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can slim investing reviews of zootopia

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A small bunny leaned into the door frame, underneath Claire's intimidating frame. Nick was inquisitive. He perked an eyebrow as he awkwardly situated himself back into a normal sitting position, knocking a few loose-leaf papers to the floor. Nick's relaxed shoulders instantly tightened back up. A subtle smirk was painted across her face, giving Nick a crude wink as she strolled off silently, quickly closing the door behind them. Nick became increasingly flustered, starting to sweat on his brow as he heard a click at the door, and a bit of a whistle.

Time is money, you know. Once you two are done, just holler, and I'll open this little door right back up-" "What are you implying Miss Claire? She was the one who suggested it, not me. We always do what our clients request, just following our little motto we abide by, alright?

He couldn't help but let out a silent snarl, flashing his fangs at the door. The bunny remained unamused. I appreciate it SO much, Claire! Nick Wilde couldn't help but notice how comparatively feeble her frame was to his. His eyes on the street were consumed in a wave of predators.

And now, for the first time in his life, his client was a herbivore, and she managed to sneak across the lines set by society, sitting in an office of a carnivorous, illegitimate private investigator. Even then, through Wilde's unfortunate, he settled into his seat, accepting what fate brought to him on a less than favorable silver platter.

She carried a much smaller, slender frame, wearing a red check pencil dress, finished with five buttons on the bottom that seamlessly tied it all together with a red belt in the middle hugging her torso. He couldn't help but briefly admire her "lady-like" appearance. He expected a weak, soft-spoken voice out of her, but as Nick finally made contact with his eyes, a wave of chills rushed over them.

Her eyes were fierce, stoned with grit, unwavering like soldiers on the line of duty in front of their commanders. Her voice was even bolder; unwavering confidence, a resilient spirit. And only then, did Nick realize he had gotten into a lot more than he chewed. He should've realized the murmur of conversation wasn't Claire talking to herself, but Judy. She probably pampered her, handed her a lukewarm cup of coffee, and flipped through the old front lobby magazines while painting Nick as her best bet; the only bet.

A stone-cold, analytical investigator with an edge of pessimism. A cup half empty kind of guy who looked straight at the papers and knew then and there what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Nick could envision a fang-laced grin across Claire's face as she sat back down at the front-lobby desk, settling back into her life magazine, always folded at the pages where she left off after each day. Nick's thoughts were shattered by that loud, confident voice from across the room, placing him back into reality, and Nick felt just a bit smaller than he once did.

An herbivore, in a carnivorous district, her natural predator; making herself at home, sitting in the rickety wooden chair directly across his desk. Foxes had a reputation for swindling, and whatever she wanted, it was most likely above his pay grade. Lions are seen as noble, bold, if a bit pompous leaders. Lionheart Zig-Zags this trope, seeming at first to be a respectable leader, but is shown to be a complete jerk to his assistant mayor and eventually found to have been secretly imprisoning the savage predators.

While this was in part to protect his own reputation and livelihood, he certainly had a point about how letting the public know that predators were going savage without knowing why would unleash widespread civil unrest. Sheep are seen as meek and mindlessly following their herd. Bellwether appears to be a straight example, but is actually a very cunning, manipulative mastermind who targets predators with Night Howler serum to ignite a race war and seize power through it.

Also averted with Doug who's shown to be a capable chemist and an incredibly good shooter. He also has no problem in talking back to his boss when presumably she questions his marksman skills. Lemmings are believed to mindlessly follow the herd which is played straight when they are shown buying Nick's pawpsicles en masse. Answer Cut : When Nick points out that Chief Bogo is not likely to give Judy access to the jam cams, she replies that she knows somebody who could help.

Cut to Bellwether at City Hall. Judy and Nick are following the traffic camera footage of the truck driven by the wolves who took Manchas. Judy asks, "Where does that road go? Usually once the level of anthropomorphism is established in a movie, it remains consistent throughout the story.

