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ethereal anime girl

Anime Girls. Have A Good Day every One, Welcome To Our New "Anime Grils" It is A Very Popular Category,You Can Upload Any Anime girls. Some of the most iconic female characters in anime are recognizable because of their and her white hair emphasizes her ethereal nature. Ethereal, forest, original, manga, trees, girl, purple, anime, solo, violet, HD wallpaper · Tags: · PC(P, P, 2K, 4K, 5K): · iMac: · MacBook: · Dual monitor. AGRA NIC IN BTC 2022

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Be sure to choose a name that you like, as this will make your anime girl more personal and memorable. Check the pronunciation of the characters in both English and Japanese. Now that you know what makes a good anime girl name, let's take a look at some of the best names out there.

These are all popular female characters from different genres, so you should find something that fits your taste there. If you are looking for a name that reflects this type of character, then cute anime girl names are a great option. These names often have a soft and sweet quality to them, as well as an innocence that is endearing.

They are perfect for characters who are kind-hearted and gentle, but also strong-willed and determined. These names are often inspired by popular Japanese culture, and they reflect a unique and adorable style. Kawaii anime girl names are perfect for characters who are sweet and kind, but also spunky and energetic. They are perfect for girls who want a name that is both cute and stylish.

Miyako: Beautiful child; often used to represent traditional Japanese culture Rin: A sound of water washing over rocks Aiko: Little girl or doll; represents a sense of playfulness and innocence. Rei: Graceful or beautiful; often used to represent traditional Japanese culture Nao: Honest or straightforward; represents sincerity and truthfulness.

Momoko: Peach blossom tree; represents the beauty of life. Chisato: Long summer days; reflects a sense of peace and tranquility. Ayano: Pale moon; brings a touch of magic to any name. Sora: Sky or heaven; often associated with the element of air. Some characters are tough, independent, and downright cool. If you want to name your anime girl after one of these badass characters, then check out our list of cool anime girl names. These names often have a strong and confident personality to them, as well as a touch of toughness.

They are perfect for girls who are fearless and determined, but also compassionate and kind. If you need help finding a good name for your character, then check out our list of best anime girl names. These names often reflect characters who are strong-willed and independent, but also compassionate and kind-hearted. They are perfect for girls who want a name that is both unique and memorable.

If you want your character to be hot and alluring, then check out our list of the hottest anime girl names. These names often reflect characters who are confident and seductive, as well as feisty and outgoing. They are perfect for girls who want a name that is both stylish and alluring. Kawai anguru: Lovely Angel Badasugaru: badass girl Kazehaya kyoko: Wind-Breeze Girl Chii chan: a cute little girl with pink hair, who is also very smart and talented at making cakes and other sweet foods Hazuki: A beautiful girl with long hair and a cute face Nanatsuiro Drops: Girl of Seven Colors Misa misa: a girl who loves to sing, dance and perform for the people around her Sakura Hana: Sakura Flower Tsubaki Sakuraba: a cute schoolgirl who loves playing video games with her friends and has a great personality!

Makoto Kino: the main character of Sailor Moon, she is very kindhearted but can be dangerously powerful if needed. Ai Enma: the main character of Hell Girl, she is a kind and caring person who helps those who have been wronged. Hinata Hyuga: Hinata is a shy but determined girl from Naruto, who slowly grows into a powerful fighter.

Rukia Kuchiki: Rukia is a friendly girl from Bleach who always tries to help people in need. Kagome Higurashi: Kagome is the main character of Inuyasha, and is a brave and determined young girl. Ami: Love; often associated with sweetness and innocence Anri: Graceful cherry blossom; represents beauty and elegance Aoi: Blue sky; stands for truth, justice, and honesty Ayame: Iris flower; often given to girls with an exotic beauty Chi: Wisdom; represents the feminine side of knowledge and intelligence Eri: Riches; this name is often given to wealthy girls or heirs Hana: Flower; symbolizes femininity, new beginnings, and growth Hotaru: Firefly; signifies a bright light in the darkness Kaoru: Fragrant; represents the sweetness of life Mari: Bitter; often given to girls with a strong personality Miku: Beautiful voice; represents the power of song and melody Nami: Wave; stands for the ebb and flow of life Also Related: Snapchat Private Story Names Ideas Unique Anime Girl Names Ideas Anime is full of unique characters, and many of these have a distinctive style.

