group of unarmed youths agree to rob a service station and then, to the surprise of the others, one offender pulls out a knife mid-robbery.

In this scenario, all the robbers can be convicted on the basis of an armed robbery, even though most were initially unaware of the knife. This is because the use of the knife was a probable consequence of their unlawful plan to rob the service station. All participants in the common purpose in this scenario, to rob the service station , are liable for any offence committed by one of them in the furtherance of their common purpose, as long as the offence was a probable consequence of putting the plan into action.

What are the consequences of being charged as a party to an offence?

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