Zootopia is unique in that it is dealing with a crisis where some of its predators are sliding down the scale and reverting back to the state of savage animal which inflames a historic tension between predator and prey species. Appropriate Animal Attire : Animals in this story are, normally, fully clothed — except for shoes — and Judy feels uncomfortable about the "naturalists'" lack of clothing. Armor-Piercing Question : After Judy makes her remarks about predators at the press conference, Nick calls her out with a series of these like "Are you afraid of me?

Nangi, an Asian elephant, is drawn with very small tusks, which is correct; but Francine, an African elephant, is drawn without tusks, which is incorrect. When a jaguar goes savage, he is shown to have slit pupils. Big cats in real life actually have round pupils with "slit pupils" being a trait of smaller cat species. Bunnies in this movie appear to have an appetite for carrots and often work as carrot farmers, despite carrots not being healthy for rabbits in large amounts.

The koalas in the movie have only one thumb on each paw, when real koalas have two thumbs. Gazelle has long horns that are more typical of a male gazelle; in most gazelle species, females have shorter horns. Doubles as Animal Gender-Bender. The "cave rabbit" mannequin at the museum that's used to mimic Judy's shadow has a pair of sabre-teeth; however, rabbits are of the zoological order Glires which do not have canines and therefore cannot have sabre-teeth. It also seems to have antlers too, so both likely fall under Rule of Funny by implying there were prehistoric jackalopes in Zootopia.

The backstory about how the animals all evolved to have the same sapience, bipedal locomotion, opposable thumbs, and vocal mechanism all at the same time, despite originally being very different species. It's highly implausible for anyone who knows anything about biology, but it's necessary for the basic premise to work , so you just have to ignore it. The movie is set in a world where animals evolved instead of humans.

However there are animal species featured like pigs, sheep, yaks, horses where their visual design is based on the domesticated version of those animals instead of their wild counterparts. The creators stated that this one was intentional at least for the sheeps and pigs , as the average audience member wouldn't recognize them if designed realistically. The school play indicates that Jaguar was going to be an actuary and hunt for tax exemptions. Actuaries, in general, do not deal with taxes instead focusing on analyzing risk in insurance or investment, setting recommended financial reserves for a company or individual, or estimating how long before a person dies given age, gender, race, marital status, region and medical history.

However, there is a small, specialist field known as a tax actuary that focuses on corporate risk, investment, and value using those factors to determine the associated short-term and long-term tax liabilities associated with various strategies of growth. She's clearly using mostly her leg strength for this; what makes it an example of the trope is that the opponent she's facing is a rhino, a species infamous for delivering heavy blows with their heads.

During the scene outside of Jumbeaux Jr. A popsicle is essentially flavored water which weighs 62 lbs per cubic foot. Nick should not have been able to lift it in first place and regardless of whether Finnick had adult-level strength, his size and mass would not be sufficient to counter-balance its weight and should have toppled over with it.

Obviously, physics is over-ridden due to Rule of Funny in seeing a diminutive fox carrying an elephant-sized jumbo-pop down the street. Ass in a Lion Skin : At the end, when Officer Wolfard goes undercover, he pulls on a disturbingly realistic sheep costume. Astonishingly Appropriate Interruption : Just after Bogo gets caught using the same Gazelle app that Clawhauser had, he's informed that Judy's found all of the missing animals, leaving him in Stunned Silence.

Gazelle App: Wow, I'm impressed! Audible Sharpness : During Judy's confrontation with young Gideon, he brandishes a claw at her with an inexplicable metallic "chink" sound. Audit Threat : Judy makes the owner of the ice cream shop sell a Jumbo Pop to Nick by noting that the ungloved trunk-to-scoop practice is a Class 3 health code violation.

Avoid the Dreaded G Rating : The film has intense subject matter that certainly warrants the higher rating, but just in case it wasn't enough, the naturalist scene was certainly designed to ensure it happened.

This is fitting since they are polar opposites Female Flatfoot and Snarky Guy , Predator-Prey Friendship and the film is about their unlikely partnership. Backstory Horror : It is made clear from the very beginning that the inhabitants of this world had evolved from ordinary wild animals, which naturally tended to kill and eat each other. Also, there are some exhibits in the natural history museum that pretty heavily imply that the evolution of sapience did not happen to all species at the same time meaning that living in this world used to be Bag of Holding : Officer Hopps somehow pulls a set of handcuffs from her police utility belt which are bigger than she is to keep a savage jaguar from attacking Nick.

