Ethereal cord cutting

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ethereal cord cutting

Cutting the cord can help you recharge your energy, feel a sense of peace, can help you let go and can bring about new, positive opportunities. The Cord Cutting. You can cut cords with people you love, too. The cord-cutting meditation isn't just for people who are no longer in your life or who you wish. We all have etheric cords. We are even born with them. Etheric cords (sometimes referred to as ethereal cords, energy cords, and ribbons) are energy structures. BENEFITS OF CRYPTOCURRENCY FORK

If we were to continue accumulating all of the left overs from every past thought, action and experience, we would be heavily weighted down by the burden of it all. When we transition from one way of being to another, whether that is via relationship with another person or simply how we relate to life, it is necessary to let go of what is no longer helpful. In terms of relationship with others, we tend to hold onto much more than is healthy for us energetically, physically and even spiritually.

Cutting energy cords helps to move through transition without the burden of carrying the weight of the past. It frees us to move forward with lightness and a sense of openness. Read more: In another article, Caroline offers three guiding questions to inquire when coping with change. We can also choose to cut cords in our present relationships, even those that are really great for us, as a way of continually cleansing the energy between us and creating space for new.

You can visualize an energetic cord as a tube connecting us to another person, with energy flowing within the tube. If the cord is depleting us, the energy will be flowing away from us. If the cord is feeding us, energy will be flowing toward us. At times, this energy flow may seem very helpful. We can share our energy with someone who seems to need it, and we can receive energy when we feel depleted.

Oftentimes, even long after a relationship has ended, we maintain these energetic cords. But, an accumulation of cords from many people, and the slow depletion of energy over time, creates an energy deficit. Read more: Explore how to protect your energy and deal with difficult people and situations.

Obsessive thoughts about another person Speaking often about another person, often in a judgmental or deprecating way Lowered immune function, getting sick often Unhealthy habits and addictive behaviours, seeking comfort in excess such as smoking, binge eating, drinking, drugs and even seemingly healthy habits such as over-exercising Read more: Join Dr. Candice Creasmanas she explains what boundary violations are and why boundaries are a source of discomfort and spiritual confusion. There are many ways to cut cords and establish energetic boundaries — a few I will present to you now: Salt Bath: Salt helps to cleanse your energetic body and brings you into a state of balance.

Smudging: The ritual of cleansing with smoke is one that purifies the energetic body and helps to re-establish connection with the Divine. Journaling: Write out everything that you have been wanting to say to another person. Share your frustrations and your desires. After you are complete you may choose to burn the writing as a symbol of release. Read more about the transformation benefits of writing out your thoughts and emotions. Begin by connecting to the energy of the Divine — the source of all creation.

See the energetic cord that connects you with the other. Feel the energy that is draining from you. Why do we get them? We all have them. They are normal but ideally we just want and need our own energy without someone else getting in our way of dragging us down. Our chakra centers send out and receive energy every day, so we have the tendency to attract these cords.

Some cords are out of love, and some are created because of a trauma, such as a breakup. Some come from ill feelings of anger and unforgiveness. We could feel a sense of stress and a strain in our being. We can also pick up these cords from our environment, such as the workplace.

The best we can do for ourselves is to pay attention to our bodies and minds and become attuned to when our emotions do not seem like our own. A reiki healer will know how to see or feel a cord and know how to remove it, but here are some tips you can try at home. If you feel like you need more help, make an appointment with a reiki master. Cord-cutting Cord-cutting is a simple tool to remove, dissolve, and heal the emotional, energetic energy that has become attached to you.

This procedure has no actual physical cutting as it is all energetically done — they are cut and healed with energy. Create a space: Find a place that is quiet and peaceful. Make it your own sanctuary. Play soft music, burn a candle, use some essential oils, or put flowers in a vase. Make it a comfortable and safe place for you. Start the healing: Take a few deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and imagining a white light of healing entering your body, then exhaling through your mouth, picturing a fine gray mist containing everything you no longer need to hold on to exiting your body.

This is actually the cutting away of unhealthy emotional energy that can keep oneself unable to break loose of a situation or to be able to think clearly. Call in Archangel Michael: He will assist you with his sword of light and love that will gently cut away the cords that have attached to you while at the same time sending them back with love and healing to the places and situations to which they were originally attached. So you are safe and protected.

Closing your eyes, scan your energetic field to see if you can see or feel any dense, hot or cold areas in your auric field. Feel any emotions that come to the surface.

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These shorter encounters fizzle out much faster. So the bagger may ask how your day was and you carry on with casual conversation. A light cord is connected to your auric field. After you leave the store and move on with your day that cord will slowly disconnect. Our deeper connections create a bigger cords, for example, our children, siblings, parents, and spouses. In healthy relationships these connections are all held in our auric field.

Healthy connections to our loved ones can show in many different ways. Sometimes we may finish each others sentences. We may know when someone is about to call. Knowing when our baby is tired or when the dog needs to go outside. It is amazing just how much we can pick up on through these cords. There are unhealthy connections that we create and the ethereal cords become so pronounced that they connect directly to one of our chakras.

