Michael granoff better place electric car

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michael granoff better place electric car

Breaking months of silence since the highly publicized collapse of Better Place, Michael Granoff, the founder of Maniv Energy Capital. Even a decade ago, Better Place had a recipe to bring clean, cheap and convenient electric transportation to mainstream consumers parallel to. Michael Granoff is the founder of Maniv Mobility, a Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm that invests in startups that aim at revolutionizing. COMPANIES ASSOCIATED WITH BITCOIN

Michael Granoff never did get to drive an ice resurfacer, but last week the borough resident made headlines for his involvement with an even more exciting vehicle: the electric car. President Shimon Peres addresses guests at a Jan. Electric cars have been manufactured on a small scale for at least a decade, but never gained ground as personal vehicles. Their downfall, said Granoff, was a battery that could go only 60 miles on a charge and lasted only half the life of the car.

Michael J. He and his wife, Tovit, have four children; their eldest attends The Moriah School of Englewood, while their twin boys are at the Lubavitch preschool here. Personal interests aside, there were several sound business reasons to choose Israel for the pilot that PBP hopes to replicate around the world. And Israelis are famous for embracing new technologies and gadgets, like cellular phones.

The event was to promote the work of Better Place, an Israeli firm seeking to develop the first cost-effective electric car. Better Place believes they have developed a model of an electric car that will cost less than a gas car, and will be cheaper per mile to run than a gas car.

The Better Place car has no tailpipe emissions and will be easier to recharge than it is to fill up a gas tank. His talk, lasting roughly 45 minutes, was followed by almost half an hour of questions. Better Place believes it has solved these problems by selling consumers electric cars without expensive batteries at a cost lower than what consumers currently pay for gas cars.

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michael granoff better place electric car

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