The cuffs are big enough to fit around a lamppost and the chain between the cuffs is as long as Nick is tall. Officer Hopps manifests a boot to lock Nick's stroller in place when he insists on being unhelpful with Judy's investigation. Apparently it comes from some extra-dimensional compartment of her utility belt or her meter maid cart because there's no sign of it in either location prior to it being employed. Bait-and-Switch : Chief Bogo enters the bullpen and announces he's got three items on the docket.

He begins "First He ominously calls out Francine who looks toward him with a gasp. To which Bogo then congratulates the elephant officer with a "Happy Birthday". Bandage Wince : Judy groans in pain as Nick's performing first aid on her injured leg during the climax. Barefoot Cartoon Animal : Almost the entire cast eschews shoes. Even characters who wear spats such as the cops, including Judy, and Mr. Big have their toes uncovered. Exceptions include Gazelle who is The One Who Wears Shoes , though her strappy high-heels also show her hooves , and the nudists who aren't the trope, as they aren't wearing anything else to begin with.

Gazelle 's outfit at her concert is based on what her voice actress, Shakira, usually wears during her performances, bare midriff included. Duke Weaselton also wears a shirt that's a few numbers too short for his long, slinky weasel body. Batman Gambit : An epic one pulled by Judy and Nick during the climax. With a badly injured leg, Judy can't run or fight.

Although Nick is a likely target for the Night Howler serum, he refuses to leave her behind. While bandaging her leg, blueberries spill out, which they substitute for the single Nighthowler pellet as they are similar in size, color and shape.

They bolt for the exit but end up knocked into a pit. As expected, Bellwether darts Nick and calls the police to report Judy being attacked by a savage fox. Nick and Judy carry on the "gone savage" act long enough to record Bellwether's evil gloating and buy time for the ZPD to show up.

They then have enough evidence to arrest her and her minions, as well as a sample that is used to develop an antidote for those driven savage by the Night Howlers.. Big, and a series of progressively larger polar bears enter the office, culminating in the towering Koslov who carries Mr. Big, who turns out to be a shrew, in his paws. Played straight later on when a polar bear from Tundratown is shown in a news report, having gone savage and mauled a caribou.

Initially played straight with the polar bear Drill Sergeant Nasty at the police academy as she is constantly haranguing Judy that's she's "dead, dead, dead". Becomes downplayed as she is shown smiling when Judy begins to excel at her training, indicating that while it's her job to be tough and demanding, she's not heartless. Be as Unhelpful as Possible : Nick is intentionally unhelpful to Judy's investigation into the disappearance of Mr. Later, when she blackmails him into helping her, he goes out of his way to waste Judy's time, like making their trip to the Zootopia DMV take all day instead of just a few hours.

Berate and Switch : Judy's surprise assessment of her situation when she moves into her apartment at Zootopia: Judy: Greasy walls. Rickety bed. Crazy neighbors. Zigzagged too, as Clawhauser says, "O-M-Goodness! Chief Bogo: Shut your tiny mouth now! Bilingual Bonus : "Nangi", the name of the nudist Elephant yoga instructor, means "naked" in Hindi.

Similarly, the name of Manchas, the jaguar chauffeur, means "spots" or "blots" in Spanish. Big have these kind of eyes instead of the Cartoony Eyes featured on most of the major and minor characters. Black Mesa Commute : A non-video game version. As Judy is riding the train to the city district, she passes over all the locations the film takes place in.

Black Site : Cliffside Asylum, where all the savage animals are kept. The premiere is sponsored by Zoogle Photos Google Photos. In another scene if you pay close attention, one of the characters has a shopping bag from Targoat Target , as they're coming out of Mousey's Macy's. The smartphones are iPhonies , where the logo is a carrot with a missing chunk. There are also iPad-style tablets labeled "iPaw". Bobby Catmull, the little cougar doing sound FX during Judy's play at the beginning, rips out the final "da-da-da-daaaah" chord that ends the play on a "Catsio" electronic keyboard.