If you need help finding a name for your anime girl, then check out our list of unique anime girl names. These names often reflect characters who are quirky and eccentric, but also strong-willed and independent. Utsukushi yurei: This name means "beautiful ghost. Haine: This name means "hate," making it the perfect choice for a fierce anime girl.

Aoki him: This name means "blue princess. Yuki onna: This name means "snow woman. Kunoichi: This name means "female ninja. Akatsuki: This name means "dawn. Tsubasa: This name means "wings. Kitsune: This name means "fox. Yumei no kimi: This name means "dream princess. Yuri: This name means "lily. Usagi: This name means "rabbit. Miyuki no kimi: This name means "snow princess. Kanata: This name means "distant. Hoshi no kimi: This name means "star princess. Tenshi: This name means "angel.

Shinigami: This name means "death god. Sakura Haruno: a determined and passionate young ninja, from Naruto Asuka Langley Soryu: a fiery and determined Evangelion pilot Luffy: the lead character of One Piece, known for his boundless energy and upbeat attitude Powerful Anime Girl Names Ideas Some anime girls are incredibly powerful, with a strength and determination that is awe-inspiring.

If you want to name your character after one of these empowering women, then check out our list of powerful anime girl names. These names often reflect characters who are confident and assertive, as well as passionate and determined. They are perfect for girls who want a name that is both stylish and memorable. Badasugosuto: An anime girl who is very strong and has a lot of power. Gosutoraida: A female anime character who is a cyborg with an incredibly strong body.

Kuroneko: An anime girl with a catlike appearance who can transform into a black cat. Neko no mae: A female anime character who is able to transform into a cat. Setsuna: An anime girl with a mysterious past who can transform into a cat. Yukari: An anime girl with the power to control ice and water, as well as being able to transform into an owl. Oni no mae: A female anime character who is able to transform into an oni, or demon.

Otome no kokoro: An anime girl who is able to transform into an otome, or young woman. Saya no mae: A female anime character who can turn into a sword. Toki no mae: A female anime character who can transform into a time traveler. Yume no mae: A female anime character who can turn into a dream.

Zenbu no mae: A female anime character who can transform into anything she wants. Zettai no mae: A female anime character who can turn into a human being. If you are looking for a name that reflects this heritage, then check out our list of Japanese anime girl names.

Japenese anime girl names often have a soft and sweet quality to them, as well as an innocence that is endearing. Madoka Kaname: This name means "circle of flowers," and it is perfect for a sweet character who loves beauty in all its forms. Mai Kawasumi: This name means "spring water," and it is perfect for a peaceful character who loves nature and all things beautiful.

Nanaka Morishima: This name means "seven leaves," and it is perfect for a character who is down-to-earth and practical. Chihaya Kisaragi: This name means "fallen flower," and it is perfect for a strong and determined character who never gives up. Hitomi Shizuki: This name means "eye of the moon," and it is perfect for a mysterious character who always has something hidden up her sleeve.

Akiho Senomiya: This name means "autumn affection," and it is perfect for a passionate character who loves all things beautiful. Kotori Minami: This name means "small bird," and it is perfect for a cheerful character who always brings happiness to those around her. Saki Miyu: This name means "blossom of the sea," and it is perfect for a gentle character who loves the ocean or beach. Karen Kujo: This name means "lotus blossom," and it is perfect for a character who is kind-hearted and gentle, but also strong-willed and determined.

Aoi Sakuraba: This name means "blue sky," and it is perfect for an optimistic character who always looks on the bright side of life. Mio Akiyama: This name means "beautiful peak," and it is perfect for a character who is strong and independent, but also gentle and loving.

Nagisa Furukawa: This name means "summer flowers," and it is perfect for a peaceful character who loves nature. Minami Kotori: This name means "south wind," and it is perfect for a gentle character who loves the ocean or beach. As she got older, she wore her hair shorter and showed more of her face by having lighter bangs, showing her true beauty as she did so. Initially coming across as a somewhat simple, eccentric, and accident-prone character, Sasha matured significantly as the show progressed, but she still maintained the unique characteristics that made her so charming in the first place.

