Rhodium bullion investing

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rhodium bullion investing

Like gold, silver, platinum and palladium, it is possible to purchase rhodium bars as an investment or reserve currency. Rhodium bars are typically % pure. 3 ways to invest in Rhodium · 1) Physical Rhodium bars offered by Kitco: Own a physical piece of this most rare precious metal outright, in your possession. The Baird Mint began producing Rhodium Bars in , which was the first official investment bar. PAMP Suisse became perhaps the most well known mint to produce. ENFOREX MADRID ESCUELA DE IDIOMAS MADRID

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Any geopolitical issues in South Africa can directly affect the price of this metal. Rhodium price is extremely volatile and sometimes rises much higher than gold. Rhodium has a beautiful, silvery-white appearance and is its anti-corrosion qualities against even the most aggressive chemicals have deemed it fit to be used in catalytic converters for automobiles.

It is alloyed with platinum or palladium and used as temperature-resistive and corrosion-resistive coatings. In the jewelry industry, rhodium coating is done on white gold in order to improve the appearance. Rhodium plating is also used on sterling silverware to prevent it from excessive wear and tear. The metal is also used in nuclear reactors to measure the neutron flux level. Its physical form was also not available, with the exception of a few companies that offered rhodium dust as the only way for someone to buy rhodium metal.

Rhodium is extremely hard and has a high melting point, making it very difficult to produce rhodium bullion. Special minting techniques are used to produce rhodium bullion products. The first mint to ever produce a rhodium product was the Cohen Mint in They produced investment grade rhodium bars, coins, and rounds of. A few mints are now offering rhodium bullion for investment purposes. The most popular one being the rhodium bar by Baird Mint of the United Kingdom.

The bar is made of 1 oz. The other popular rhodium bar option is produced by the popular refinery PAMP Suisse of Switzerland and features the iconic image of Lady Fortuna on the obverse of the bars. PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bars are highly admired for their artistic design and are considered a must have by collectors.

The bar comes in an attractive, tamper-evident assay card. Due to the rarity of this metal, it is vulnerable to frequent price fluctuations that make it an attractive investment option for investors to diversify their portfolios. This factor needs to be considered before you buy rhodium coins or bars. Rhodium Coins: Rhodium is highly valued for its rarity, intrinsic value, and its extensive use in automobile and other industries. A special minting process is used to make rhodium bullion because it is a very hard substance and has a high melting point.

Among the handful of mints that produce rhodium coins, Cohen Mint is the most popular. As a rare precious metal, rhodium can be a particularly tricky asset class. As a general rule, rhodium is recommended for experienced investors as it is expensive and volatile in regards to its value on the market. Here are some of the pros and cons of investing in rhodium. Bars and Coins At the moment, the best way to buy physical rhodium is in the form of bullion bars.

Rhodium coins exist, but they are not significant players in the rhodium bullion markets, so buying cheap rhodium bars is the least expensive way to acquire it. This is because the minting process for coins is extremely hard to attempt when using rhodium.

The metal is very difficult to work with due to its high melting point and hardness — often resulting in fractures when the coin is stamped. They also produce one ounce rhodium bars made of Among the few mints available, Cohen mint is the most popular. Its coins come in a tamper-evident case with a label containing technical specifications of the coins.

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In addition to being minted as investment-grade bullion , rhodium is often used to plate white gold jewelry. It can also be found in the catalytic converter of your car. Pure rhodium was never historically used in coins that are now certified as rare, and it is seldom minted today. Authentic Baird rhodium bars are stamped with the company name, a six-digit serial number, and the hallmark of the London Platinum and Palladium Market. The price of rhodium has been quite volatile in recent years, and it is currently at a low, which means that currently rhodium bullion is potentially a higher-return investment than the more stable and traditional gold bars or coins.

If you are interested in purchasing Baird rhodium bullion bars , call to speak with us at California Numismatic Investments. But recent power shortages in South Africa have forced mining companies to decrease — and sometimes even completely halt — rhodium production, with no clear resolution to the crisis in the foreseeable future. Annual rhodium production is already extremely limited. Only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year. Compare that to the 2, tonnes of gold mined in , or the tons of platinum mined each year Rhodium Prices With such a limited supply, rhodium doesn't come cheap.

To give you a better idea of its cost, that's over twice as expensive as gold and times more than silver. The spot prices of rhodium are set by Johnson Matthey twice daily for the American market. You can see the latest prices and price histories here. Rhodium prices have been quite volatile in recent years. As its principal application is in automotive catalytic converters, the sharp decline of the global automobile industry sent rhodium prices tumbling.

But now that the global automobile industry is recovering, rhodium prices are back on the rise. Take a look: Investing in Rhodium Buying rhodium for investment is difficult because rhodium is a non-exchange traded commodity and cannot be bought using futures, ETFs, spread betting, or other derivatives. However, investors can now buy the physical metal And to my knowledge, there is one mint that offers investment grade.

The Cohen Mint produced the first grade.

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