How does pointsbet work

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how does pointsbet work

How Does PointsBet Work? PointsBet makes the sports wagering process easy for bettors of all experience levels. To place a bet on the sportsbook. When you points bet, your profit or loss on a game is based on how many points your bet wins or loses by. If your bet wins by two points, you. Point spreads work similarly to totals when you're PointsBetting. If a team covers and then some, you'll win a multiple of your bet. If a team. WHAT AFFECTS CRYPTOCURRENCY PRICE

Betting options Live and in-game wagering: The live menus update quickly it is easy to enter a wager quickly, which is essential in live betting. PointsBet also recently added in-game parlays! Moneyline wagers Fixed odds on spreads and totals team, quarters, halves, etc. Alternate spreads and totals Props player, team and scoring props Player assists, player rebounds, player points individually Kawhi Leonard under This will be a new concept for most U.

Recall that you can initiate yourself to this style of wagering if you use a PointsBet sign up code. Half of that offer is designed to let you figure how to bet this way. Basic overview and PointsBetting options Separate from basic PointsBetting offerings on standard fare such as game totals and game spreads or half or quarter spreads , you can PointsBet on such propositions as: LeBron James total points: Under 27 or Over For example, a bet on Over 30 means that if the team wins and scores 4 goals, the bet results at 50 and you win 18 times your wager Over The sky is pretty much the limit here.

Sort through the options, do your homework, and choose your own adventure. Of course, you can cap your loss or potential win. This is just part of the house advantage. This feature is accessible with an adjustable bar. Withheld amount When you make a PointsBet, your potential win or loss is variable. The range of outcomes might be 50 yards points Over 90 yards receiving for Odell Beckham Jr. This withheld amount is based on previous statistics and historical results of that particular market in order to cover nearly all possible results.

Each market has different volatility and range of results which affects the withheld amount. Note that the withheld amount cannot exceed what you have in your account; in other words, the account cannot go into the negative. As in you lay 9. If the game lands close to the spread or total, your result will be commensurately small. This includes the recent DraftKings handicapping tournament, warts and all, which, with a few adjustments and better management, can be a wildly successful recurring event.

C makes clear that each province has the authority to fully legalize sports betting and regulate it as they see fit. Most provinces in Canada are doing just that, beginning with Ontario , which legalized single-game wagering and began the licensing process for sportsbooks wanting to open up shop in the province. The PointsBet app procured a license and launched, complete with a sign up code, on April 4, , the date set by the province.

User experience Separate from the features described in the above sections, we have some additional observations about the PointsBet online sportsbook user experience. The chat function works well on both the web and mobile versions. PointsBet has been known for aggressively offering a variety of promotions daily. Notice the image shows a losing ticket from DraftKings.

Other promotions on PointsBet Other types of promos include instant early payouts on moneyline wagers if a certain team mounts a big enough lead. All cancelation requests must occur within 15 minutes of placing the bet, and are at the discretion of the PointsBet management team.

So, you get one bonus point for every dollar wagered. Link up your bank once and you can use it and re-use it for both deposits and withdrawals. Once we linked up an account after our PointsBet signup, making a deposit after the initial one was very, very fast and easy. Likewise, a withdrawal hit the account about 36 hours after requested. PayPal: You probably already have a PayPal account. Remember to use bonus code WSN The only other sportsbooks that can compete with this bonus for new customers are DraftKings or FanDuel.

The welcome bonus comes in the form of 2 risk free bets, one on fixed-odds betting and one on PointsBetting. Basically, if you lose the first bet you place with fixed odds you will be refunded your stake in the form of a free bet. The same goes for your first PointsBetting bet. Generally, new customers get either a free bet or a risk free bet , so to get both is impressive.

Other Welcome Bonuses PointsBet sportsbook tends to have other welcome bonuses on offer based on upcoming major events. For example, if you were signing up in the weeks before the Super Bowl , you can expect them to have a welcome bonus that involves free bets on the game, or money back based on a certain outcome.

Just remember that only one welcome bonus can be claimed per new account. So if you claimed that theoretical bonus on the Super Bowl, you would not be eligible for the standard and valuable welcome bonus too. Good Karma Payouts This is a bonus that runs all the time. PointsBet sportsbook chooses a market where it thinks bettors got unlucky, and refund their bets straight up.

For example, imagine you bet big on the Lakers before a game on Tuesday night, and on Tuesday morning LeBron James gets injured. Chances are, PointsBet might refund your bet if the Lakers lose. There is no pattern to this, the payouts are at the discretion of PointsBet. This bonus is not a game-changer in terms of value, but we like it for the novelty and it definitely feels great to get a freeroll on a losing bet. The more bets you place, the more reward points you earn.

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for free bets. Other Bonuses PointsBet has plenty of bonuses going on all the time. Every week you can expect to find different odds boosts, or your money back in certain markets if there is a certain outcome.

