Next bond actor betting odds

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next bond actor betting odds

Next Bond After Daniel Craig ; Hugh Jackman, /1 In Bet Slip Susp ; Jim Caviezel, /1 In Bet Slip Susp ; Joel Kinnaman, /1 In Bet Slip Susp ; Jon Hamm, /1. Now according to a betting website Ladbrokes, Henry Cavill has surpassed Tom Hardy as the new favourite to be the next James Bond after Daniel. Next James Bond Odds · 12/1 · - · - · - · - · %. FOREX MANIPULATION CHAT

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Next bond actor betting odds movie places in elizabethtown ky next bond actor betting odds

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The one question in entertainment that many people are asking themselves is who will be the next James Bond. Many news outlets have speculated that it might be Idris Elba, and I think that is an outstanding choice.

The London-born actor would break the color barrier to become the first Black person to play James Bond. Elba would be a terrific choice to replace Craig and would offer a new and modern direction to the Bond series, which has had a white actor for the first 25 movies. My choice to replace Craig is none other than Tom Hardy. Betting Tips Like all forms of gambling, success at next James Bond betting comes down to your ability to identify value. Here are some tips for when you bet on next James Bond markets: Read up on the actors.

Evaluate next James Bond odds against recent news. Choose your bets with value in mind. Make your wagers according to the current information. Did they join or leave a show? Did they express desire to have the role? There are many variables that affect next Bond actor odds you can use to make your decision.

The History Behind Choosing the Next James Bond Something many people overlook is the fact that previous James Bond actors were elevated to A-list status by the role, not the other way around. For instance, Sean Connery was a gig actor, and George Lazenby was in chocolate advertisements, so you can potentially eliminate Oscars winners.

Bond has always been a physically fit, handsome and athletic character. He also has a certain sense of gentlemanly style and attitude, something not every actor is made to portray. An actor needs to be able to deliver this kind of dialogue while filming chase scenes through bustling city streets, pursuing enemy spies and criminal masterminds, which is also not something everyone can do.

By keeping these criteria in mind, you can begin narrowing down the list of possibilities. Couple this with breaking news surrounding the films and TV shows actors are currently on, joining or leaving and you can come up with a good shortlist of possibilities. Past Actors To make your next Bond betting selections, it helps to have some background on previous actors. While each brings something unique to the screen, they all have similar traits the next actor needs to have as well. Unfortunately, Connery recently passed away, but Diamonds are Forever, as they say.

Moore has also unfortunately passed on, doing so in He was approached by producers as early as but felt he was too young for the role. He continues to act to this day, playing the Chief on Doom Patrol. This meant Moore reprised his role twice more, before Brosnan took over. Quite a feat considering all the stunts he had to do. Obviously not seen in the film, one of his counterparts pulled it off during a fight scene in Diamonds Are Forever.

If you enjoyed reading our guide to the top next James Bond bookmakers , you can see our full list of sportsbooks and find out more about the bettin on our homepage. FAQ While we try to make all our guides as comprehensive as possible, our readers occasionally have more specific questions, which we answer below.

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12 Actors Who Could Play The Next James Bond After Daniel Craig

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He has certainly got the looks for it, and would step into the role with ease. Henry began his career at the age of 20, starring in the film adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo , and I Capture the Castle It was there that he was cast in the coveted role of Superman in Man of Steel, the film that would kickstart the DC Cinematic Universe.

Henry was born in May , so he has just one year left of his 30s, so this makes him still in the running to be the next James Bond. He is known for playing the lead role of Sidney Chambers in Grantchester , but he has since swapped Blighty for Hollywood. However, he has previously told people "not to bet on him" to play Bond, as he doubts he would get the role.

But his thoroughly British Cambridge education stands James in good stead to take on the role of smoothly-spoken Bond. As he is born in , he definitely fits into the millennial Bond category. Just go and re-watch the Mission: Impossible - Fallout bathroom fight scene as a theoretical audition tape for a more rough-and-tumble Bond. Great mustache, too. And while he played second fiddle to Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt, Cavill has the right physical presence and smooth charisma to headline the next run of Bond films.

Producers are also apparently eyeing someone taller than 5-foot and Cavill fits the bill at 6-foot Fun fact: Cavill was apparently in consideration to follow Pierce Brosnan as Bond in "Casino Royale," according to director Martin Campbell , but was almost too young at 22 years old. Will Idris Elba be the next James Bond? When it comes to star power, acting ability, the requisite good looks, and the fact that he just legitimately looks like he can kick ass, Elba seems like a great choice.

However, Elba, who recently starred in The Suicide Squad, is 49 and about to turn 50 next month. Becoming the new face of the Bond franchise in his early-to-mids would be tough, especially with the multiple movies he would be expected to make, the various other projects he has on the go, and the series' declaration that it is going to go younger. It would be foolish to place any wagers on Elba at this number unless the directive changes drastically and focuses on an aged Bond in the twilight of his career, though that would feel somewhat redundant after the most recent few Craig films dealt directly with similar themes.

The right time for Elba to take the reins would have, interestingly, been in when Craig first portrayed in "Casino Royale. As a person of mixed-race background, Page would be the first non-white actor to play Bond but oddsmakers certainly seem less concerned about that than some fans.

Page has the acting chops and height and is closer to the preferred age to play Bond for the next several installations compared to some of his peers. Plus, his ability to play a polished ladies' man is pretty evident for anyone that's even seen clips from "Bridgerton". Page was also recently linked to star in a reboot of "The Saint" — the British mystery spy thriller of the 60s, which just happened to star Roger Moore before he took on the role of Bond. Will Tom Hardy be the next James Bond?

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Who will be the Next James Bond?

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