What is cryptocurrency pairs

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what is cryptocurrency pairs

A trading pair tells you which currencies you can exchange for one another. For example, BTC/USD allows you to buy bitcoin with US dollars, or sell bitcoin for. The term “trading pairs” refers to the asset pair being traded in cryptocurrency, usually one cryptocurrency for another. Cryptocurrency pairs compare the value. Trade bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin against the major fiat currencies. Trading Crypto FX pairs means you don't have to exchange between currencies when it's. WIZARDS VS KNICKS

Some exchanges also offer stablecoin trading pairs. This is useful as most stablecoins are pegged to the USD, making it easier to estimate the value of a coin. During the earlier days of crypto, when very few blockchains existed, crypto trading pairs were not a lucrative option. But, since then, thousands of cryptocurrencies have come into existence, and the number of trading pairs that exist today is more than what you and I can fathom. A crypto trading pair is arrived at by correlating two cryptocurrencies and then arriving at their relative worth with respect to each other.

By doing this, the value of one cryptocurrency can be measured in terms of a different cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, the value of 1 BTC was equivalent to that of This inter-token exchange is facilitated by decentralised exchanges DEXs , which make it possible to trade in crypto without an intermediary.

It would. Also Read: Is it safe to keep crypto in an exchange? However, you would only be making one transaction instead of the two needed otherwise. Moreover, most DEXs are powered by the Ethereum blockchain and thus demand nominal gas fees. If you wish to prioritise your transaction, you can shell out higher gas fees and incentivise the miners to process it. To summarise, trading pairs allow investors to reap the benefits of lower gas fees.

In other words, not only can you trade cash for cryptocurrency, you can also trade cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency on cryptocurrency exchanges. And in fact, some cryptocurrencies can only be bought with other cryptos, so learning about trading pairs becomes pretty important if you want to expand your crypto holdings beyond the major coins! To help you better understand trading pairs, consider the example below.

Example: Imagine you have on hand Bitcoin and cash meaning fiat currency like US dollars and you want to obtain Litecoin. The fiat value of the trade is no different at the moment the trade is made as you owned Bitcoin which went up in value the same as you owned cash , but you can now buy more Litecoin with your Bitcoin than you could before.

You may in this case for example choose to buy Litecoin with Bitcoin hoping that Litecoin catches up and gives you a chance to buy even more Bitcoin with your Litecoin. Of course, things can go very wrong with trading pairs too.

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In the crypto market, trading pairs are ideal for comparing a particular cryptocurrency value with the other. The valuation of a particular cryptocurrency also involves statistical experiments correlation function of statistics and analytical results analysis. Benefits of Crypto Pair Trading Pair trading in cryptocurrency comes with numerous benefits for both the crypto market and the traders.

Here are the benefits of crypto pair trading. Better Trading Opportunities— Pair trading in cryptocurrency offers better trading opportunities. The value of crypto tokens varies depending on the country. Therefore, cryptocurrency pair trading enables traders to exchange value based on their locality. Maintains Market Balance— Pair trading in cryptocurrency maintains market balance, which is crucial for overcoming downside risk.

Pair trading enables crypto investors to exploit other means or strategies of generating profits in the crypto space. Pair trading is also a market-neutral trading scheme with minimal investment risks. Develops the Crypto Market— Cryptocurrency pair trading goes to greater lengths in designing the crypto market.

This type of trading enhances the value of the cryptocurrency market and attracts potential investors. Pair trading is also dependent on some theoretical aspects such as probability, correlations, and statistics. An unstable price movement occurs when there is a breakdown in the correlation between a pair of cryptocurrency.

Long-Term Investment- Crypto pair trading is a long-term investment , meaning traders need to hold their crypto assets for a longer time to make substantial profits. Few traders can manage to keep their trades for a longer time. How does Crypto Trading Pairs Work?

Cryptocurrency shares similar properties of normal currency to some limits. The way crypto trading pairs work is nothing special. For easy understanding, we can consider crypto trading as exchanging money in place of buying some product. When there is a need to exchange one cryptocurrency with another cryptocurrency. The list of available trading pairs is looked up. The trading pairs offer similar value to the present cryptocurrency with the exchanged one.

In cryptocurrency Trading pairs, there are some specific options available for one person to select. And from there you can select which currency to be changed with whom. Another term related to crypto trading pairs is "Base Currency". When we move from our country to any other country. The first and most important step is to convert our country's currency to the moving country's currency. In this example, the currency of our country will serve as a base currency for the exchange to take place.

Similarly, with the option of multiple cryptocurrencies available online. Only some can be exchanged. The availability of cryptocurrency to be exchanged and the type of currency to be exchanged all get included in the list.

However, the one currency that you possess and is kept for exchange, is known as the base currency. Most Common Crypto Trading Pairs There are multiple options available for one to exchange the current cryptocurrency into the other currency. Sometimes, people do exchange cryptocurrency in place of money.

This is one of the most famous and frequently used crypto trading pairs. There are multiple options available for a person to select a trading pair. These options are limited to the selected base currency.

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