Overall, our experts were super impressed with the bonuses and offers at PointsBet sportsbook. The welcome bonus is great, and the range of other bonuses means a lot of extra value for users. Kinds of Bets and Odds When comparing online sportsbooks, the kind of bets and the odds themselves are some of the first things we look for. First and foremost, we want to see all the most popular bets covered, with good betting odds and lines. Second, we like to see a large variety of more unique and interesting bets.

PointsBet does well in the first section, and with its PointsBetting feature, really delivers on the second. Here are the main things our experts took away from the in-depth review of the bets available on PointsBet: All the most popular bets are available in major sports, and they are the most visible when you land on each page. There is a great selection of prop bets , with hundred of bets typically available on major games. The inclusion of PointsBetting means there are thousands of more sports betting options than typical sportsbooks.

The in-play section is really comprehensive, with an impressive number of bets on offer for live games. One drawback is that teasers and round-robins are not currently available. Our experts found that the odds on offer were competitive with other top sportsbooks in New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, and Indiana. The first thing to understand is that it has higher risk than traditional betting but also has the potential for bigger payouts.

With PointsBetting, you win more if your team beats the spread by a lot, and you lose more if your team fails by a large margin to cover the spread. As you can see, the risk is much higher than with fixed odds betting but so is the potential reward. PointsBetting is available on a huge range of bets but the formula for how much you stand to win or lose varies depending on the sport and market.

There is also a max win and loss for every bet. In the opinion of our experts, PointsBetting is an interesting addition to the sports betting experience. It is certainly risky, but it does give you the chance to win a lot of money from small stakes too. However, we would urge users to approach PointsBetting with caution. Bettors who might not really understand the system could easily lose a lot of money very quickly.

Users should start small with their bets, and make sure they fully understand how it works before placing them. Popular Bets Although PointsBetting is clearly the most unique offer, PointsBet still offers the same traditional sports betting options as other top betting sites and mobile apps on the market. Moneylines , totals, points spreads and lots more are all available on PointsBet.

You can find a range of bets when you click into each game, the popular bets are front and center. Live Betting Our experts were particularly impressed with the full menu of live bets available on in-play matches. You can easily find the in-play section in the drop-down menu on the website, or at the bottom of the PointsBet app. During our tests we found the in-play experience to be smooth and straightforward to navigate. PointsBetting has its own huge range of props, which work as we described above.

For example, you can bet on the second of the first field goal attempt in NBA, and win or lose more depending on how close you are. Other Betting Options PointsBet sportsbook has a whole host of other bets available, like futures in the major sports or parlays.

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We Haven’t Seen This Since the Dot-com Bust. - SP500 Investors Are Wrong About the Earnings Crash.

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But you want to play it safe in case one team goes ice cold from 3-point range. Multipliers PointsBet has developed interesting multipliers that may look confusing, but just need a little math to make sense. There are dozens of similar options like this for each game. Other Examples PointsBet has cleverly integrated the points betting concept into other sports, like golf.

You can bet Webb Simpson over or under 34th place in the U. Open — if he finishes first, you win 33x your bet. If he finishes 71st, you lose 36x your stake. Points Betting Strategies It depends on your risk tolerance — you may never want to points bet. But here are a few guidelines and strategies. Overtime could rip your soul out over and over. Look for teams, players and games with high volatility and variance.

Points bet player props with stop-loss limits to avoid getting screwed by an injury or other strange circumstance. You can bet Patrick Cantlay over or under 34th place in the US Open; if he wins the tournament, you win 33x your bet. However, if he comes in 71st place, you lose 36x your stake. Multipliers Since its launch, PointsBet has developed multipliers that, on the surface, can look confusing but, with some math applied, make sense.

If he throws for the same amount of yards and one touchdown, and you wagered the over, you would lose x your stake because the total is x 1. Consequently, a final would be and result in a 51x win. The under is , meaning if you bet the under and it finishes , you will lose x your bet. There are dozens of similar options like the above examples for each game on PointsBet. Like any online sportsbook, it has all of the most prominent domestic and international sports, and when you get a grasp on how to points bet, you can use it on your sport of choice.

Doing this can boost your potential winnings and ensure you only spend what you can afford. Points betting is no different in this respect. A lot of this boils down to your risk tolerance as you may never want to points bet. However, here are a couple of helpful pointers and strategies on how to bet on sports using this feature: Never points bet an under on a game total. If a game goes to overtime, you will be left cursing the world. Player props are a more exploitable market.

Look for games, players, and teams with high volatility and variance. The above are just a few little nuggets of wisdom that will help you maximize the possibilities of winning if you want to try a new way of wagering with points betting.

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We Haven’t Seen This Since the Dot-com Bust. - SP500 Investors Are Wrong About the Earnings Crash.

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