Written in the same font! Clawhauser is shown eating Lucky Chomps Lucky Charms. See Fictional Counterpart for more examples which are brand- and not product-based. Blatant Lies : Bogo saying that he's working on the missing mammal cases when it's obvious to both Clawhauser and the audience that he was actually playing with the Gazelle app.

Played with by Nick when he is delivering the red-colored popsicle sticks to a construction worker. When asked about the unusual color, Nick replies "that's red wood". The subtitles for that scene confirm that Nick did indeed "say it" with a space in the middle. So, while technically true as spoken, Nick the hustler, also knew how it would sound to the construction worker making this an interesting example of blatantly lying while telling the literal truth.

Nick: Madam, I have a fake badge. I would never impede your pretend investigation. Bloodless Carnage : In the climax, Judy trips over a very sharp mammoth tusk on a museum display while running at full speed, tearing a huge gash in her leg which renders her unable to walk, much less run. Despite the severity of this injury, however, it is not shown to bleed significantly.

Subverted with the scene in the back seat of the limo that Otterton was riding in to meet Mr. When first presented it implied that an attack on Otterton had taken place and we are shown the aftermath with claw marks all over the place but no blood, suggesting the trope is being played straight. Then later it was revealed that the situation was not as it initially seemed, that Otterton upon going savage made the marks, and that no violent acts occurred in the back seat that would have left blood behind thus subverting the trope.

Blunt "Yes" : Played for laughs. Judy: What is your problem? Does seeing me fail somehow make you feel better about your own sad, miserable life? Nick: It does. One-hundred percent. On the one hand, Judy is right to feel underestimated, as she is assigned to a banal job after graduating valedictorian at the police academy. On the other, Bogo, who is in the middle of dealing with a city-wide, missing mammals crisis is right to be irritated with his brand-new employee's recklessness and unwillingness to follow instructions, and to discipline her accordingly.

Bowdlerise : A minor, voice acting-related, case of this happens in the Mexican Spanish dub: When Mr. Big accuses Nick of selling him a rug made from a skunk's butt, in the Mexican dub it was changed with Mr. Big accusing him of selling a rug made from a Smelly Skunk note In Spanish zorrillo apestoso instead. It still sounds funny anyway due to how Mr. Big says that to Nick.

Brainwashed and Crazy : The predators "going savage" have been dosed with a chemical extracted from Night Howlers that makes them lose their sapience and increases their feral instincts so they will attack anyone in sight.

Bellwether is specifically targeting predators in Zootopia to create fear and unrest in the populace and insure that only prey animals can be trusted to wield political power especially her. She also uses it to silence anyone who could aid Judy's investigation such as Mr. Otterton and Mr. Manchas since savage animals can't talk.

Breaking the Fourth Wall : An in-universe example; young Judy directly addresses Gideon during the play. As a result, people initially don't take her seriously. Break Them by Talking : Judy is given two over the course of the movie, first by Nick as he rips apart her dreams and plays on her insecurity by pointing out the "reality" of her situation, and then by Chief Bogo who chews her out for violating procedure and causing chaos by running off to be a Cowboy Cop for a relatively unimportant robbery.

Judy, however, is The Determinator , so she presses onward. Buddy Cop Show : The plot can be summarized as: An eager young officer out to prove herself and the two-bit con man she coerced into helping her gradually develop an odd friendship while investigating a missing persons case and eventually uncovering a huge conspiracy. Bully Turned Buddy : Gideon Gray starts off as a bully to Judy and other kids, but as an adult, he becomes a friend and business partner to the family.

Bullying a Dragon : Judy tries to strong-arm Mr. Big into giving her information on Mr. Otterton despite the fact that she and Nick are in his house, surrounded by his Giant Mooks and the otherwise unflappable Nick is utterly terrified of him. Call-Back : Nick pretending to be savage and hunting Judy resembles the opening scene in the play, where a young Judy plays a primitive rabbit being preyed upon. Both end with same line "Blood!

No ketchup this time, though. During Judy's second meeting with Nick, after she realizes he's a hustler, he says that even though she came to Zootopia with big hopes and dreams, she is probably going to end up living in a box under a bridge somewhere. Near the end of the movie, where does Judy find Nick after they had been separated since the press conference?

