Dup leadership betting lines

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dup leadership betting lines

Belfast-based bookmaker Grahams is offering odds of 7/2 for the DUP winning 31 seats – its shortest price on a seat tally for Arlene. The King spoke to Sir Jeffrey Donaldson and Sinn Fein vice president Michelle O'Neill about the Northern Ireland Assembly and its current. The Next UK General Election already has betting odds available with the Conservatives and Labour both vying to be the next Government. INVESTING PAPILLOMA CLASSIFICATION OF BACTERIA

The floppy-haired wiff-waff enthusiast has proved that, despite his gaffes and constant ridicule from the wider British public, he is seen as a juggernaut and catalyst for change inside the Conservatives , appealing to arch-Brexiteers and moderates alike. He has some mess to clean up, but it is believed his enthusiasm will help heal the deep divisions in the Tory party and British politics as a whole — an optimistic view, it must be said.

There is not a lot that defines the man other than being one of many who has tried and failed to negotiate with Brussels before resigning to save face. Well backed but hard to love. He is competent, though, and the Vote Leave chairman has won some plaudits on his environmental work. Finishing third in the last election race, he famously pledged to back Boris before reneging on his word to launch his own ultimately fruitless campaign.

Hopefully he takes on BoJo again and the popcorn can well and truly come out. The staunch Brexit supporter, who resigned as the leader of the House Of Commons earlier this week, ran for leader in but very weirdly got into hot water by suggesting to fellow candidate Theresa May that being a mother made her a better candidate for prime minister.

Her Brexit credentials mean she has a half-decent chance of going one better if she can get the backing of the pale, male, stale Tory ultras in the Committee. Stay classy. Interestingly, the current foreign secretary has got a lot of fellow Conservative MPs behind him, but his six years as health secretary has left him extraordinarily unpopular with the membership who ultimately vote for the next leader.

This compares to just 50 in Speaking in the Commons, Mr Jenrick said he will be "giving a lot of thought in the coming days" to what can be done to work alongside the Albanian authorities. He added: "Around a quarter of those individuals who crossed the short strait this year alone have come from Albania. There's a number of fronts in which we're doing that. MSPs are today debating the general principles of a bill which will make it easier for transgender people to be legally recognised as their preferred gender.

The Gender Recognition Reform Scotland Bill aims to speed up the time it takes to obtain a gender recognition certificate GRC , and also lowers the age for obtaining one from 18 to Earlier, a majority of MSPs on the Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee supported the bill, saying it brought in important reforms which would improve the lives of trans people. However two Conservative MSPs on the committee opposed it.

They said they were "concerned that the removal of the requirement for gender dysphoria and the requirement for medical evidence may extend the GRC process to a large and more diverse group of people".

This could open up the system to abuse by predatory men, they argued. Concerns were also raised about the impact the reforms could have on single-sex spaces for women and girls - such as female-only toilets or changing rooms. The Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy, made up of senior MPs and peers, has urged the government to "get a grip" on the "major" security risks posed by the effects of climate change on critical national infrastructure such as power, transport, water and communications.

It finds "overwhelming evidence" that climate change is already having an impact on UK infrastructure and that "no minister has been taking responsibility" for adapting it. You can read more from political reporter Sophie Morris here: Braverman controversy explained Suella Braverman has been made home secretary - again - in a somewhat controversial decision by Rishi Sunak.

She was re-appointed on Monday after quitting Liz Truss's government just six days before, throwing the former PM's premiership into further chaos. Mrs Braverman resigned from the previous administration after sending an official document from her personal email to a fellow MP and is said to have copied another MP in by mistake.

Keiran Pedley, Ipsos director of politics, said the results "show the scale of the political challenge Rishi Sunak faces as he enters Downing Street". But Mr Sunak's ratings have improved substantially since July and he now has a net favourability rating of just Mr Pedley added: "A clear majority are unfavourable towards the Conservative Party and the public are net positive about the Labour Party for the first time in this series.

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Rising with his mentor, by Givan was communities minister in the Northern Ireland executive. Two days before Christmas that year, he delivered a letter to an Irish language group informing them that he was withdrawing a grant that would have allowed disadvantaged children to go to learn Irish in a Gaeltacht, where it is the first language. The executive collapsed and was not reinstated until last year.

He will have to implement the Irish language act, which was promised under the New Decade, New Approach deal that restored the institutions at Stormont, an act so resented by the DUP that Gregory Campbell MP said he would use it as toilet paper. When people say that Poots is pragmatic, this sort of thing seems to be what they mean. To my mind, Poots as good as announced his intention to become party leader when, in the worst days of the pandemic, he falsely claimed that while his community was abiding by the rules, others were not, and Covid was spreading faster in nationalist areas.

Instead of lockdowns, he favoured localised restrictions. The sectarianism echoed. There was no gracious talk of moving forward together as a united community. He will encourage the deep sense of grievance that underlies unionist politics.

