Brad sumrok apartment investing financing

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brad sumrok apartment investing financing

Brad's proven apartment investing process. Financing basics; Finding, analyzing, and closing deals; How to make offers; The “Deal Sponsor” – How to move forward. Discover how to retire in 5 years or less by investing in apartments. Learn about the Apartment Investor Mastery Program & start your journey to wealth. Brad is the founder and president of Brad Sumrok Investor Apartment Investing Mastery Group. It is a multifamily mentoring program, ecosystem. CAPITAL ONE INVESTING IRA FEES

Become financially free earlier than you planned. Learn how to 10x returns by syndicating deals. Bold claims, Brad, bold claims. While I know that multifamily syndications can give you hefty returns, 10x can be a stretch for a beginner investor. Plus, what if they have planned to become financially free in the upcoming six months? But I managed to find some on BiggerPockets, a forum where people share their true experiences about multifamily coaching programs and mentorship.

Ready to crush it in real estate? Another reviewer feels that Brad is overcharging for personal mentorship and video courses. Plus, Brad has a set minimum amount for getting involved in apartment investing. All of this indicates that Brad is more interested in selling his training than the outcome.

By the way, their net worth went up from about a million dollars to over six-million dollars. She did a million-dollar equity raise. You are based here. Your company is based here. This was the first market that we had a big impact. It just took over in as having the most transactional volume in commercial real estate. Talk about the growth of the geography of your program and some of the impacts of some of the markets you actively have students buying deals in.

I was in Dallas. I started my investment career in Houston. I believe I was here for a reason. When we started, we were basically buying deals in Dallas and a little bit in Houston and Central Texas. We dominate Dallas. Dallas is the 1 market for apartments. I have deals in Jacksonville. I have deals in the Tampa Bay area.

Those are the markets that were well-known. Are there any common things, common concerns, or fears that these people have that you guys help overcome? Talk about that a bit. How do you get your first deal done? One is the mindset. So, you can tell he has a lot of experience buying apartments and managing them. Then you have challenges like where do I get the equity?

People always say, if you have a good deal, the money will come. We solved the debt problem. You need net worth and liquidity requirements. I just facilitate the networking events. So, through them participating in the in-person, and now our virtual networking events, they can meet each other and build investor databases, build up loan guarantors, meet providers, meet people who can do their loans, do their legal, get their insurance, and everything they need.

All those things are parts of the problem. They have seven or eight people that are loan guarantors that are able to make that up. What common things do you see from more successful investors? What are some of the differences in the way those two different groups act? I call it Shiny Penny Syndrome. So many people come to my events; they get excited; they start underwriting deals.

How many deals do you look at, Mike, before you can buy one? I have looked at three deals this year and bought one. But the most focused you are, the most honed-in you are, then when you find something you like, you go after it harder than anybody else. Most of my successful students made the decision to be honed-in, and dialed-in, and focused on multifamily. They meet people that they know can get them to the finish line, and then they build up this relationship because relationships matter in this business.

Loans need to get done, and things need to get across the finish line, so those relationships matter. We just came off of a very choppy year, a very uneven year. Our Q4 was on pace with A lot of things shut down because sellers were hesitant to sell because buyers, at least in my view, wanted a discount.

But there were a lot of buyers out there because of uncertainly. Hotels: no. Office: no. Retail: no. Did it increase or decrease? It decreased, so there are less projects coming online. And prior to the pandemic, there was a shortage of housing, especially workforce housing. Or nobody builds C Class properties. How many projects have been sidelined or not started or just delayed, and now these new inventories are going to come on, and instead of in , they might not come in until or something like that.

So, I think the fundamentals of multifamily are super strong. Where are you putting your best million dollars to work? Those are population in migration, jobs in migration markets, landlord-friendly, business-friendly. One is the political climate. I believe the election results are clear. I think that Trump would have been better for real estate investors, just for the business climate and the taxes.

I made money under Obama. I made money under George W. Just in December of , another stimulus package was passed. This is just the beginning. Is there going to be any rental assistance? Is there going to be another eviction moratorium, which, by the way, has had minimal impact on our operations? The whole uncertainty as far as what are they going to do, and how is it going to impact our business? Are we going to have four years of masking and social distancing and virtual business, or are we going to get back to normal within a few short months?

Again, my preference is that we get back to normal in a few short months. But the risks are for me, personally — and I want to be able to say this. One of the mistakes I made in the past is being a little too conservative on my acquisition strategy. That deal is a great deal. I hang around with people that have 10, 15, 20, units. Most of these people are doubling-down right now because they know the industry; they know the market cycles; they see the trends.

You look at the migration patterns. You look at where people are moving to. We buy over 10, units in my career now. What are some of the misplaced that you commonly hear? The other thing in our favor is that interest rates are so much better. No interest, no way. My first deal I bought in was 6. Now, this was 18 years ago. Your rate of return, your cash return potentially is even better now than it was before. I look at them. I think, at the end of the day, what you want to look at is every deal I do, I analyze based on a five-year hold with a sale at year five, so I have an apples-to-apples comparison.

I look at what is my cash return?

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