Cryptocurrency conferences 2018 uk

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cryptocurrency conferences 2018 uk

Sign up to these top cryptocurrency events. To help you discover what notable crypto events to watch out for this Since , NFT. The world-leading Blockchain Expo series will arrive at the London Olympia on the December to host its sixth annual Global event. It will bring. The AIBC World Summit is one of the leading events globally for blockchain, AI, crypto, and other emerging technologies. IS MINING CRYPTOCURRENCY WITH A RASPBERRY PI3 PROFITABLE

TechNova Blockchain Summit , 22nd of March, London, UK This London summit will examine recent distributed ledger innovations and use case studies from various sectors such as the banking, energy, music and many more. Among the topics discussed will be how to develop strategy, smart contracts and the future of cryptocurrency.

Speakers include executives from banks, energy companies and other professionals. Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference , 22nd of March, Tallinn, Estonia With Tallinn being one of the most innovative capitals when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrency, this conference will probably be among the most captivating in Europe this year.

Spanning over three days, 64 teams divided into eight tracks will compete for a , Euro cash prize. The hackathon is part of year-long innovation program, designed for companies and investors who are seeking to cooperate with the best performing teams.

Speakers to be announced. Keynotes, workshops and networking are going to flow during two days, with a focus on numerous tracks covering the challenges and opportunities of innovation. Blockchain for Finance Conference , 20thst of June, Singapore Held in in Singapore, this conference will provide insights on use cases of distributed ledger technologies within financial institutions, asses the regulatory landscape and discuss business strategies in the age of blockchain.

London Fintech Week includes blockchain hackathons and a full day conference on blockchain and crypto-finance. Agendas accommodate plenty of time for networking and meeting innovators and industry experts. The event expects to host between and 1, conference delegates from more than 50 countries around the world, creating a perfect opportunity for affiliate marketers to establish partnerships and grow their networks.

This 3-day event enables you to meet leading blockchain developers and network with investors and blockchain enthusiasts. You can learn more about investing in blockchain startups and ICO crowdfunding, as well as the future of blockchain development. The first edition of the Blockchain Conference was held in London, back in Advertisement Since then, this blockchain roadshow has been held in many other cities around the world. You can learn about blockchain trends and beyond, what to look out for when evaluating ICOs, and you can also attend presentations delivered by leading blockchain companies.

This conference gives you a whole lotta time for networking. It includes an impressive line-up of speakers, most notably from Amazon and Overstock. Cryptoblockcon August 14 — 15, New York City The Big Apple is gonna be the perfect spot for you to attend one of the big crypto events!

Cryptoblockcon brings together cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts to discuss the future benefits of blockchain and crypto assets. The conference also showcases innovative companies in this space. Affiliate marketers can hear from top speakers, network with investors, and meet startups using blockchain to disrupt some of the largest industries in the world. The Chinese government has recently banned ICOs and cryptocurrency trading platforms, which has forced Chinese investors, blockchain startups and mining companies to look for alternative solutions.

The United States is one of their top destinations for business. This one-day conference discusses technology innovations and market trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. It enables opportunities for networking and for collaboration between the two countries. One of those unmissable bitcoin crypto events?

This is the fourth edition of this annual conference for bitcoin, blockchain and digital currencies. This two-day event includes workshops on cryptocurrency security, wallet management and crypto taxation. Speakers cover topics on blockchain technology and application, investment opportunities and risk, and cryptocurrency regulation.

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The event begins at 7 pm, local time. The highlights of this event will include discussions about ongoing trends and developments in the blockchain industry and a lot of networking opportunities. Asia Blockchain Week Also, in Singapore is a 5-day coming together of experts in a series of events between 27th November and the 1st of December that includes a BlockShow where industry participants cutting across various levels will have the opportunity to interact at close range.

The program of the event will include fun and relaxation moments and expo events where blockchain hubs, accelerators, and companies in Singapore will open their doors to participants. Think Outside The Blocks, Seoul Despite the ban on some blockchain related activities in the mainland of South Korea, it has not lost its reputation as a friendly ecosystem for technological innovation.

As a matter of fact, the governor of Jeju, the largest island off the coast of the Korean peninsula, Won Hee-ryong had earlier this year proposed the region to be designated as a special zone for blockchain and cryptocurrency. In terms of networking and fostering partnerships, using Block Seoul-exclusive technology, startups and ICOs seeking capital will be matched with investors, funds, and VCs from over 30 countries. The event shall be held at the Sebitseom Island Complex, between the 17th to 19th of September, There shall, however, be a pre-conference cocktail on 16th September by 7 pm local time at the same venue.

Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week, Bangkok The friendly regulatory framework of Thailand has positioned it as the darling of blockchain startups and establishments. A 5-day blockchain summit [Beyond Blocks Blockchain Week] is set to take place between the 26th and 30th of November, in Bangkok. This summit is planned to facilitate a face-to-face meeting for participants with the movers and shakers of the blockchain industry.

It is primarily a networking and meetup opportunity, forming a significant part of the movement to drive the blockchain community forward in Asia. Malta Blockchain Summit Among the handful of blockchain-friendly jurisdictions around the globe, Malta stands out with perhaps the most forward-thinking regulatory agenda.

The European island state has established itself as the No. By using this website you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. Join Our Telegram channel to stay up to date on breaking news coverage Lambos are the ultimate status symbols of bitcoin and other crypto whales. Lambos for Promo Of course many present at the conference must have been curious to find out who the Lambo-driving hodlers could have been at a time when the markets are not as green as they were in However, CNBC has let the cat out of the bag.

The media outlet reported on May 14, , that the luxury cars parked at the Consensus belonged to a New Jersey-based car rental, owned by John Nouri. The firm told CNBC that a bitcoin evangelist paid them to park the cars there as part of the highlights of the occasion and a promo for the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange.

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