The intervention of US president, Joe Biden, will be resented. Donald Trump was his eagle. Deposed in an ugly coup , the former leader Arlene Foster is exiting in her own time and with some style. But with an election just a year away, the party has been detecting worrying signs. The DUP is facing a dual assault, from more hard line, socially conservative unionists and more moderate, secularly-focused political forces.

Like many unionists, he is not happy about the Northern Ireland Protocol - the part of the Brexit deal, which, in effect, has kept Northern Ireland in the EU single market for goods, while Great Britain has left. There are checks on goods arriving here from England, Scotland and Wales - which to unionists, represents a trade border and therefore diminishes Northern Ireland's place in the UK. She abstained on a Stormont Assembly motion proposing a ban on "gay conversion therapy" - which most of her party colleagues voted against.

It was thought to be a factor in the move against her, several days later. Sir Jeffrey is seen as slightly more liberal - but there's not much to call between the two. Julie Ann-Spence, from the local newspaper the Ulster Star, explains that people here regard them both as "one of us" and not "one of them" - politicians who they know personally, rather than just see on TV. She doesn't see much difference between them in terms of their approach to main issues. It's more to do with presentation and personality, rather than policy.

They may need one. Image source, Reuters Image caption, An anti-Northern Ireland Protocol poster hanging on a building in Lisburn The advance of the Alliance Party - which characterises itself as being neutral on the union - was evident in Lagan Valley in the general election. Although Sir Jeffrey still won comfortably - his majority fell from more than 19, to 6, Alliance almost trebled its vote to come second.

A poll earlier this year suggested the DUP was also losing support in the opposite direction - to the Traditional Unionist Voice, which was formed in by some ex-DUP members who felt it had compromised too much in power-sharing talks. Alliance is socially liberal. The TUV committed to conservative values. Both are threatening to squeeze the DUP's vote.

Meanwhile, the Ulster Unionist Party - which was the largest unionist party, until it was overtaken by the DUP in - also has a leadership vacancy. The frontrunner, and only candidate so far, is former soldier Doug Beattie - a social liberal who proposed the Stormont motion to outlaw gay conversion therapy. A number of significant figures in the party - including Edwin Poots - are still members of the Free Presbyterian Church.

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He would continue with the UUP right through until , but fault lines in the relationship with the party were exposed over the Good Friday Agreement peace deal. Watch the highs and lows of Arlene Foster's political career He led a walkout from the peace talks which secured the agreement. Sir Jeffrey continued to disagree with Lord Trimble, which eventually led to his leaving the party in and joining the DUP in He stepped down from his role as an MLA that year as part of the move away from politicians' double-jobbing.

He objected strongly to the Westminster government's decision to end the near-ban on abortion in Northern Ireland in , and also opposed same-sex marriage. Edwin Poots Edwin Poots has been a member of the DUP for all of his political career and is currently the minister for agriculture, environment and rural affairs.

Mr Poots has served as minister for the environment, minister for arts, culture and leisure and as health minister over the course of his political career. The year-old courted controversy as health minister in , when he maintained a ban on blood donation from gay men that had been lifted in England, Scotland and Wales.

He did so claiming it was on the grounds of public safety, but a High Court ruling later found the ban was "irrational". Indeed, the attempted removal of Foster speaks to a larger organisational problem for the DUP. That is the extent to which the party centre — including not just the leader but its party officer team — has seemingly lost its traditionally iron-like grip on the party machine, including assuaging the concerns of grassroots members and ensuring discipline amongst the ranks of its elected representatives.

With reports that many members, MLAs and local councillors wish to see several other high-profile leadership figures removed along with Foster, how and whether the party centre re-establishes such control and discipline will be worth watching, beyond the headline-grabbing event of selecting a new leader.

Then what? Looking beyond the potential consequences of an unprecedented leadership contest, a change of DUP leader is interesting for a number of other reasons. Firstly, leadership transitions are often framed by parties as symbolising change. But what does change actually look like and mean in the case of the DUP? Will it be a regressive or progressive step?

The legislation on the cultural-moral issues that have so perturbed those calling for her head will be next to impossible to overturn. The Northern Ireland Protocol, which for many within and outside the party is the source of the current ructions, enjoys the support of a powerful coalition of forces and is in place thanks to a suite of political, legal and territorial realities.

So many of the factors that explain the challenge to Foster, then, largely lie outside the control of the DUP and therefore any future incumbent. It is very likely then that a change of leader will not deliver the salve and salvation that many within the party undoubtedly hope it will. Finally, party leaders have to do a lot of the heavy-lifting in a power-sharing democracy.

And here we come face-to-face with the representative conundrum confronting the DUP in the present moment. A change of leader might be enough to placate those in the party who want a stauncher, more uncompromising defender of unionist interests but the election of such a figure makes compromise within the Executive and therefore the effective functioning of devolution in Northern Ireland all the more unlikely.

The DUP is, it seems, in a Chinese finger trap, largely of its own making.

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