Inflation deflation investing strategy

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inflation deflation investing strategy

Inflation just below or above the inflation target of 2% is good for investors in both nominal and real terms. Deflation is relatively bad for nominal returns. Lots of services offer investment ideas, but few offer a comprehensive top-down investment strategy that helps you tactically shift your. Macroeconomic Investment Strategies for an Era of Economic Uncertainty “Over They go on to cover three possible future scenarios: inflation, deflation. BTC HASH DIFFICULTY

Signs to Watch for Equity Investors August 01, 4 Minute Read The inflation surge has dominated the narrative for equity investors in But prices will eventually peak. Surging inventories are likely to lead to deflation in prices for goods, which will affect corporate profitability and stock valuations. After consumers have struggled to find goods to purchase over the last two years, the tide is turning. The world is about to be awash in inventory that companies will have difficulty offloading.

Many will be forced to lower prices as a result. As the process unfolds, deflationary forces could ease pressure on equity multiples while putting some companies that sell goods at risk of dramatic margin declines. But computer chip shortages, COVID shutdowns and the war in Ukraine have combined to create broad supply chain bottlenecks that limited automotive production globally. This trend has contributed to inflation, while dealerships have enjoyed handsome markups on the cars they could get.

Most likely, selling prices will eventually fall back to a discount to MSRP and dealer margins will fall. The new car business is a prime example of how goods are about to become deflationary and of the potential squeeze on profits for certain players. Inventory Surge Signals Price Declines Downward price pressures are beginning to surface in the auto industry even though inventories are still low.

Beyond the auto industry, broad measures of inventory levels point to another dynamic that may trigger deflation in other industries. In , supply chain issues prompted a significant drawdown in wholesale and retail inventories Display.

But today, inventory levels have recovered to well beyond pre-pandemic levels, in areas from garden equipment to household appliances. And this reality is running headfirst into shifting consumer spending patterns. But today, the consumer is being pulled in two directions: necessities like food, gas, rent and utilities are seeing meaningful inflation, while the price of experiences such as vacations is also rising.

Bloomberg Rents should follow, which is exactly what the Fed wants to see, but that does not have to undermine the economic expansion, as nearly all existing homeowners hold incredibly low rates on their mortgages, and very few are adjustable rate. Yahoo Finance For those of us who look at the economy through the lenses of the market each day, it seems like an epic downturn is upon us, especially when we listen to pundits warn of doom and gloom ahead.

The problem with this approach is that the market is the tail and not the dog. Stocks and bonds are selling off in reaction to Federal Reserve rhetoric, as much as Federal Reserve policy moves to date. This is why consumer confidence has strengthened for several months in a row, despite the ongoing bear market in stocks. I have never seen a recession engulf the economy as consumers were gaining confidence, which is why I still see a soft landing ahead.

Consumers in aggregate are in very good shape, and the economy should be able to withstand the pain of higher interest rates as a result. If the rate of inflation falls in the coming 12 months as fast as it rose over the previous 12 months, as I expect, then it should ease the burden on consumers and pave the way for the soft landing I expect.

Growth should slow significantly, but the strong wage gains combined with healthy balance sheets should keep consumer heads above water. This article was written by.

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