Dont be like this guy crypto meme

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dont be like this guy crypto meme

I love you guys! was a common post during late-night rallies, and we meant it. Day” meme by posting pictures of donuts being served at his school. These crypto memes have shaped the crypto culture. They include the HODL meme, buy the dip, bitcoin sign guy, when Lambo and number go up technology. There are some memes that crypto traders take from the wider web and make their own. Then there are memes that could only originate in crypto. HORSE RACING BETTING TERMS BOX

The meme aspect of it has always been part of the appeal. Bitcoin and dogecoin and ethereum are as much a cultural and internet phenomenon as they are a technological or financial one. And as crypto goes more mainstream, so do the memes, especially as people are getting into day trading without much of an investment plan. Though cryptocurrencies have been around for more than a decade, they are capturing more headlines recently.

Both institutional and ordinary investors have been along for the ride. But crypto is also incredibly volatile , as evidenced in the wild fluctuations seen this May. A sudden selloff on May 19 sent the price of bitcoin down 30 percent , and hundreds of thousands of traders were completely liquidated.

The meme meets reality. This is not even our final form. Bitcoin LaserRayUntilK pic. Many politicians and regulators are calling for tighter rules around the space. And memes go in and out of style. Now that life is getting back to normal, scanning random subreddits to rally behind a funny new coin or image might fall further down on the list of priorities.

When I went back for my second Covid shot, I decided not to ask the vaccine guy about his dogecoin investment. But much of the crypto frenzy recently appears driven by … not that. When the going gets rough, there is a core group determined to meme through it.

The joke is still funny, even if the financial situation is not. It is also a joke. The irrational exuberance now is reminiscent of Back then, there was a proliferation of initial coin offerings ICOs , with startups offering digital tokens to raise money. They generated a lot of hype, and some even came with celebrity endorsements.

A lot of them turned out to be scams. Some big institutional names started to get behind bitcoin. The cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase also went public in the spring , solidifying a spot in more traditional finance. Cash App and PayPal and Venmo have begun accepting some cryptocurrencies; Tesla said it would accept bitcoin but then changed course. But generally, more people have gotten into crypto in recent months and years because it was easier to do so. The enthusiasm around crypto — some of it financial, some of it meme-inspired — bred more enthusiasm.

Some of the options are rather serious projects although there are plenty of smart people who would tell you absolutely nothing about this is serious ; others are a joke. Even the price of a cryptocurrency at any given time can be debatable. In the relatively short life of crypto, there have been multiple rounds of booms and busts, most notably in and in Initially self-published, the book was subsequently published by Post Hill Press.

The site is popular with the alt-right. Furie stated that he would continue to "enforce his copyrights aggressively to make sure nobody else is profiting off associating Pepe the Frog with hateful imagery. Demonstrator holding a flag of Kekistan Kekistan is a fictional country created by 4chan members that has become a political meme and online movement.

Since late , the satirical ethnicity of Kekistani has been used by U. These Kekistanis decry the "oppression" of their people and troll counterprotesters by waving the "national flag of Kekistan" modeled after the Nazi war flag , with the red replaced by green, the Iron Cross replaced by the logo for 4chan , and the swastika replaced by a rubric for KEK. Pepe imagery displayed in the streets of Hong Kong during the protests In August , it was reported that various demonstrators at the — Hong Kong protests were using Pepe as a "resistance symbol".

New images of Pepe the Frog surfaced showing Pepe with an injured eye after a young female first aider got her eye gouged by a projectile fired by police and spurred a new protest campaign called "An eye for an eye".

A sign with Pepe with an injured eye held by a young nurse with one eye covered gained international media attention. Pepe for the people! Amongst other icons, it was featured on a Fortune magazine cover dedicated to a special report about cryptocurrency.

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