Hanging out under a bridge! During Nick's flashback to his Junior Ranger Scout initiation he recites the following oath: "I — Nicholas Wilde — promise to be brave, loyal, helpful, and trustworthy! He was finally able to fulfill his oath, it just took him some time to get there. When the two are reviewing the traffic cameras to learn what happened to Manchas and see the wolves taking him away, Nick, a fox, makes a dismissive comment about the wolves' tendency to spontaneously howl, causing Judy to conclude that they are the "Night Howlers" that Manchas and Otterton mentioned earlier.

Later, Gideon Gray, also a fox, makes an offhand comment that the flowers that turn animals savage are nicknamed "Night Howlers". This helps Judy to have another "Eureka! Later in the film, when she and Nick are trapped inside a holding cell intended for an animal much larger than themselves, Nick's ranting about how the two of them are now "dead" gives Judy the idea to escape through the cell's toilet.

A twisted variation. When Judy records Nick's confession of tax evasion on her carrot pen, she says he can have it if he helps her with finding the missing Mr. However she never mentions her hour deadline. Nick, however, picks up enough context over the course of their investigation so that during Judy's tearful apology when he records her confession of being a "dumb bunny" he says he'll let her delete it The ending has Gazelle giving a concert while singing this song with most of the cast listening.

The film starts with A Minor Kidroduction of Judy participating in a play about the savage beginnings of their world and later has her defending her sheep friends from a fox bully. The final act has Judy fighting against a group of criminal sheep with her fox friend, with the climax taking place in a museum showing the savage beginnings of their world. In both cases, the predator turns out to be only acting, and Judy gives the same over-the-top response to being caught: "Blood, blood, blood!

We have a scene of Nick as a young kit trying to join the Junior Ranger Scouts, an organization that requires its members to wear uniforms and take an oath to be Brave, Loyal, Helpful and Trustworthy. The first time we see young Nick in his uniform, he is with a significant female in his life his mother and gives her a genuine smile full of joy and pride.

At the end of the movie, Nick is now an adult who has joined the ZPD. An organization that requires its members to wear uniforms and take an oath to uphold the qualities of Bravery, Integrity, and Trust. The first time we see adult Nick in his uniform, he is with a significant female in his life Judy and gives her a genuine smile full of joy and pride.

There are two ZPD bullpen scenes in the film. One near the beginning and another near the end. Each one ends with Bogo assigning Judy to parking duty. However, the second time, he's only kidding. Canis Latinicus : The flowers Stu uses as a natural pesticide on his farm are from a fictional crocus varietal with the scientific name of Midnicampum holicithias.

Only the first word is even an attempt at Latin, and translates very loosely as "between the fields". The second word is vaguely Greek, in which it translates just as roughly as "all shepherd". This is somewhat appropriate despite the linguistics since Stu plants them between his fields to keep the bugs off "shepherding" the crops.

Their common name of "Night Howler" presumably derives from how they make animals act, just as one of the real plants called "loco weed", Oxytropis campestris, has a name which translates as "sharp keel of the field". Cardboard Box of Unemployment : Downplayed Trope as it doesn't involve anyone being fired, but as anti-predator sentiment hits a boiling point, Officer Benjamin Clawhauser is transferred away from front desk duty at the police station.

Judy watches him packing his "I Heart Gazelle" coffee mug and snow globe into a box for the move. Officer Clawhauser: They thought it would be better if a predator — such as myself — wasn't the first face that you see when you walk into the ZPD. They're gonna move me to records. It's downstairs. It's by the boiler. Cartoony Eyes : Most animal characters play it straight, but some background characters, such as the lemmings and the rams such as Doug and his assistants have realistic animal eyes note even though Bellwether, who is the same species as Doug, has Cartoony Eyes.

They certainly look very awkward among the characters with humanlike eyes. Also, any predator that turns "savage" reverts to Animal Eyes. Cassandra Truth : As Mayor Lionheart is being arrested by the ZPD, he tries to explain that he was only trying to protect the city and that not knowing why predators were going savage could destroy Zootopia.

