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Those were 2 of their 3 wins as favorites all season long. Right now, the gap between these teams feels bigger than it was a year ago, especially with Orlando looking to lean on a rookie to change their fortunes. Detroit should be favored in more spots this season than last, so we are going to have to get used to that. Only time will tell how this group performs when they are expected to win. Pistons Playable to Pistons They they doubled down on accelerating their winning process by acquiring guard Donovan Mitchell this offseason.

I am not a big fan of his game but there is no doubt of his talent. I do wonder how he and fellow guard Darius Garland are going to mesh because they are both best with the ball in their hands. This team has one of the best lineups in the league but the depth is not quite there, so I expect there will be wild swings in their play throughout games at times. Toronto had a solid season. They never quite had their best lineup on the floor together for very long, but were able to grab the 5th spot in the Eastern Conference out of sheer will.

Scottie Barnes had a great rookie season, showing the versatile, tough game that is exactly what the Raptors value. Toronto is a small favorite at home to start the season. That makes sense with these teams having similar outlooks coming into the year. Both are expected to make the playoffs but probably not really be contenders to win the Eastern Conference. Both teams are in pretty good health to start the season and I expect this contest to have more of a midseason feel.

It should be a little crisper than most openers with Toronto coming through late. Take Toronto. Raptors -3 available at time of publishing. Every time you add a bet to the parlay, you will see the updated odds. You will also see the potential payout once you enter a bet amount. Occasionally, you might run into a situation where one or more of your parlay selections results in a push.

So far so good. But what happens to the parlay bet if the Lakers lose by exactly five points? Well, that is a push. It is neither a loss nor a win. The push essentially takes the Lakers bet out of the equation. The payout would be calculated by multiplying the odds of winning Ravens bet and the winning Devils bet together and then multiplying that number by the original bet amount. In this case, the combined odds equal 2.

What now? The same thing would happen to the Ravens bet. That leaves us with the winning New Jersey Devils puck line bet with odds of 1. It is extremely rare that all selections on a parlay bet result in a push but if this happens to you then you can at least rest in peace knowing that you would get the original stake amount returned to you. Are There Limits On Parlays?

You should now know the basic concept of parlays. All you need to do is pick the individual plays that you want to bet on and enter them on a parlay ticket. You can parlay pretty much anything that a bookmaker has to offer but there are some limitations that many sportsbooks place on parlays. Make sure you find out what limits exist on parlays at your sportsbook. Most bookmakers will also place a cap on the number of selections that they will allow on a single parlay.

Another thing that the majority of bookies will not allow are correlated parlays. Correlated parlays are accumulator bets that involve two outcomes that are directly linked. An example would be parlaying the Golden State Warriors to win the first half as well as the game. However, most bookies will allow you to parlay outcomes that are semi-correlated. An example of a semi-correlated bet would be parlaying the Golden State Warriors with an over or under bet on the game total.

The odds of winning a parlay bet are strictly determined by the combined odds of the individual bets. By multiplying the odds of 2. This equates to a one in four chance of winning two consecutive coin tosses. Every coin toss that you add to your parlay bet increases the odds two-fold which increases potential win amounts but it also lowers your odds of winning.

The first selection to go on our imaginary parlay ticket is Atlanta United FC to beat the LA Galaxy by half a goal and the decimal odds are 1. The probability of winning that bet, according to the odds, is somewhere around Now we add the Chicago Bears As we have done in the past, multiply the two sets of odds together and we get 3. This will obviously increase the potential payout but it will cut our chances of winning almost in half.

The probability of winning is now slightly lower than The next play to go on our parlay bet will be the over 5. Again, we multiply the previous odds of 3. You should be able to see that the odds increase with every game that we add to our parlay bet and the probability of winning decreases.

With every added risk comes added reward. Remember the coin toss example? In reality, the odds of winning three consecutive coin tosses is But, placing a parlay bet on three coin tosses at a sportsbook would be a little different because of the juice. You would likely be getting odds of about 1. It also highlights the importance of getting the best possible odds. Different Parlays For Different Sports Many sports parlay betting enthusiasts prefer to focus on a single sport.

Hockey fans tend to bet on hockey games just as soccer fans are more likely to build their parlay bets around MLS or European soccer leagues. The fall and winter months in North America are prime time for sports parlay bettors. NCAA and NFL Parlay Bets: American football brings an enormous number of sports bettors out of the woodwork and those numbers are increasing now that many American states have legalized or are in the process of legalizing sports gambling.

Most sportsbooks will also allow you to add first-half spreads and totals as well as other prop bets into the mix. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit but remember that correlated bets will likely not be accepted. Basketball betting is quite similar to American football betting in that parlay bettors can use moneylines, spreads, totals, and various props to make their parlay tickets.

