Betting slips for a race night tv

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betting slips for a race night tv

Betting tote tickets for Race Night fundraisers good to pull from for Ascot betting tote ticket which research does not show script says they bet on horse 7. Complete with money, betting slips, bookies board and a number of other essentials, this alternative board game is guaranteed to get the stakes rolling at. Present prizes and cash winnings at the end of each race. At the end of the night, draw the raffle, if running one, and encourage everyone to put betting slips. KNICKS VS HAWKS SPREAD

Secondly, to work out how much each ticket needs to cost, add up the cost of hiring the venue, buying refreshments and all other costs to set the event up. If you want all of your donations and bets to count directly towards your fundraiser, then you need to match or exceed that figure through ticket sales.

Obtain sponsorship for each race Ask local businesses to sponsor every race, for example, if there are 10 races on the DVD, ask 10 businesses to sponsor one race each. The race can then be named after the sponsor, meaning you obtain sponsorship money to go towards the charity of your choice and the business is advertised throughout the race.

Everyone wins! Betting on the races The main way to raise funds is through taking bets on each race. In normal horse races, there are many types of bets you can make, each with different returns depending on where your chosen horse places in the race. For that reason, making the betting process simple is important.

Before each race takes place you should make the list of horses taking part available for your participants to mull over. Have volunteers stationed and ready to take bets between races, that way nobody misses out!

Set up a table and ask people to bet on the horse they think will win and give out prizes based on the first place winner. Think of it like a raffle and only let one person bet on each horse. If you have enough prizes, you can give out runner up prizes for second and third place too! How to organise a charity race night Our advice will help you to host a charity race night that will make a profit through the sale of tickets and placing bets on horses and will tell you all the equipment you will need to make it a success.

Find a reputable company to host the race night You will need to hire or buy a race night DVD from a reputable company who will provide all the tickets, racecards and betting slips you will need. Look no further! Race nights are an entertaining way to get people together, promising a lively night of shouting as participants cheer their horses over the finish line!

There are two main ways of running this event: either by paying a specialist to deliver the entertainment for you, or by purchasing a DIY race-night pack online. Funds are raised by charging an admission fee, offering a hot meal, running a bar, seeking sponsors, selling jockey slots and from bets in the tote. Step-by-step Two months before: Choose a date and time for your event, book your school hall and send out a 'save the date' notification to parents.

Recruit volunteers — as you will require a compere on the night, plus people to run the tote, serve food and drinks and sell raffle tickets. Approach local businesses about sponsoring each round and ask whether they can also donate prizes for the winners — explain exactly what coverage they will get in return i.

If running a raffle or auction , seek prizes for these too. Decide whether you will serve food, and if this will be prepared on the premises or delivered by a local restaurant. If providing food, include this in the ticket price and invite people to pre-order, noting any dietary requirements.

Alternatively, ask guests to bring their own food and provide extra rubbish bags. Encourage class reps to fill a table. Spread the word using posters, letters and social media. Order your race-night kit or confirm the event details with your supplier. Two weeks before: Finalise any refreshments and food that you're providing and agree who will be in charge of buying the stock and serving on the night.

Any sale or supply of alcohol, even if included in the ticket price, will require a TEN. Submit an application to your local council at least ten working days before your event. On the day: Pick up your cash floats and arrive early to set up your venue. If running a raffle or auction, encourage guests to buy tickets or place bids as they arrive, then announce the winners at the end.

Once guests have arrived, get your compere to explain how the evening will work. Present prizes and cash winnings at the end of each race. At the end of the night, draw the raffle, if running one, and encourage everyone to put betting slips and other rubbish in the bins provided! After the event: Have a post-event debrief with your team to discuss what worked well and what might need tweaking.

Cultivate relationships with sponsors by sending them thank-you letters noting how much the event raised and how this has contributed towards your fundraising goal.

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