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ethereum classic ceo

Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin Says Those Unhappy With Ethereum's Evolution Can Use This Alternative: 'A Totally Fine Chain'. by Samyuktha. Roy was elected as Secretary General of Ethereum Classic Consortium (China) founded in September , which is an alliance of Chinese blockchain community to. A decentralized computing platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without downtime, censorship or third party. SBTV BETTER PLACES

Such protocol changes can arise from forward-looking efforts to improve existing functionalities, or they can arise in reaction to damage caused by bugs and hacks. In , an application on the Ethereum blockchain known as The DAO was hacked, leading to the theft of around 3.

A majority of users, especially victims of the hack, preferred the version of Ethereum that erased the hack. However, some users who viewed immutability as paramount chose to remain faithful to the original ledger, Ethereum Classic. Ethereum vs. Ethereum remains much more popular than its unedited counterpart, indicating where most of the cryptocurrency community landed on this hotly debated issue.

However, proponents of Ethereum Classic argue that the ETC hard fork hypocritically enabled the very thing that blockchain technology is meant to prevent — subjective human manipulation. Other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin BTC , have experienced similar debates.

In a more direct comparison to the ETH vs. Both Ethereum Classic and Ethereum are smart contract platforms that allow users to build decentralized applications dApps on their respective blockchains, and they remain similar from a general functional perspective, although Ethereum has subsequently developed a considerably wider array of functionalities over time. The chains are identical up until block 1,, where the attack occurred. It is only after this block that they diverge. As a result, significant updates to the Ethereum protocol after this point including Ethereum 2.

The Future of Ethereum Classic Foreshadowing a change of heart, Ethereum Classic has recently undergone several protocol upgrades that are aimed at making the protocol more interoperable with the Ethereum protocol. The attacker had used a malicious smart contract that withdrew money ETH at a time , then interfered with the updating of the contract, allowing them to withdraw the same ether again and again.

Even worse, once the vulnerability became public, the remaining 7. Plus, the clock was ticking down to a July 21st deadline—the first date when the original hacker might be able to get at the funds they had diverted into the DarkDao. Bottom line: if the white hats ever missed their window to object, the attacker would be able to abscond with the funds—meaning this informal group would have to be constantly vigilant.

The old blockchain, which still attracted some supporters and speculators, carried on as Ethereum Classic. That summer, the attacker moved their ETC a few hops away to a new wallet, which remained dormant until late October, when they began trying to use an exchange called ShapeShift to cash the money out to bitcoin.

And then, perhaps because ShapeShift frequently blocked their attempted trades, they gave up cashing out, leaving behind 3. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin weighed in supporting the hard fork. Van de Sande decided to commission a forensics report from blockchain analytics company Coinfirm to help exonerate himself though then, the police closed the investigation, he said. In case any similar situations arose in the future, he went forward with the report examining those cash-out attempts in Among the early suspects in the hack had been a Swiss businessman and his associates, and in tracing the funds, Van de Sande and I also found another suspect: a Russia-based Ethereum Classic developer.

The timing of their social media posts suggested they kept fairly normal hours. But based on a customer support email the hacker had submitted to ShapeShift in the leadup to the attack, I believed they spoke fluent English. Jumping off from the Coinfirm analysis, blockchain analytics company Chainalysis saw the presumed attacker had sent 50 BTC to a Wasabi Wallet, a private desktop Bitcoin wallet that aims to anonymize transactions by mixing several together in a so-called CoinJoin.

Using a capability that is being disclosed here for the first time, Chainalysis de-mixed the Wasabi transactions and tracked their output to four exchanges. In a final, crucial step, an employee at one of the exchanges confirmed to one of my sources that the funds were swapped for privacy coin Grin and withdrawn to a Grin node called grin. Due to exchange privacy policies, normally this sort of customer information would not be disclosed.

