Investing layer of periodontium injectable gel

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investing layer of periodontium injectable gel

Furthermore, PLGA scaffolds with stromal cells from the adipose tissue are able to regenerate bones, periodontal ligaments and cementum layers. Aim:To evaluate the efficacy of intrapapillary injections of vitamin C along with Keywords: Interdental Papilla, Microneedling, Periodontal therapy. Therapeutic studies demonstrated that a SUCNR1 antagonist inhibited inflammatory events and osteoclastogenesis in vitro and reduced periodontal. BTC JOBS KOKRAJHAR 2018

For randomization of the sites was zero, no loss of information the following first week, salted water mouth bath four times biased the data. For each patient, sites were allocated to per day, then for the second week 0.

The rationale of the reliance on salted syringes and designating them A and B by the clinician in water mouth bath for the first week was based on the reported charge of randomization before handing them to the surgeon. To evaluate the surgery and the initial healing phase afterwards [32].

All patients and the surgeon answered negatively. On subsequent re-evaluation visits, a single Patients were seen weekly for the first month to check their clinician who performed the pre-surgical examinations and oral hygiene performance and then at 3- and 6-month did not perform the surgeries performed the follow-up intervals to record all clinical indices. Outcome measures Only the study statistician and the clinician in charge of randomization of sites knew about the unblinded data.

The primary outcome measure defined in the study was the change in CAL between the test and control sites. A Shapiro—Wilk test was performed to test for the normal distribution of data. In the absence of any data BOP to test hypotheses about equal ranks between test and from previous studies on the beneficial effect of hyaluronan control groups.

All data were statistically analyzed using the SPSS software 2. The level of significance 0. No statistically signifi- 0. Hyaluronan application proved to be promising in Baseline wound healing in a number of medical disciplines [34]. Its mm GR application in conjunction with periodontal surgery was thought to achieve similar beneficial effects.

In these studies, SRP without a flap 2. The rationale behind this surgical technique was to surgically remove the entire pocket lining as well as to clean the intrabony defects more thoroughly, 3. The removal of the pocket lining by this flap mm design was to place the hyaluronan gel in direct contact with the connective tissue to perform all its alleged 5. The present study demonstrated a significant improvement of the CAL, PD, and PI values for the test and control sites Control sites Treatment Test sites over time, as well as a statistically significant difference P value between the test and control sites for CAL and GR values in favor of the test sites.

The current study results are further consistent with the similarly designed study on the effect of enamel 0. In contrast to earlier studies by Xu et al. Variations in hyaluronan gel formulations employed in the different 0. The findings of the present study are in accordance with the study of Prato et al.

In the present study, sites receiving hyaluronan showed a statistically significant improvement in CAL and GR values at 3 and 6 months compared to the control sites. This may be attributed to the 0. By interacting with the fibrin clot during the early stages of healing, hyaluronan could have provided a structural framework to 0.

Addi- 0. During this process, hyaluronan contributes to extracellular matrix formation, cell migration into the wound matrix, cell Control sites Treatment proliferation, and granulation tissue organization, thus Test sites P value allowing the re-attachment of the basal layer of the gingival epithelium to the basal lamina [44]. The current results of an absence of any statistically The reduced plaque formation, noted by an improvement significant PD reductions between the test and control sites in the PI values for the test and control sites over the study are further in concert with the results of earlier studies [35, time, likely resulted from improved gingival health follow- 38].

This absence of significant PD reduction may be ing the MWF, the reinforcement of oral hygiene instruc- explained by the fact that the improvement in CAL on the tions given to the study subjects postsurgically, in addition test sites, in which the absence of an improvement in GR to the improved oral hygiene routines commonly observed could have meant an eventual reduction in PD, was in the in study subjects [45, 46].

However, comparing the test and current study compensated by the improvement in GR control sites continued to show a nonsignificant difference values. Similar to earlier investigations An anti-inflammatory effect of hyaluronan was not [35, 36, 38], the current study did not demonstrate an substantiated by a statistically significant reduction in additional bacteriostatic effect of the hyaluronan gel in BOP index in favor of the test sites by the end of the terms of a reduced plaque accumulation.

This remains in study. These results are in accordance with the studies of contrast to an earlier in vitro study [44]. The divergence in follow-up intervals of this study to the current one may account for this Hyaluronan gel application in conjunction with periodontal discrepancy. The hyaluronan gel may have exerted its surgery appears to significantly favor the periodontal reported anti-inflammatory effect during the early phases of surgical outcome in terms of a gain in clinical attachment wound healing of cellular proliferation and granulation level as well as a reduction in gingival recession values.

Cell — the first author. Cell — References doi 89 Mattson JS, Gallagher SJ, Jabro MH The use of 2 molecular weight hyaluronic acid increases the self-defense of bioabsorbable barrier membranes in the treatment of interproximal skin epithelium by induction of beta-defensin 2 via TLR2 and intrabony periodontal defects. J Periodontol — J Immunol — Toole BP Hyaluronan and its binding proteins, the 2. Matrix — 3.

J Periodontol — Rheumatology Oxford study of peridontal status comparing osseous recontouring with — flap curettage. Results after 6 months. Eight years. Osteoarthr Cartil — — Zhonghua of human gingival epithelium and connective tissue. J Periodontol — — J Intern Med features of chronic and aggressive periodontitis. Periodontol —55 — Wound Repair Regen —89 Amoxicillin and metronidazole as an adjunct to full-mouth scaling Waddington RJ, Embery G Proteoglycans and orthodontic and root planing of chronic periodontitis.