Sasha is a multi-faceted character, with a wide range of skills- stemming from being raised to hunt animals- that helped her survive during her time as a member of the Scout Regiment. Her noteworthy skills were her impressively acute hearing, her wild animal knowledge, her general hunting prowess, and an excellent sense of balance. Sasha is certainly a beautiful anime character, but her charm and light-hearted nature- as well as her abilities as a soldier- make her one of the cutest and strongest anime ladies.

Japanese Voice: Yu Kobayashi. Emilia- Re-Zero Emilia is a beautiful and ethereal half-Elf and the main female protagonist of the RE: Zero series, which has a light novel, a web novel, and- of course- an anime series associated with it. Emilia is often discriminated against for her mixed heritage, though it is arguably what makes her even more beautiful. Her long, silvery-white hair and bright purple eyes give her a unique look that makes her stand out and emphasizes her striking looks.

Emilia is also incredibly powerful, with enhanced physical strength, magic, healing, and ice powers at her disposal to name just a few of her abilities. Japanese Voice: Rie Takahashi. English Dub: Kayli Mills.

Although her actual name is Kaede, Lucy is a similar personality. She faced even more prejudice than her peers due to the unusual horn-like appendages that she has protruding from her head, giving her an otherworldly look. Dress As Your Favorite Anime! Japanese Voice: Sanae Kobayashi. French Dub: Julie Basecqz. German Dub: Samia Little Elk. Who spend their time playing video games as they believe that the real world is nothing more than a sub-par game that they are forced to take part in.

Shiro is the logical and calculating half of the sibling duo, with a genius-level of intellect. Sora often has to help her when it comes to understanding human behaviors and emotions. Despite her cold and unemotional nature, she is a super cute anime girl thanks to her long and unkempt white hair- with tinges of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green- and her huge golden and red eyes. Japanese Dub:Ai Kayano. English Dub: Caitlynn French. She even has seafoam green wavy hair!

Michiru is shown to be a sophisticated character, but she can sometimes be sharp, lose her temper and be cold to those around her. Much like the ocean, she is elegant, but at times temperamental. She is also incredibly dedicated to her role as a Sailor Scout, considering it her duty to protect and serve. She is a strong fighter, but she is also a talented singer when she takes on the mantle of her Internet famous alter ego, Egoist.

Inori is incredibly brave, willing to put her life on the line for the cause of her home country. Her large, red eyes and ombre-styled light and dark pink hair also give her a unique look that is undoubtedly adorable, making her a noteworthy and beautiful anime girl.

Japanese Voice: Ai Kayano. German Dub: Nina Amerschlager. Kagome Higurashi- Inuyasha The main female protagonist of the highly popular Inuyasha anime and manga, Kagome is a brave, kind-hearted, and incredibly selfless character who always puts the needs of others before herself. She has a well-known look due to the popularity of the series, with long, black hair, spiky bangs, and large brown eyes though her eyes are blue in the manga.

She is known for being gentle, honest, open with her emotions, and kind-hearted, but also reckless with her courage, putting herself at risk to help others. This commendable selflessness and honest kindness- as well as her enviable looks- make her one of the most beautiful and memorable anime girls.

French Dub: Maelys Ricordeau. Spanish Dub: Ana Lobo. Megumin is a young girl who has large red eyes and mid-length brown hair with bangs that frame her face. Megumin is very childlike in this way she is only 13 when the series starts, after all! She is also a skilled mage and a force to be reckoned with. English Dub: Erica Mendez.

Hinami Fueguchi- Tokyo Ghoul Hinami is an orphaned ghoul from the anime Tokyo Ghoul, which is set in an alternate reality wherein ghouls- humanlike creatures who can only survive by consuming human flesh- secretly live among humans. Personality-wise, Hinami is very much a child who is eager to learn, but who is also shy.

Much like her appearance, her abilities as a ghoul are also contradictory to her sweetness. She is incredibly powerful, even as a young ghoul, with an astounding sense of hearing, smell, and incredible strength that surpassed that of her parents. She is also dedicated to changing the world and making it a place where humans and ghouls can co-exist.

