Dark places difference between book and movie

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dark places difference between book and movie

Foremost is the confusing flashbacks. They worked in the novel, but only confused in the film. There had to be some way to overcome this. The "Dark Places" film adaptation is particularly different than its source material although USA Today says the movie generally went through. From the portion of the book I read, the movie follows along quite well. I'm sure there are some minor details that were either left out or. THE PLACES BETWEEN THE BEST OF DOVES VINYL

The process transforms our protagonist, as she begins to question her memory of the events and ultimately believes she may have been coached to testify. The amateur who-really-dunnit investigation visits a strip club, a halfway house and a homeless camp, the pair interviewing a variety of ne'er-do-wells to claw to the bottom of a family mystery that eventually reaches its shocking, if convenient, conclusion.

With drug use, debt, pedophilia, Satanism, animal sacrifice and the kind of absurd M. Night Shyamalan-esque final twist that Flynn is now famous for, this complicated plot convinces on the page, but feels more than a little flabby onscreen. Eighties devil-worshipping hysteria transforms into cartoonish hilarity those kids and their crazy metal music , while the self-serious and melodramatic Kill Club becomes eye-rollingly ridiculous.

While there is still some flicking at the book's more human themes of best-intentioned familial deceit, forgiveness and healing, they're all but blotted out by Gilles Paquet-Brenner's slapdash direction. Climactic action scenes are ungainly and poorly shot, drained of all potential audience investment until we no longer care about who did what and why.

The women make, if not save, this otherwise inelegant adaptation — not surprising given the source material comes from a writer with a gift for the fleshed-out female character. Christina Hendricks Mad Men gives a much less glamorous performance than we're used to from her, and is impressive as the washed-out, hard-done-by and tortured matriarch of the Day family. Chloe Grace Moretz The Equalizer is perfect as teenage Ben's tweaked out, vicious and manipulative girlfriend.

Yet this sloppy showing can't be absolved by its considerable star power, especially when it feels blood-let of all suspense and horror. Dark Places lacks the gloomy meditative quality that Gone Girl rode to success on, with none of the grace or subtlety necessary in making a convoluted thriller a watchable enterprise. Fast forward 28 years later. This story is filled with twists and turns with an almost impossible to predict outcome. In terms of a book to film adaptation, the film was basically identical to the novel.

All of the important details were the same which I was actually pretty shocked and happy about. Obviously, as is the case with any adaptation, some details were lost, but everything that mattered and that was important was kept. One of my favourite aspects of the novel were the different character perspectives within time jumps. The book seamlessly flows from one perspective to the next and was clearly well thought out and organized.

Because this was one of my favourite things about the novel, I regret to say that it lost its spark within the film. I remember anxiously reading each chapter of the novel, eager to reach the next character perspective, but the film just kind of threw them in here and there. I wish that there was more of an anticipation build.

Am I the only one who noticed the strange way of filming? The quick zooming in on characters faces felt almost cheesy and outdated. My expectations may have been set high after watching what David Fincher had done with Gone Girl. One thing this film does contain is an amazing cast.

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He talks her down from the ledge, and from there, the two become more and more intertwined. Eventually, they embark on a "wandering project" for school, documenting and exploring various sites in their home state of Indiana. The time they spend together helps their relationship grow from acquaintances to friends to romantic partners, with Finch slowly but steadily helping Violet process her feelings about her own grief.

The movie and the book are mostly aligned, though there are a few differing points. Violet isn't presented as a former "popular girl," so to speak, though she is withdrawn and incredibly introverted, and Violet and Finch's first meeting isn't on a bridge, as in the film, but at the top of a bell tower. Plus, most of the film is presented through Violet's perspective, with a bit of insight as to Finch's own struggles with his mental illness.

