Zero down real estate investing

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zero down real estate investing

House hacking is the easiest way to buy your first rental property. And in the bargain, you score free housing! The traditional house hacking. The first way to get started in property with zero deposit - or what we'd usually suggest, is a limited deposit - is not actually investing in. The most popular course of action when financing real estate deals with no money down is through the use of hard or private money lenders. These loans are not. BETTING CLOSED TODAY FOOTBALL MATCHES

If you refurbish it, add a little bit of an extension on, put a conservatory on, or put some new windows, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, or whatever it may be into that property, where you force the appreciation of the property. But more importantly is the income that you can create during that period of time. You pay a small upfront consideration to get the keys of the house rather than the car. A symbolic proof of exchange. Something needs to exchange hands to make a contract legally binding.

You then pay a monthly payment every month. That allows you to keep the keys of the house. That monthly payment is typically the outstanding mortgage balance. What the home owner owes on the mortgage to the bank. You make your money by putting a tenant into the property.

You put a tenant in the property who pays the market rent. And that market rent is more than the mortgage payment, meaning, you lock in a profit from day one. You then have the option to buy the property later in an agreed period of time for the agreed upfront price. The tenant looks after the property. The tenant pays you a profit every month.

And you purchase the property in the future, once it has gone up in value. But there are many different No Money Down tools. Another one, for example, is, vendor finance. I meet a lot of people who are looking to get into property. I meet people at networking events.

And typically, what happens at a networking event, is that, a lot of people are there for the same reason. They go to the networking event, looking for other people who will lend them money. But the problem, is, everybody at the event is looking for the same thing. What typically happened, is, somebody goes out, they look for a property.

Maybe, they do their marketing. They go, and they find a property deal. They have a house. They need some money to fund that property. So, they try and get the joint-venture partner to fund the deal. And they totally miss possibly, the most likely, and the easiest person to joint-venture with, the homeowner, the vendor. And vendor finance is about getting the vendor, the owner of the house to finance the purchase of the property for you.

Well, really simply. The money is in the bricks and mortar of the house. The money is in the property. Maybe, they have a grand mortgage. They sell the house for grand. They are not making grand. There are lots of other ways too though. Another example of vendor finance might be somebody with no debt whatsoever on a property.

They have no debt, whatsoever. You go to make an offer for the property. What if you were to go to the homeowner and say, I want to give you your grand asking price. I want to give you your grand asking price. If I went to the bank, Mr. Homeowner, and I took out a mortgage. I take out a grand mortgage, and it might be at 4 percent.

I would rather pay you 4 percent on your grand. Agree a date. But in the meantime. So, the homeowner will get plus an additional 40 grand. Why not pay it to the homeowner instead? You save, not needing a grand deposit. You have the owner as your bank, instead of an actual High Street institution. And the owner gets their asking price, plus interest on their money. Vendor finance is a massive opportunity to do No Money Down property deals. I love the strategy. I use it a lot in my business, because it can really help people.

You win, they lose. I see the amateur investors all the time. They have to be 25 percent below market value. And now, I teach people. I teach people in detail how to do all of these strategies. The only person losing in a creative deal like vendor finance, is, the banks and the Government. Another great strategy that No Money Down thinking, is, assisted sale. Why buy it? You see the problem with buy-to-flip, is, you buy the property. As an investor, you have an additional 3 percent stamp duty.

So, you have to pay it 3 percent more than a homeowner. You have to pay mortgage. You take out a mortgage. You have all the holding costs, the gas, the electric, the Council tax, all of the holding costs. So, my question, is, why did you buy the house? Because actually you spend more money on stamp duty, legals, estate agents, capital gains tax than you spend on the refurbishment. You get your money back from the refurb, and you split the profit on that property.

You will add huge value by doing an assisted sale. And you can give the homeowner their asking price, instead of trying to buy it below market value. Most people who do buy-to-flip, they have to haggle and negotiate the owner down on their price, 10, 15, 20 percent below value to try and make their number stack. But if you do an assisted sale, you remove all those costs on the process. You and the homeowner get to share the profit from the deal, which is, a bigger chunk of profit.

Assisted sales is just one other No Money Down investment techniques. Go, check it out. Have a read. Leave me a review, if you like the book. But there are some powerful, powerful strategies in that book, that teach you all about No Money Down property investing. It gives you an insight into the different strategies.

Every week I will have guests on to tell their story. Coronavirus thoughts, outlook, and the way to move forward. Oh, we also talk about Bradley's crazy experiences as a young landlord, one including a homicide! Learn more about k loans, house hacking, property management strategies, and much more! That is an extremely short summary of the creativeness, boldness, and confidence that have created Stan and Danae a lot of wealth in real estate.

All doing this with no to low money down strategies. Check out episode 8 to transform the way you think of real estate investing!! He owns a 4 million dollar portfolio but getting there was not easy.

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