Distance between two places as the crow flies

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distance between two places as the crow flies

When using Google Maps in a desktop web browser, right-click the city or starting point you want to use and select “Measure distance” from the. If you need to know which locations are in a radius around a point, or need to know the distance as the crow flies/on a road between two points. Measure distances. Use this page to measure the distance between two locations as the crow flies or when driving. Type in two addresses or click on the map. IWAC DEFINITION BETTING LINE

It would fly in a straight line without stopping, turning, or going around objects on the ground. It would take the shortest route from starting point to destination. Origin of As the Crow Flies There is some speculation about how this idiom originated, but most sources point to William Kenrick as the author who first used it in print with its current meaning in the year However, in this case it had a different meaning, traveling many places but only stopping at a few.

This is no longer the meaning we use today. Examples of As the Crow Flies Nowadays, this phrase is typically used as a reference for the distance between two points. It is not very helpful, however, for giving detailed directions because it does not take into account all the twists and turns one would have to take to get around big buildings, mountains, or other obstacles on the ground.

The straight-line distance ignores the surface or landscape between the locations. Calculating straight-line distance. If you are not a bird or an airplane and do not care about the landscape between the locations, straight-line distance is a good approximation. See Calculating Straight line distance for additional information. The Distance Accumulation tool is used to determine how far each cell location is from an identified source.

A source can be an airport, a ranger station, or a road. If there are multiple sources, then for each cell location, the distance to the closest source is calculated. Generally, there are three measures that define the spatial relationship of the locations you are determining the distance between, how far it is between the locations what direction is one location to the other how would you travel to get between the locations The Distance Accumulation tool allows you to create each of these as output.

While the Distance Allocation tool allows you to identify which is the closest source. As mentioned, the straight-line distance assumes the mode of travel is flying above the surface. But what if you are walking on the surface and there is something between the locations? That is, a barrier exists. What comes to mind when you think of a barrier? A cliff? A river? A major road? These can be barriers, but, once again, it depends on the traveler and their mode of travel.

In certain cases, these features are hard barriers and to move around them you would need to find a bridge or an overpass in the cases of the river or road. A barrier impedes the movement between two locations. For a hiker, a lake might be a barrier and you need to detour around it. The resulting effect is the physical distance that you must travel between the locations is greater. The shortest path a hiker would take when a lake a barrier is in the way.

Is the lake still a barrier? It is for the ant and the elephant, but maybe not for you as a human. A barrier effects the three output distance measures in the following ways: the distance between locations can be greater the straight-line direction to the source remains the same whether the barrier exists or not if the barrier does not change which the closest source is for the location the direction of travel will change when a barrier is in the way.

As alluded to, a barrier is relative to the traveler. If I am in a kayak or I am a sea mammal, the land becomes a barrier to my water movement. You must paddle around the peninsula. A barrier for a migratory bird or an airplane might be a storm or a smoke plume from an active volcano. A barrier for a small mammal might be rock or a stream.

For a turtle, it might be a log. In all these cases, the traveler needs to move around the barrier, the physical distance increases, and the travel direction alters. Certain features may be a hard barrier which you cannot pass through. Other features may be just difficult or costly to move through and are not really barriers. In the latter case, these features affect the rate the distance values are encountered and should possibly be modeled in a cost surface.

It may turn out the traveler may move around these features when traveling the optimal path between the locations, but it is because the features are too costly to move through, not that they are barriers. See Incorporating barriers for additional information. A second adjustment to the physical distance that must be traveled when moving over the landscape is the actual distance that you would need to travel accounting for going up and down the undulations in the surface.

That is, if traveling over the landscape, you need to travel the hypotenuse when going over the uphills and downhills.

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