Filing bankruptcy owning cryptocurrency

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filing bankruptcy owning cryptocurrency

In the event of bankruptcy, crypto customers with custodially held assets are typically last in line to receive payment. In other words, those. One of the key unresolved questions surrounding crypto custodian bankruptcy proceedings under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is whether or not. The short answer is yes. Even though the value of cryptocurrency can fluctuate wildly day-to-day (or minute-to-minute), it is clearly an asset. BETTER PLACED DEFINITION

Exchanges like Coinbase offer the convenience of maintaining a cryptocurrency account that cannot be forgotten or lost. For example, Coinbase provides a procedure to exchange cryptocurrency for traditional fiat currency at current market value.

The customer can liquidate all or part of a Coinbase account and receive fiat currency. Thus, customers may not be aware of the ramifications if one of these cryptocurrency exchanges collapses. SIPC was created to protect customers from the loss of cash and securities in the event of member brokerage firm bankruptcy. No such government program exists for cryptocurrency exchanges though an exchange may purchase liability insurance on behalf of its client accounts.

Gox—In February , Mt. Gox, the then-largest crypto asset platform worldwide, filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan after an estimated , Bitcoins were stolen from its wallets. Cryptopia—a company registered in New Zealand, operated a digital exchange that allowed its approximately two million users to trade digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Cryptopia was placed into liquidation in New Zealand on May 14, Can a US-based crypto exchange file for bankruptcy protection under the bankruptcy code? The Bankruptcy Code sets a specific list of entities that are not eligible for relief i.

An exchange that is not a bank can ostensibly file for bankruptcy protection. On June 24, , the Bankruptcy Court issued an order granting recognition of the foreign proceeding, thus allowing the foreign representative to avail itself of the powers of US courts. The SPDI allows approved banks to house digital currencies alongside fiat currencies under Wyoming law.

SPDI banks in Wyoming must hold reserves backing percent of the cryptocurrencies on deposit. So if a client seeks to withdraw funds, the bank will have the assets on hand to cover the request. Kraken, which operates a cryptocurrency exchange, was the first digital asset company to receive the SPDI charter in Wyoming.

Thus, if Kraken were to attempt to file for bankruptcy, it would be a question whether it was eligible for relief as a debtor under 11 U. To the extent that a crypto exchange has a bank arm—i. What happens to cryptocurrency held in an exchange? In reaching this conclusion, the court looked at the operating practices of Cryptopia, how it had marketed itself to account holders, and the terms and conditions in place at various times.

Of particular importance was the fact that account holders brought their own currency onto the platform to make it available for exchange. Cryptopia acted as a platform for the exchanges but did not hold the currency as part of its assets apart from the currency traded on its own account.

In a US bankruptcy, the cryptocurrency exchange has, at the minimum, a possessory interest in the digital assets and the automatic stay will prevent customers from immediately withdrawing or trading their cryptocurrency. In some states, debtors can choose between a set of exemptions defined by state law and a set of exemptions defined by federal law. As long as a debtor did not recently move to the state of Texas, a Debtor has an unlimited homestead exemption under Texas state law.

However, Texas has no exemption for which cryptocurrency would qualify. Issue: How is cryptocurrency categorized? Cryptocurrency carries with it characteristics of various forms of assets. For starters, cryptocurrency could be classified as cash, as it does share certain characteristics as cash. It can be exchanged for good or services. However, there is known country that currently recognizes cryptocurrency as legal tender.

Cryptocurrency also has many characteristics akin to financial securities. Although cryptocurrency is frequently traded on exchanges, it is not traded on formal stock exchanges and is not recognized as a financial instrument or a negotiable instrument by any government. Despite the uncertainty, cryptocurrency clearly has potential value that should be disclosed.

Even if a debtor properly lists the asset; even if it is properly categorized — how is it valued? Valuation could determine the ability to exempt all or a portion of the cryptocurrency. And yet no clear market exists, and values tend to fluctuate wildly. Any trustee faced with the prospect of evaluating a cryptocurrency would likely need assistance with understanding software for a particular cryptocurrency and access to the exchange on which that particular cryptocurrency is traded.

Issue: Fraudulent transfers of cryptocurrency Just like any other asset, transfers of cryptocurrency assets within two years of a bankruptcy filing could constitute a fraudulent if the necessary elements exist. Such a transfer exists if a debtor voluntarily or involuntarily makes such a transfer with actual intent to hinder, delay, or defraud any entity to which the debtor was indebted.

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