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brandonlang sports betting

The main character, Brandon Lang (played by Matthew McConaughey), a former gambling addict who runs a large sports-tout service in New. Join legendary Handicapper Brandon Lang alongside expert Scott Seidenberg on The Football Betting Show. Each week, the hosts provide the best picks. Laid back Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) can't pursue his dream of the largest sports-betting agency in the world, who lures Brandon to work for him. FOREX MARGIN CALL PERCENTAGE INCREASE

Two for the Money Synopsis NoSpoilers After sustaining his football career-ending knee injury, Lang toils as a telemarketer after his dreams of becoming a professional football star are ripped away. He is then poached by Abrams to help him in his touting business whereby they advise big spenders on where to place their handicapped sporting bets for the best results. As the relationship between Lang and Abrams develops we see their almost paternal relationship grows as Lang changes his personality.

The odds become increasingly stacked against Langs as the story unravels and truths come to light. Watch as these sharps ride the ebbs and flows of the sports betting industry for a better understanding of how deep this sports bet tipping business goes. He helped punters bet on Monday night football games but decided betting himself was too dangerous a risk to take.

The real Lang admits Walter taught him to talk the talk and pitch this business to willing punters. Lang admits, unlike the film, he enjoyed helping those placing smaller bets win money rather than millionaires winning even more money than they already had. A tout or sharp or whatever sports betting terminology you choose to use is someone who makes sports betting predictions and sells them to punters.

Brandon Lang : [avoiding the question] I like the pick, Walter. Walter Abrams : On your mother's house or not? Brandon Lang : [with his upper body hunched forward in his chair] With my mother in it. Brandon Lang : [on the phone] Amir, you've got to kidding me, you're going to sit there and hassle me over fifty grand after the two hundred and fifty grand I just made you last weekend you think you're going to cut me off?

I'm going to cut you off. Brandon Lang : [seductively, in the lobby of her apartment building] What do you say we go out for a late dinner right now have a couple kilo bottles of wine go back to that place where we first met? Alexandria : Are you out of your mind? I live in this building asshole this is home I don't appreciate you stopping by without calling Brandon Lang : Whoa, what the hell's gotten into you? Alexandria : Let me make the shit real clear so this doesn't happen again, you made five thousand bucks, your friend set it up Walter Abrams : [as Brandon enters his office] Do you know what time it is?

Brandon Lang : [looking at his watch] It is in the morning Walter Abrams : Wrong it's time to press my man we're going to yank out all the stops, when your winning you press you don't rest on your laurels what are you doing? Brandon Lang : [grabbing his golf clubs from the closet] I have a ten thirty tee time with a client so don't call me unless the line's changed got it?

Brandon Lang : [nervously] You don't like the picks use somebody else Novian : just come for an apology, just look me in the eye and say you're sorry, say it so it'll make me believe you mean it Brandon Lang : [Novian's bodyguard stands Brandon up and his mouth next to Novian's ear] I'm sorry Novian : Fuck that I'm not going to accept that, come on, one more time Brandon Lang : [softly] I'm sorry Novian : [starts to unzip his pants] You mother fucker your not even close, I'm going to get my satisfaction Novian : [urinates on Brandon] Brandon Lang : [in the living room inside Novian's mansion] Let's start with how much you bet Novian : A million a game across the board Novian : Is that the ceiling here?

Novian : No, I own it Brandon Lang : That's how I feel about this weekend and I'm not being cocky I'm being straight commerce with you, I didn't come here to bullshit you got some inside information I know these teams better than they know themselves I'm going twelve for twelve this weekend and that includes the Monday night parlay Walter Abrams : We need a bat light like one of those signals that shoot up into the clouds no matter where you are no matter what time of day just look up and say "hey Walter needs me" because I must have beeped you a hundred fucking times Brandon Lang : Who were they?

A fucking monkey tossing darts could do better Brandon Lang : What's with all the money? Walter Abrams : I got a plan, we take all your picks we reverse them like one of those twilight zone episodes where everything is the opposite you say "black" we go white Brandon Lang : How much is there?

Walter Abrams : [Holding up stacks of cash] peanuts, two hundred seventy five thousand that's how desperate I am Brandon Lang : What happen to the two million? Walter Abrams : Two million? I was carrying twice that in red ink before you even showed up, look around you everything you see is smoking mirrors I got three mortgages on this house what do you want to know?

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