Tsa search for bitcoins

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tsa search for bitcoins

The objective of this research was to compile Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA's), for the UK, as far as possible and highlight what would be needed to. The TSA attempted to "screen" airline passenger Davi Barker for the virtual currency Bitcoin. Barker is co-founder of BitcoinNotBombs. You'll find many airlines that accept Bitcoin through us as well as many other altcoins. Start your Bitcoin Travel or crypto vacation today with Alternative. MAGIC FORMULA INVESTING HISTORICAL PERFORMANCE

I'll ask the local teenagers and get back to you. Re:Obviously, this is what they were looking for Re:Obviously, this is what they were looking for Score: 3, Insightful by sjames on Sunday March 02 , PM by sjames on Sunday March 02 , PM Journal That's fine and dandy for the average guy on the street.

But if you're going to be demanding things under color of authority, you have a responsibility to know what you're demanding at the very least. The more authority you lord behind your impossible and uninformed demand, the more stupid you look. I wasn't excusing their blind stupidity. Just trying to make sense of their senselessness. A fools errand, I know. I understand the GP in that the less educated might make this mistake, but this incident just underlines the TSA's incompetence at their appointed task.

If we expect the TSA to be any sort of effective, then we need the TSA agents to be well educated, so that they don't make this kind of mistake. This was above and beyond any scrutiny I had ever received from the TSA, and a little frightening that they were looking for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital and doesn't exist in the physical world, to "see Bitcoin" in a bag would be like seeing email in a bag.

What the agent more likely saw, says Barker, is the orange Bitcoin logo sweatshirt Barker was wearing at the time, promo material for his organization's annual "Hoodie the Homeless" drive. But Barker was traveling domestically, from Manchester, N. Whatever your involvement in the virtual currency, it may be wise not to mention anything about Bitcoin during your next airport security check.

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TSA harassing and searching a 9 year old GETTING OFF A TRAIN trying to go home

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