Japanese Voice: Sumire Morohoshi. English Dub: Lara Woodhull. Because of this, she becomes somewhat ostracized by her high school peers. Despite her struggles, Sawako remains kind, caring, selfless, and positive as well as very innocent and modest.

Sawako is a particularly beautiful character, with beautiful long, dark hair and brown eyes. Her external beauty is undeniable, but it is her internal beauty and her kind heart that make her such a memorable and adorable anime girl. Japanese Voice: Mamiko Noto. Her abilities are associated with plants and electricity, and her color palette is made up of vibrant greens and pale pinks.

Makoto has dark green eyes as well as long, reddish-brown hair tied back in a ponytail with bangs, flower earrings, and a turquoise hair tie. She has a tomboyish personality and has a tough attitude after dealing with the death of her parents at a young age. Makoto is a character who is sure to have resonated with tomboys across the world when the series was at its peak, and she is certainly an iconic- and super cute- anime girl.

When she transforms into Mew Mew form, her dark green braids turn lime green- and form into one long braid- and her deep blue eyes do too. She wears a strapless green dress that puffs out at the back in the shape of a porpoise tail, green and white arm and leg garters, and a green choker. She adopts long white antennas too, emphasizing her sea creature design.

Retasu is another somewhat socially awkward character, but she grows more confident as the series goes as she adapts to her powers and forms friendships with the other girls. Not only is she a cute anime girl, but Retasu is also a great example for those who might struggle to overcome shyness. English Dub: Bella Hudson. Sakura Kinomoto- Card Captors The heroine of the Cardcaptor anime and manga series, year-old Sakura is a tomboy with an energetic nature and an adorable style.

She is generally a sweet character, but she does have a fiery temper. She also has some ditzy and naive tendencies, though her perception grows as the series continued. Sakura accidentally sets free the Clow Cards- mystical cards that can only be controlled by their owner- from an old book in her basement.

She is then tasked with retrieving the cards, kicking off the events of the series. As well as being one of the more iconic girls in anime, Sakura is also an adorable character whose sweetness and innocence far outweigh her short temper and her cluelessness. Japanese Voice: Sakura Tange. Sora Takenouchi- Digimon Sora is a character who- as with the rest of the main Digimon characters- we see grow up throughout both the manga and the anime series. Sora is also very kind and protective of those she cares about, acting as the mother figure and a mediator to her friends in the Digi-Destined organization.

Her kindness and tomboyish nature are reflected through her outward appearance too, making her a particularly noteworthy and beautiful female character in anime. She can be very daring- as shown by her profession of being a race car driver when she is only sixteen- and this comes through with her powers.

Her powers relate to the air and the sky- such as being able to manipulate air- which is inspired by Greek mythology wherein Uranus is the god of the sky. Appearance-wise, she has short blonde hair and dark blue eyes, which match the navy blue and yellow color palette of her Sailor Scout outfit. Beautiful and unashamedly herself, Haruka is a uniquely adorable anime lady.

Eri- My Hero Academia Eri is an adorable child with a dark past, who- because of her circumstances- did not receive much affection, leading to her becoming somewhat isolated and afraid. Her life would go on to change, but her struggles make her a survivor and a highly admirable anime girl.

She is also super cute, thanks to her unusually unique red eyes and her long silvery-white hair. Japanese Voice: Seiran Kobayashi. English Dub: Emily Neves. Her DNA is merged with a golden lion tamarin monkey, and her personality is very much a reflection of this, as she is incredibly playful, energetic, and enjoys doing acrobatics. In her Mew Mew form, she wears a short yellow jumpsuit with orange trims, a yellow and orange choker, yellow arm and leg garters with orange trims, yellow legwarmers, and flat orange shoes.

Bu-Ling is an adorable Mew Mew whose cuteness makes her stand out from the crowd. English Dub: Kether Donohue. Mikasa Ackerman- Attack on Titan One of the most well-known contemporary anime and manga characters, Mikasa is a protagonist from the Attack on Titan series. She was taken in by the family of her fellow protagonist Eren Yeager. When she becomes a member of the Scout Regiment, she becomes one of the best performing soldiers in her class thanks to her superior skills.

