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forex wikipedia malaysia malaysian

Iskandar Malaysia, formerly known as Iskandar Development Region (IDR; Malay: Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar) and South Johor Economic Region (SJER). Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) ————— The currency of Malaysia. The ringgit is issued by the Bank Negara Malaysia - Wikipedia We exchange MYR, HKD, TWD. Forbes' definitive list of the 50 richest people in Malaysia. KHL BETTING PREDICTIONS TIPS

Waxaa loo qaybiyaa cisho cents. Bandhiga waxaa bixiya Bangiga Negara Malaysia. Ereyga "Ringgit" waa erey aan horay loo arag "jugged" oo ku yaala Malay islamarkaana waxaa markii hore loo isticmaalay in lagu tilmaamo cirifka loo yaqaan "silver Spanish Dollar" kaas oo si ballaaran u wareegay aagga intii lagu jiray qarnigii 16aad iyo 17aad ee gumeysiga Portuguese. Isticmaalka casriga casriga ah waxaa loo adeegsadaa qiyaas ahaan lacagta. Dhamaan hantida caanka ah ee seddexda casriga ah, lacagta doolarka ee Singapore iyo brunei ayaa sidoo kale loo yaqaan 'ringgit in Malay' lacagaha sida Maraykanka iyo Australian dollars ayaa loo turjumay sida dollar , inkasta oo hadda maalgashiga Singabuur waxaa badanaa lagu magacaabaa dollar Malay.

Mostly cannot be distinguished anymore, physically. Only their names linked them to their ancestors in the Middle-East. Conservative Arab Malaysian families have maintained their features because marriages remain between their family circles. Many Malay words are borrowed from Arabic. Not all Middle Easterners are Arabs. Putrajaya I don't really agree with this fact. Putrajaya is only an administrative centre for Malaysia and not its new capital.

The capital of Malaysia is still Kuala Lumpur. I will try to find the most authorative fact for this - sharuzzaman Thanks for making corrections! While you're here, though, you might want to take a quick look through Welcome, newcomers , be bold in updating pages , and talk page. In general, the custom is to put comments like the above in the Talk page rather than directly in the article; but of course you're certainly welcome to correct the information directly there!

Meanwhile, I had made sure redirect are in place so the actual state articles are reachable. Malaysia is another name for the Malay Peninsula. Nothing north is Malay actually anything kedah and north is thailand except for treaty with the british Pattani, Songkhla, Yala and Narathiwat are Malay states. They even speak Malay. More info is available in Thailand. It should be changed to the current one. Anyway, I've updated the article with that, for now.

Please do not change. We need to be consistent. As a new comer, not knowing the appropriate ways for editing, I always take references from other pages, for this case, pages of otner country profiles and List of national coats of arms. I really don't know why it is to say that "We need to be consistent", as most from my point of view of the country profiles use the phrase Coat of arms insted of Emblem, few uses Seal. Correct me if I'm wrong. Like I said, I'm still learning.

Removed reference to Badawi releasing Anwar. The court released Anwar, not the prime minister. This history segment needs to be rewritten - it contains WAY too much bias against Mahathir. I think that section certainly need some work, 9 paragraphs for an overview to a main article at History of Malaysia. I guess most of that section can be reworked down to say 3 paragraphs covering overall Malaysian History, and some stuff can be moved to the main article History of Malaysia.

In this particular case, you can safely just be bold in updating that section as per Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines , I think. All of the former should be in the latter main article. So the former is just a summary of the latter. But I trust it would be fairly easy to do that without much complication. So, almost anybody can do it. If nobody does it by the weekends, I'll do it. Vincent Tan has also been given a life of his own. Jpatokal , 20 Oct UTC I think the article is biased and thus, I added Stigliz's admiration of Malaysia to give a sense that not all were against what Malaysia did during the financial crisis.

I removed it because a flexible exchange rate doesn't mean the ability to sell product at a cheaper price. If a currency such as China's for instance in the real world , is being set weaker than all countries, such country will still be able to sell things cheaper than any country with flexible exchange rate regime. See economics topic on exchange rate related models for details. Fundamentally when a governmnt devalues its currency it makes good cheaper and industries more competitive.

Example, 1 Ringgit is worth 1 UD dollar. Malaysia produces bananas. Let's assume both countries sell bananas to the US yes an over simplification but not by much. Therefore buyers in the US would, assuming the item is price sensitive, buy more Malaysian bananas than thai bananas. Fundamentally devaluing a currency is a good way to sell cheap goods. We don't use much of what we produce, we export it. All I'm saying is that pegging is not devaluing.

They are two different but related concept in macroeconomics. Please refer to the Mundell-Fleming model for clarification on implications of the two concepts. China is a perfect example of a competitive currency with fixed exchange rate regime.

And thus, saying Ringgit is being uncompetitive because of pegging is untrue. Ringgit is uncompetitive only if it is more expensive compared to other currencies. Furthermore, with the US Dollar weakening against other major currencies, Malaysian Ringgit has automatically become more competitive. Again, flexibility is not source of competitiveness. The level of the rate itself is the source of competitiveness.