This is not good for our energy. When these connections are direct to our energy centers it can shift our experience and our energetic balance in a negative way. These cords are constantly communicating with the people that have the connection. This energy is giving and receiving to one another.

When the cord becomes connected to the chakra the energy flow is directly flowing through your chakra system. It is important to understand that this can also be draining. If your child is having a horrible day at school and she is pulling energy from your cord, you can all of a sudden feel exhausted.

You can incorporate Feng Shui principles of the Bagua map in this space if you'd like. By placing crystals in the directions that correspond to parts of your life where negative energy has piled, you can better align your focus. Clear Your Mind of Distractions With your sanctuary built, sit comfortably within it. Dab a few drops of calming essential oil on your wrists or fabric. Be mindful that scents can trigger memories.

This can be helpful in this meditation but also can divert attention away from cords that really need to be snipped. Close your eyes. Take time to thank yourself for setting aside time to reflect and clean. If you know any mantras, prayers, or affirmations that resonate with you, speak them out loud so that the vibrational sounds can attract the energy you seek.

Begin to Visualize A key part of cutting energy cords involves visualizing these attachments. You may know exactly what emotional bonds you need to address. You might also need to explore the different energetic connections you have in your life.

Take time to recognize strong energy cords that keep you grounded , stable, and safe. Imagine these cords as tendrils growing along and into the floor of your sanctuary and anchoring you in the moment. These will keep you cognizant of the energy that still serves you. Slowly and mindfully scan your body. At any particular point, do you feel a sensation that overcomes everything else in your mind?

Make a mental note of this spot and complete your body scan. Next, return to a spot that stirred discomfort. If you already know the bond that this pain connects to, visualize the cords that run from you to whatever it is — person, thing, or thought.

Otherwise, stop and think about what passes through your mind as you sit with this particular ache — whatever it is creates the emotional bond you need to cut. Imagine that cord. What does the cord look like? Usually, negative energy cords appear like a tangled, dirty mess in our minds. Positive cords shine and create smooth, intersecting plaits. Focus on the Cord Now that you know what cords need to be cut, you may have to disentangle the strands of attachment from the useful energetic bonds.

In any relationship of energy exchange, we develop many ties and connections that feed different types of energy. If positive cords within this tangle still serve you, you might want to keep them intact. When you find the cord that pulses negative between you and whatever entity you are bound to, imagine holding the cord in one hand.

Tug the cord gently and visualize whatever or whoever it is at the other end becoming aware of your presence. Acknowledge the source, and tell it that the connection has been important to you but that now you must detach from it if you are to grow. Grasp in your other hand a tool to sever the cord.

If it is an easy bond to cut, a simple set of scissors might do. If it is an unwieldy rope with many ties and knots, you might need a sharp knife, sword, or machete. In your mind, cut the cord with one quick snip or a strong whack. Emerge Lighter Don't rush out of your meditation.

After you have severed an energy cord, sit for a moment to let your end of the connection begin to heal. Like a vein pumping blood, this energy cord may bleed out sad feelings within the space you are sitting. Give it time to coagulate and pass.

You may feel emotions rise during these final moments. Let yourself cry and grieve for the loss of the bond or for what you have lost in the time you were tied with the cord. Brush your hands over the many positive energy cords you spread around you at the beginning. Let this bring the awareness that maybe you spent time in this relationship but you have now opened a new space for growth and goodness. Take several deep breaths to replenish your positive energy.

Speak any mantra or prayer if it feels right to you. Most importantly, offer gratitude to yourself and any other guiding power that brought you to this meditation. Open your eyes, stretch your arms and legs, and slowly rise out of your sanctuary. This may mean taking a soothing bath full of essential oils and salts.

It might mean spending time recharging and rebalancing your chakras in a full system meditation with crystals. This is a process that can be repeated many times to make sure you feel fully free from the negative emotions and thoughts that the cords have fed you. How to Use Crystals for Cutting Energy Cords There are so many healing stones to choose from during any ritual meditation.

If you have particular energy crystals that strongly resonate with you and help you feel protected, place them nearby or in your lap. You can also choose crystals by color, noting what chakra you may have to focus on in your meditation and choosing a crystal that has a strong balancing force with that chakra.

Two crystals in particular — Selenite and Black Tourmaline — are very useful when learning how to cut energy cords. Let's look at them in more detail Selenite This crystal emits a radiant white color. Made of calcium sulfate, it looks like a sword of ice or a diamond. It is especially useful for the crown chakra. In our meditation above, Selenite can beckon clear thoughts and images in our mind so that we can truly visualize the cords we need to cut.

Its milky white aura cleanses our sanctuary and protects the space from becoming overwhelmed by negative energy as we dig into our tangled cords. You can also grasp a Selenite wand in your hand as your tool to cut your cords.

Black Tourmaline In your meditation space, consider creating a circle of Black Tourmaline around your seat. This black stone of aluminum borosilicate is one of the supreme protective crystals. During cord cutting, Black Tourmaline absorbs some of the negative energy from your cords that are permeating your space and thoughts.

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