The BParlay. This gives parlay bettors a lot of opportunities to win big. The most common MLB parlay bets consist of moneylines and totals but there are plenty of other choices available. Punters frequently bet on first half lines and first half totals which are decided based on the scores after five innings. MLB parlay bettors can also add run line bets to their parlays. Run line bets are spread bets with a line of 1.

This means that you can bet on the favorite to win by two or more runs or you can bet on the underdog to either win outright or lose by no more than a single run. Of course, most bookies offer loads of baseball prop bets that can also be used MLB parlay bets.

NHL parlay bettors normally use moneylines and totals although puck lines are also popular because they pay out a lot better than moneylines when betting on the favorite. If you bet on the favorite on the puck line then the favorite must win by at least two goals. Punters can also bet on a variety of props such as individual team totals, first-period winners, and first-period goal totals among many others.

You might be surprised at the number of bet types that you can combine on an MLS parlay ticket. You can bet on a team to win outright or you can bet on a tie. Draw No Bet wagers are 2-Way bets in which you pick the outright winner on the moneyline and if the game ends in a draw then the bet is a push. Most of the more established online sportsbooks can offer over different bets on a single game that can be used to put a nice MLS parlay bet together. You can parlay pretty much any combination of sports and bet types that a bookie is offering action on.

Teaser Bet: A teaser bet is an American football or basketball parlay bet with an interesting twist. In basic terms, teasers allow a parlay bettor to alter the point spreads and totals which results in reduced risk. Generally speaking, teasers let you alter the spreads or totals by 6, 6.

The first thing that you should do is find a couple of point spreads or totals that you like. On a regular 2-team parlay involving those two games, you would need the Cowboys to win by at least eight points as well as a Seahawks victory by at least 10 points. With a 2-team 7-point teaser bet, you could tease the spreads down to Dallas -. You can see how much these changes affect your chances of winning. Instead of both teams needing to win by more than a touchdown, the Cowboys only need an outright win whereas the Seahawks just need to win by a field goal.

Naturally, the potential winnings are significantly less than they would be in a regular parlay but your chances of winning and making a profit are much greater. As with any other parlay bet, pushes apply which means that they effectively become non-factors. Our accomplished team gives you expert picks on every college football. Our college football picks have the most up-to-date team info for every game.

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He averages 4. He will have a tough test this week against a defense that only allows rushing yards per game. The other difference between these teams, and what will be the determining factor of this game, is quarterbacks. Wilcke has not looked good like Wooldridge and is not a rushing threat either. Southern Miss is also missing their backup quarterback, who is out for the season, and that could become disastrous if something happens to Wilcke.

Louisiana has the quarterback edge in an otherwise coin toss game, and for that reason, they will win this game. Playable at that number. Now, coming out of a bye week, the Utes travel to Pullman, Washington to start the 2nd half of their season. Like Utah, Washington State was idle last week. Unlike the Utes, the Cougars come into this matchup on a 2-game losing streak in which they scored just 24 points combined. Scoring has been an issue for longer than just the last few weeks, though, as the Cougars have scored more than 30 points just twice this season.

Utah, on the other hand, has scored more than 30 points in all but one game — a Week 1 road loss at Florida when Rising was intercepted at the goal line to end the game. In fact, the Utes score They also rank 16th in turnover margin and th in punts per game, so they make the most out of the vast majority of their possessions. I do not think Washington State is balanced enough offensively to score the amount of points it will need to cover on Thursday night.

The Cougars run the ball at the 2nd-lowest rate per game, which puts a lot of pressure on quarterback Cameron Ward and an offensive line that ranks outside the top 90 in sack rate. Duke has a mark of for the year. We have included an expert pick and parlay for todays game against the spread. Miami will enter this game with a record of so far this year. Kansas has a win-loss record of on the season. Peter's enters this game with a win-loss mark of this season. North Carolina has a win-loss record of on the campaign.

Arkansas will enter this matchup with a win-loss mark of for the year. Duke has a mark of for the campaign. Villanova steps onto the court with a record of on the campaign. Houston has a record of so far this season. Bonaventure heads into this game with a win-loss mark of for the campaign. Xavier has a mark of so far this season. Washington State will play this contest with a win-loss mark of on the season.

North Carolina will play this game with a win-loss mark of for the year. UCLA has a win-loss mark of so far this year. Peter's comes into this contest with a record of this year. Purdue has a record of on the year. This report has odds and your NCAA college basketball predictions for todays game against the spread. Providence enters this matchup with a win-loss record of for the season.

Kansas has a win-loss mark of this year. This game report has an NCAA college basketball basketball pick, betting odds, and trends for tonights key matchup. Vanderbilt enters this one with a mark of on the year. Xavier has a win-loss mark of this season.

Virginia Cavaliers vs St. Virginia will play this game with a win-loss record of on the campaign. Bonaventure has a mark of this year.

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