But as Violet begins to cope and find a way through her own grief, Finch spirals after making a mistake that gets Violet in trouble with her parents. In the book, Finch has a suicide attempt shortly after the incident, but survives. But in the film, he instead enters into a long downward spiral. He isolates himself, refuses to go to school, gets into a fight, and tries to figure himself out. He visits a support group and then tries to connect with his sister to talk about his abusive father.

Ultimately, however, just like in the book, Finch vanishes again for the last time after getting into an argument with Violet. In the book, after Finch vanishes, Violet searches for him. She receives mysterious texts from him — the significance of which she finds out only a month later — after Finch sends a goodbye letter to Violet and his friends. He had been texting her from the locations they still had left to visit for their school project. From that, she figures out that she might be able to find Finch at the Blue Hole, a large lake they had both already visited.

If you're not familiar with either, go do your homework and come back here when you're ready. Stephen King's The Dark Tower series spans seven books and several decades of writing. While the first movie is intended to be the beginning of a cinematic franchise, it makes an interesting choice in including aspects of several different books in the series to create its first story. In doing so, it changes a lot.

Like, an awful lot. Not only do characters and locations appear much earlier in the film than they did in the books, but the way those characters and locations are portrayed are drastically different. It's almost impossible to mark every change in The Dark Tower so here are the major ones that really impact how the plot of the Dark Tower is truly different, and how it may play out differently as the franchise develops, assuming, of course, that it does. Jake Chambers' parents actually like him.

His mother, especially, is really worried that her son might be truly crazy. It's touching, and nothing like how Jake's mother would react in the books. Instead of a middle- or lower-class kid, as Jake is portrayed in the movie, Jake Chambers in the books is the son of a TV executive and he's fairly well off. Also, his parents have little interest in the fact that they even have a kid. They mostly ignore him, which is why Jake ultimately has no problem much later in the books making the decision to leave home.

The Elmer Chambers of the movie died heroically. The Elmer Chambers of the book might not remember his own son's name and snorts a lot of cocaine. There is no step-father in the books. The Breakers are children, rather than adults. The place we see at the opening of The Dark Tower is never named on screen, but in the books it's called Algul Siento. In the film, it's inhabited by children who have psychic abilities referred to as Shine.

This is an amalgamation of a couple different concepts from the books. When Algul Siento is discovered, its inhabitants, who are psychically gifted, are mostly adults. However, children, specifically twins, are taken captive because the connection that twins have can be mined and used to help give the adult psychics more strength. Finally, all of this doesn't happen anywhere near this point of the story. Doorways between worlds are technological.

This location, and the monster inside it, are part of the The Dark Tower's third book, The Waste Lands, but in that case, the passageway between worlds isn't a keypad and a portal, it's a door. Just a door. Doors between the Gunslinger's world and our modern world play a huge part of The Dark Tower and they're found in numerous places, however, in every case, they're just average doors that just so happen to open on an alternate reality. The Breakers are attacking the Tower directly.

In the movie we see the power of the psychic children coalesce into a beam of energy that strikes the Dark Tower, causing quakes that reverberate through the worlds. The beamquakes do happen in the books, but the psychics never get as far as attacking the Tower itself in the book because they have to take down the Tower's defenses first.

At one point in the film, you see Jake draw a map in the dirt: a circle, with six lines cutting through it at equal distances, the Tower standing at the center. In the novels, those six lines represent six beams that hold the Tower up and protect it. Before the Tower can be taken down, the beams must be destroyed. Either the beams aren't part of this story technically a sequel , or they've already been destroyed.

Roland's goal is not the Tower. The Gunslinger we meet in the film has forsaken his duty to protect the tower, in order to dedicate himself to seeking revenge for the death of his father. The Roland of the novels would tell the movie version that he has forgotten his father's face. Reach the Tower. There is nothing more important than that. We don't even know why he seeks the Tower initially, only that he does, and that he'll do whatever it takes, no matter how treacherous, in order to reach his goal.

This is the biggest change made from book to movie. Steven Deschain lives much longer.

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