It is thought that originally these were Hindu or Buddhist nations. I didn't think there was any controversy about the fact that the main stream of Malay society was Hindu-Buddhist with admixtures of traditional animist beliefs before the arrival of Islam. I have not edited anything but I do question whether the language in this section is insufficiently assertive here. Today, I see that the POV is back.

I'm tired of all this. Obviously, those who don't agree with the opposition's ranting about how evil the government is are disenfranchised on Wikipedia; now, four major articles on Malaysian politics have the NPOV notice on them: Malaysia , Anwar Ibrahim , Bumiputra and Malaysian New Economic Policy. All of them are focused solely on presenting the opposition's viewpoint; while I agree that the NEP's benefits are damn racist, declaring it to be the same as Apartheid however true that may be is outright bias.

Obviously this tide of anti-government-ism is not going to be stemmed any time soon, so I give up on these articles. POV them all you like. Ok give me the bleeding heart PC word for apartheid and I will gladly use it. Every phrase used has a certain connotation and yes apartheid connotates that a ruling power has used their ruling advantage to their own advantage.

Can you think of another term for this or shall we keep it out simply because you happen to be uncomfortable that this term is used? Until Malaysian Chinese are rounded up into bantustans , denied the right to vote and killed by death squads , don't try to elevate yourself to Nelson Mandela 's status.

Apartheid have you read the article? I submit that the term is not affirmative action since it would give the wrong tones. Basically the situation we have is this. In some African countries black people are trying to rob white farmers of their lands and term it "re-distribution". If I went to your bank account and took your money and then gave it to beggars outside the bank this is not affirmative action.

AA is finding the person who "wronged" you and righting that wrong. For example in a race, a person deliberately hits your vehicle and perhaps the judges decide that this action cost you 3 minutes. AA is making the other driver give you back that three minutes by either setting your clock back three minutes or slowing him down three minutes. We have already proven that It was not the chinese or indian that disadvantaged the malay.

In fact the situation is clearly quite different if you look at the figures on ownership. The malays have political power so its not so clear cut where discrimination starts and AA ends. To just term it AA would be very very simplistic. In America, everyone not from certain races are disenfranchised in affirmative action.

Our article on affirmative action itself notes that Chinese are not subject to affirmative action, and thus are treated like whites in university admissions. The Chinese have never employed Black slaves. You can see a short discussion of whether the discrimination in Malaysia is affirmave action on Talk:Affirmative action. It's policy favouring one group actively and that's what I'd call it. I will watch this page a while and see if I can follow the conflict well enough to comment, but I would appreciate it if all parties could read the WP:NPOV all the way through first.

Tom ]. I've read it before, and I noticed a quote that encapsulates basically what I'm trying to say whenever I ask for neutrality: Karada offered the following excellent advice in the context of the Saddam Hussein article: You won't even need to say he was evil. That's why the article on Hitler does not start with "Hitler was a bad man" -- we don't need to, his deeds convict him a thousand times over.

We just list the facts of the Holocaust dispassionately, and the voices of the dead cry out afresh in a way that makes name-calling both pointless and unnecessary. Please do the same: list Saddam's crimes, cite your sources. I would ask Malbear to do the same. I expect that may take a while.

So see you later. I just read it and it doesn't sound too bad anymore; can it be removed? QVanillaQ , 22 Nov UTC Sorry for intruding or offending the community, just happened to pass by and glance over; I notice that a lot of the sentences and style isn't quite encylopedic as it should be. For example, its overly assertive when it shouldn't.

Brackets explaining a non-English term is excusable. A whole sentence within a bracket - well that should be avoided. Case in point: in the Geography section: "Tanjung Piai, located in the southern state of Johor, is the southernmost tip of continental Asia. Singapore also claims this title, but it is debatable whether the man-made causeway connecting it to Johor makes it an extension of the continent.

Secondly, shouldn't we avoid generalisations whenever possible, or at least express an semi-opinion by stating "it can be said that Maybe its just English style, but compressing four different wide-ranging properties and only using one or two verbs sounds awkward and assertive.

Also, "Malays, Chinese and Indians living side by side" - side by side is a bit of a generalisation, or rather, a metaphor, and not an encyclopedic definition, so shouldn't there be another word for that? These are just stylistic things I would like to point out, that when rewritten, sounds more professional.

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Waxaa loo qaybiyaa cisho cents.

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Forex wikipedia malaysia malaysian For example, this is a blogger that give a topical [4] view of his life, in Malaysia. All of them are source solely on presenting the opposition's viewpoint; while I agree that the NEP's benefits are damn racist, declaring it to be the same as Apartheid however true that may be is outright bias. Commissions: Even in a commission-free account, traders still pay the spread, because the moment you place the trade — such as when buying at the ask price — the bid price is worse. This history segment needs to be rewritten - it contains WAY too much bias against Mahathir. We just list the facts of the Holocaust dispassionately, and the voices of the dead cry out afresh in a way that makes name-calling both pointless and unnecessary. Commercial development[ edit ] The commercial focus of the CDP is on six services identified as "pillars", including creative, educational, financial, healthcare, logistics and tourism. It's also worth noting that Bank Negara Malaysia, the Central Bank of Malaysia forex wikipedia malaysia malaysian regulates money service businesses and forex dealers, has issued guidelines for cryptocurrencies with which companies must comply when dealing with crypto assets.
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