Sports betting consultants las vegas

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sports betting consultants las vegas

SCCG Management provides expertise, technology and turnkey solutions for casino and iGaming Sports Betting operations. Key partnerships in Sports Betting. Sports Betting Consultants · Report · Report · Activity · Websites · Articles you may like · Looking for career advice? · View TSGvegas' full profile. Caesars Las Vegas, NV. Type. Full-Time. Identify and successfully pitch sports betting data/markets, campaigns and initiatives to media. NON PRICE COMPETITION INVESTOPEDIA FOREX

Andrew spends countless hours reading media reports, player scouting reports and team previews on each sport he handicaps, not to mention he is very strict with familiarizing himself with past matchup trends and statistics. He now uses his mathematical probabilities and betting models to handicap Japanese baseball and an array of international basketball leagues.

He also caps college hoops. He has lived in Japan since and is originally from Phoenix, Arizona. Here at WagerTalk you will get access to select plays from Bobby Ligs for pennies on the dollar of their actual value. Dave Cokin If standing the test of time matters, Smokin' Dave Cokin earns a big check mark as one who has withstood the rigors of handicapping sports professionally for 40 years and counting. Dave has literally been around sports gambling for virtually his entire life.

His experience was initially on the other side of the counter in Rhode Island, where he was born and raised. Dave began the process of switching sides in after winning the National Handicappers Bowl, which was featured in Pro Football Weekly, and decided at that point that it was time to start making the move to Las Vegas.

He credits his success to employing a variety of different handicapping techniques such as statistical analysis, quantitative systems, and fundamentals such as matchups and emotion. By relying on numerous handicapping methods, Steve continues to beat the pointspread on a consistent basis in both college and pro football, college and pro basketball, and baseball. Follow Profit for Profits! Jazz Ray Jazz comes to WagerTalk with an analytical system which had led him to nothing but success as a handicapper at Covers.

Jazz's passion has always been beating the books as he took the industry by storm in and has never looked back! A winner in all walks of life, Jazz continues to dominate the handicapper scene! Jazz handicaps and wagers on all the major North American sports. Pictured: The Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign Suddenly, running a sports book was an opportunity for hotels to build large-scale, profitable enterprises, ones that happened to keep customers entertained and on the property.

Sports betting temples became the must-have accessory in every hotel. With more books came more access, and with that, more bettors convinced they could make a living on their wits. Smart enough to win just enough, but not liquid enough to win big. You want a nicer house and newer car and the finer things. I had bigger ambitions than that. Only a gambler goes on vacation from Vegas to Reno.

And when I went back to Vegas, he asked me if I could help him with his baseball numbers. There was no visibility in either direction. So, why not? It was a light-bulb moment. Soon other sportsbooks in Reno began calling Roxy for his lines. Finally, in , The Stardust called me. I had to make a decision: Was I going to be an oddsmaker or was I going to be a gambler? Doing the math, choosing oddsmaker was easy. The oddsmaking process at the time was steeped in back-of-the-envelope math.

But each one lived on an island. There was no impartial judge offering advice. There was no communication highway that allowed for inputs. There were only men in very biased, smoke-filled rooms that, literally and figuratively, clouded their judgment.

Roxy branded his business Las Vegas Sports Consultant, and it was Version 1 of a sports-betting information marketplace, disseminating lines for every game in every sport to nearly every bookmaker in the state. They all knew it, but they all wanted it. The better their lines, the harder it was for bettors to beat them. First, Roxy doled out info with direct phone calls. Then he upgraded his technology to the equivalent of first generation fax machines, sending his odds and spreads at the same time to every book via a connected phone line.

With the speed of a microprocessor, valuable sports betting data was being exchanged, giving bookmakers an increased advantage over bettors. Gamblers used to be able to move at a leisurely pace shopping for lines — the Rams are

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Is it worth it to pay for a betting consultant? The short answer is yes. Sports betting consultants have the years of expertise and knowledge that will put you ahead of the pack of Thanks to the internet and increasingly powerful analytic software there are lots of options. After all, would you make a decision on anything in life without some research? By far the most popular sport to wager on by Americans is pro football, and the NFL Season is here.

Las Vegas Sports Consultants is your secret edge. Their information will keep you one step ahead of the Vegas oddsmakers, and ensure that no vital piece of betting information goes unnoticed. Las Vegas Sports Consultants have helped their clients win millions over the years, and now is your time to act and get in on the action.

The best sports handicapping firm in the whole country is running weekly specials and free trials for you to get in the door and see what they can do for your sports betting picks against the spread. With highly reputable handicappers and access to a world-renowned sports betting syndicate, Las Vegas Sports Consultants should be towards the top of your list when searching for a handicapper to professional sports bettor to work with this pro and college football season.

A spin off is the lold Las Vegas Oddsmaker Kenny White whom you can read all about here at sports information traders. White was renowned for creating the odds that the books used to wager on. Make some easy money this football weekend and have some fun in the process.

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