His warning is ignored and he is arrested for illegally imprisoning mammals. Later at the press conference when it's revealed that they don't know why only predators are going savage and Judy repeats the theory that it could be due to their biology, Zootopia erupts into prey vs.

Casting Gag : Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who stands 6'5" and weighs lb, is known for playing thugs and brutes like Deebo , yet here plays a tiny, adorable fennec fox who pretends to be a baby. The directors admitted it's supposed to be ironic. The French dub had Finnick voiced by Teddy Riner — a judoka who is the reigning France, Europe, World and Olympic champion in the heavyweight category, and stands at 6'8" and lbs.

Kristen Bell was invited to voice Priscilla, Flash's co-worker at the DMV, because of the actress' well known love of sloths. Casually Powerful Giant : On her first day working for the Zootopia Police Department, rabbit Judy Hopps offers a fist bump to the officer sitting next to her, a rhino.

She gets dragged across the floor, chair included, even though the rhino is pushing gently. The trope is further played with when Judy is in Little Rodentia where she is effectively a 60' tall giant next to the inhabitants of the neighborhood. Caught on Tape : Judy blackmails Nick into working with her by recording his boasting about how much his schemes have made, then threatens to arrest him in for tax evasion since he hasn't declared any of this income unless he helps her.

Judy uses her phone to record the conversation between Mayor Lionheart and Dr. Madge Honey Badger about the savage animals, as evidence that he's the one responsible for their disappearance. Judy's tearful apology to Nick is cut short by Nick using the recorder pen to play back the Arc Words "just a dumb bunny" she's just said.

Right before they hug. Judy uses her recorder pen to capture the villain's confession. The Cavalry : Chief Bogo and the rest of the force, show up at the Natural History Museum to catch Bellwether red-handed and prevent her from escaping. In an ironic twist, it is the villain who called them, expecting Judy to have been killed in the meantime.

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And there are acknowledgments of the destructive self-hatred that discrimination can cause. Many of the animals make self-deprecating jokes at the expense of stereotypes about their species such as Hops volunteering to do math for Wilde, telling him, "If there's one thing we bunnies are good at, it's multiplying" , and there's a fairly intense flashback which reveals that Wilde became a hustler because other animals hazed him as a pup while repeating anti-fox stereotypes, and responded by embracing his species' caricature and becoming the foxiest fox anyone had seen.

This all seems clever and noble until you realize that all the stereotypes about various animals are to some extent true, in particular the most basic one: carnivores eat herbivores because it's in their nature. Yes, readers, I know, there are tigers who've been taught to snuggle with lambs, and I've seen the same memes with cats and dogs snuggling that you have; I mean in general.

The compositions and lighting are more thoughtful than you tend to get in a 3-D animated film starring big-eyed animals who speak with the voices of celebrities. And there are a few sections that are transportingly lovely, in particular any sequence involving the pop star Gazelle voiced by Shakira , and Hops' high-speed train ride towards and through Zootopia, which introduces the city's different terrains including frozen tundra and misty rainforest while leaving room for subsequent bits of spelunking a foot chase through rodent town lets Hops know what it feels like to be a giant.

Some of the biggest laughs come from obvious gags that you know the writers couldn't resist, such as the bit where Idris' water buffalo captain says they can't start the morning briefing without acknowledging the elephant in the room.

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He was Methodical with his task, tracing his claws across the freshly typed ink on the files.

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Card points in betting what does ats Sorry, I couldn't see can slim investing reviews of zootopia considering how tiny you are. Chekhov's Skill : Nick's not exaggerating very much when he boasts about knowing everyone in Zootopia; his knowledge proves critical several times in the movie. Clawhauser is shown to be fast but not graceful or slender as he chased Mrs. Here we are now? To which Bogo then congratulates the elephant officer with a "Happy Birthday". Cassandra Truth : As Mayor Lionheart is being arrested by the ZPD, he tries to explain that he was only trying to protect the city and that not knowing why predators were going savage could destroy Zootopia. Officer Hopps manifests a boot to lock Nick's stroller in place when he insists on being unhelpful with Judy's investigation.
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