The IP address for that node also hosted Bitcoin Lightning nodes: ln. It was hosted on Amazon Singapore. For anyone who was into crypto in June , this name may ring a bell. His name was Toby Hoenisch. Where was he based? In Singapore. Although he was German-born and raised in Austria, Hoenisch is fluent in English. The cash-out transactions occurred mainly from 8 A. Singapore time. And the email address used on that account at the exchange was [name of exchange] toby.

On May 17th and 18th, in the DAO Slack channel, he engaged in a long conversation in which he made, depending on how you count, 52 comments, minimum, about vulnerabilities in The DAO, getting into various aspects of the code and nitpicking over exactly what was possible given the way the code was structured.

One issue spurred him to email Slock. The third showed how an attacker could do this cheaply.

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Image: Decrypt Mihai Alisie, a graduate in Cybernetic Economics, was making a living coaching and playing poker in his home country Romania, when he heard about Bitcoin. He got in touch with Buterin in , and they decided to set up Bitcoin Magazine, and then worked together on Egora, a decentralized eBay for Bitcoin.

He was vice-president of the Ethereum Foundation until late , when he turned his attention to Akasha , a social framework for Ethereum. Alisie is not nearly as involved with Ethereum as he was before, but his social network experiment is taking shape and may even launch in time to coincide with Ethereum 2. And he largely took a backseat after this was decided. After Ethereum, Di Iorio was chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange for a short time but left to found Decentral—developer of the Jaxx digital wallet , which first launched in May He stepped down as Decentral CEO in September , and, according to Russo, has since shifted his focus into the health and wellness space.

The latter had dropped out of his computer science degree and then dabbled in real estate in the years prior to , when—like nearly all the other founders—he began to doubt the traditional finance system. He got into Bitcoin, and, at the time he met Buterin, was working with Israeli startup Colored Coins, a project to manage real-world assets as tokens on top of the Bitcoin network.

Buterin also worked on the project before he came up with Ethereum; in December , he asked Chetrit to join him. Image: Decrypt Charles Hoskinson wanted to be a mathematician, before becoming disillusioned with the profession and taking an increasing interest in Bitcoin. Born in Hawaii, and raised in Colorado, Hoskinson already had experience of raising money for an early version of a decentralized exchange when he was introduced to Ethereum, and Buterin, by Anthony Di Iorio.

He became one of the original five Ethereum co-founders, and was named CEO in December —taking a leading role in setting up the Swiss Foundation, and its legal framework. Hoskinson was an early advocate of Ethereum as a pro-profit corporation, which chimed badly with many of the others, and ultimately led to his departure. In tandem, he launched Cardano , which has risen to become the sixth biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, since the rollout of a major new blockchain upgrade earlier this month.

He met the first five co-founders in Miami, just before the North American Bitcoin conference in January , where Ethereum was due to be unveiled. After being the first to get an Ethereum testnet up and running, he demanded a place at the top table.

The others agreed, but not without some pushback. Gavin Wood authored Ethereum's yellow paper, which laid out the platform's technical specifications. Image: GavWood. But now he is solely focussed on the Web3 Foundation , and its interoperability blockchain project Polkadot —a competitor to Ethereum. He was added to the founders roster alongside Gavin Wood in early But each, being unaware of the other, had worked separately. While Ethereum Classic participants debated the merits of the Difficulty Bomb, a network upgrade called "Die Hard" at block 3,, delayed the effects of the mechanism.

Once the network participants came to consensus on the issue, Ethereum Classic upgraded its network on block 5,, to permanently defuse the Difficulty Bomb. This abandoned a future with proof-of-stake and committed the network to the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. Protocol parity[ edit ] In an attempt to modernize the Ethereum Classic protocol, several protocol upgrades were scheduled to activate features that the Ethereum network already enabled over the past years.

Atlantis, activated in September , enabled the outstanding Byzantium changes, Agharta, in January , brought Ethereum's Constantinople patches, and Phoenix finally achieved protocol parity between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum with the introduction of the Istanbul protocol upgrade.

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