Mikasa had long, dark hair when she was younger, but when she started her training she cut it short after Eren advised her to do so to avoid it getting caught up when fighting. She has pale skin, gray eyes and her hair has been getting progressively shorter, currently being chin length. Mikasa is not only beautiful, but she is also stoic, loyal, brave, and brooding, which gives her an attractively enigmatic nature. Japanese Voice: Yui Ishikawa.

English Dub: Trina Nishimura. Hinata Hyuga- Naruto The former heiress of the Hyuga clan, Hinata is a polite and proper character whose kindness and dislike of confrontation led to her father believing her to be weak. Ultimately causing her to doubt herself and become shy. Her father would eventually disinherit her as the Hyuga Clan heiress, considering her too weak to be a ninja and unsuitable to take up the mantle of leader. Despite this difficult situation, Hinata has always stayed true to herself, becoming proud of who she is.

She also has a unique beauty thanks to her featureless white eyes, made light lavender in the anime, which contrasts with her dark blue hair with blunt bangs to emphasize the lightness of her eyes. Japanese Voice: Nana Mizuki. English Dub: Stephanie Sheh. She has the biggest personality change from the Sailor Moon manga to the anime adaptation, seeming aloof and cold at times in the manga, but becoming feisty, practical, disciplined, and hot-headed in the anime.

This fiery attitude has led her to butt heads with Usagi at times, even trying to take over her role as leader of the Sailor Scouts. As Sailor Mars, Rei is the only one on the team who can use some of her powers in her civilian form. Her powers are related to fire, but she has some elements of premonition too. Much like the other Sailor Scouts, she is certainly one of the most beautiful and iconic anime ladies. However, her unusual golden eyes- with thin, slit-like pupils- along with her pointed upper and lower canine teeth are more feline and suggestive of her lunacy.

After being spurned by her parents due to her morbid obsession with blood, Himiko allows her psychotic side to run rampant in the form of gleeful jubilance, making her one of the more unnerving- yet still beautiful- anime girls on this list! Japanese Voice: Misato Fukuen. English Dub: Leah Clark.

She is certainly a brave and determined character, leaving home at the age of 13 for one year to train to become a witch and actively setting up a witch delivery service. Despite her stubborn tendencies and her occasional prideful attitude- which makes it hard for her to find friends when she leaves home. Kiki is eventually able to befriend her customers and the rest of the town of Koriko.

She also has a super cute look thanks to the large red bow that she wears in her hair. Japanese Voice: Minami Takayama. Kisa Sohma- Fruits Basket Kisa is a somewhat withdrawn character when she is first introduced in the Fruits Basket series due to being bullied relentlessly by her classmates.

This unique look is what makes her unique and notably beautiful. She eventually starts to open up to show just how good of a person she is when she befriends the other characters from the series. Her kindness and caring nature become all the more apparent when she can show her true self. English Dub: Kate Bristol. Mimi Tachikawa- Digimon Mimi is an outgoing and bubbly character from the Digimon series who- much like Sora, who we included earlier- grew up throughout the franchise.

Mimi has very light brown hair that is almost orange due to its pale nature, but she dyes it in various colors as she gets older, including pink. She has lived a privileged life, initially appearing to be somewhat self-centered and spoiled. However, there is much more to her than meets the eye. Underneath the shallow surface, Mimi is a sweet and caring girl who- though at times little ditzy- shines bright with personality.

In an attempt to save her life, her father replaced parts of her limbs with cybernetic prosthetics. Because of this unusual situation, Hotaru is a kind-hearted loner. When she transforms into Sailor Saturn, her color palette is made up of shades of purple and mauve, much like her black hair with purple tinges and her purple eyes.

She is one of the most feared of all the Sailor Scouts due to having powers being based around the idea of destruction, death, ruin, and silence as well as nothingness and rebirth. She could destroy entire planets if she chose to. She also wields the power of healing and force fields, which gives her the capacity to protect as well as destroy.

Hana is left to raise her two children alone when her husband tragically dies in an accident. Her husband and kids are half-wolf and can transform into wolves at their will. With her husband gone, she leaves their home in the city and moves to the countryside to keep them away from prying eyes. She raises them selflessly, trying to impart knowledge that will help them learn to adapt to the world as humans, but also as wolves.

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