J Periodontol — tooth movement. J Orthod — J Histochem Cytochem — molecular and ultrastructural investigation. Toxicol In Vitro J Clin Periodontol 24 9 Pt 2 — Am J Pathol. Several investigations concluded that EPO plays a pivotal role in skin wound healing. It has been demonstrated that systemically-administered EPO improves skin wound healing in diabetic mice.

Recombinant human erythropoietin stimulates angiogenesis and healing of ischemic skin wounds. Hamed et al. Fibronectin potentiates topical erythropoietin-induced wound repair in diabetic mice. J Invest Dermatol. Topical erythropoietin promotes wound repair in diabetic rats.

Subsequently, Bader et al. Interactive role of trauma cytokines and erythropoietin and their therapeutic potential for acute and chronic wounds. Rejuvenation Res. Furthermore the expression of EPORs has been observed in the basal cell layer of normal oral mucosa.

Erythropoietin signaling promotes invasiveness of human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Accordingly it was hypothesized that topical application of EPO might improve wound healing in the oral mucosa. Considering that EPOR expression has been observed in different cell types, including the basal cell layer of normal oral mucosa, The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of EPO treatment on palatal wound healing subsequent to free gingival grafting.

Methodology Participants and study design This was a randomized triple-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial using split-mouth design. Twelve periodontally-healthy patients, aged over 18 years with lack of adequate attached gingiva on at least two sites in the mandible were included in the study. Patients with any systemic disease or condition, inadequate oral hygiene, poor compliance and also smokers were excluded from the study. Informed written consent was obtained from each patient after explanation of the study goals, design, potential risks, and benefits.

The study was conducted in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration. The medical ethics committee of Tehran University of Medical Sciences approved the study protocol approval number: Following enrollment, participants were assigned to treatment groups using balanced block randomization.

The surgeon, the observers and the patients were blinded. To meet the assumptions of randomization, a number of sealed non-transparent coded envelopes were prepared with letters A, B, C, or D printed on them. Each patient was then required to choose one. If A was chosen, the patients were assigned to undergo the first surgery on the right side, followed by treatment with EPO-containing gel. A patient choosing B was assigned to the group undergoing the first surgery on the right side, but with the application of the vehicle gel.

For Patients choosing C, the first procedure was performed on the left side, followed by EPO gel application, while group D received the same treatment, but with the vehicle gel. A third individual opened each envelope and explained the sequence of surgery and gel application to the surgeon. The gels for both groups had the same appearance and there were no marks, colors or numbers on the containers, and only the third individual was aware of the gel types.

Observers were not informed about the grouping of patients. Patients did not receive information regarding the type of treatment that was performed. The statistician was also blinded to the groups. The pre-surgical and surgical phase At the first appointment, after oral hygiene instruction, scaling and root planing was performed for each patient.

Thereafter, a plaque control assessment was carried out every two weeks for one month. The surgery was carried out according to the method of Sullivan and Atkins. Free autogenous gingival grafts. Principles of successful grafting.

A graft was harvested from the premolar and first molar area of the hard palate, and a 1. Harvesting grafts from the same site in all patients resulted in a uniform technique to compensate for the differences in healing potentials of the premolar and molar areas. In addition, to avoid the rugae region, the harvesting site was moved in a posterior direction to the molar area. Moreover, other well-designed studies with the same procedure, utilized the exact same technique.

The soft tissue graft was fixed in the recipient site. After control of bleeding at the donor site, 1 mL of gel containing 4, IU mL The wound sites were then covered with a foil and a coe-pak was placed over them. Because of the favorable consistency of the gel applied, there was no concern about its displacement during or after surgery.

Postoperative instructions were described for each patient after surgery. Another gel application was performed 2 days after surgery and the periodontal pack was placed on the wound area. When no epithelium is formed in the wound, H2O2 interacts with the catalase in the connective tissue and bubble formation occurs. Conversely, no bubbles develop if the epithelium covers the wound surface Mucosal wound healing is impaired by examination stress. Psychosom Med. The amount of epithelialization was assessed on days 7, 14, 21, and 28 after surgery.

Healing and inflammation Evaluation of the healing rate and the amount of inflammation was performed in two ways: Direct observation of the region by a blinded periodontist on days 2, 7, 14, 21, and 28 after surgery. Observation of photographs by three periodontists; photographs taken from test and control areas on days 2, 7, 14, 21, and 28 were prepared in one slide using a graphic software program Power Point, using the ACDC program.

Three periodontists observed the slides and determined which site had better healing after considering the color match, the tissue texture and contour. The inflammatory halo around the wound was used to characterize the site with more inflammation Figure 1. Figure 1 Clinical views of wound area, in the EPO and Control group: a, b harvesting free gingival graft; c, d 2 days after surgery; e, f healing on day 7; g, h healing on day 14; i, j healing on day 21; k,l healing on day 28; and m, n healing on day Statistical analysis The Wilcoxon sign test was performed to identify significant differences in epithelialization between the test and control groups.

The degrees of inflammation and repair were compared between groups using the sign test. The level of significance for rejection of the null hypothesis was set at 0. Clinical parameters None of the patients complained of loss of sensation or bleeding, and healing was uneventful. No unwanted side-effects were observed after application of the gel in either group.

By the end of the second week one patient in each group achieved complete epithelialization, with no significant difference between groups Table 1. By the 30th day after surgery almost all patients exhibited complete epithelialization. Table 1 Comparison of epithelialization rate.

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investing layer of periodontium injectable gel


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