List of sports betting sites australia post

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list of sports betting sites australia post

Australia-based PointsBet is known as a site that's geared toward sports bettors. The site features a unique betting option known as PointsBetting, and careful. The following is a list of common sports betting terms. Futures bet (ante post) – a bet on the winner of the league or tournament. With a fantastic selection of popular games and some of the best bonuses for fans of pokies and poker, Ignition definitely deserves first place. ETHEREUM HONG KONG EVENTS CONFERENCES

We also take time to fully appreciate the high points of these elements, which site is the quickest to assist a customer, has the best live chat, the best ongoing rewards and the most innovative approach to user experience. Existing customers are a great guide to which brand is going to suit you best and we take that to the heart of our recommendations.

Security and support We ensure that all our recommended betting sites provide a secure transactional environment for payments, document storage, betting history and personal details. We test their customer support, their response time and efficiency in dealing with you as the consumer in a fully compliant and, most importantly, a regulated and licensed environment.

We display license numbers, corporate details, customer support information and everything you need to know to be certain that you only interact with the safest and most transparent sportsbook betting operator options online.

Odds and pricing To some, the competitiveness of the prices and odds offered by a bookmaker is the sole reason for betting with one operator over another. The Australian marketplace is fiercely competitive and variances in the odds of a single event can be startling.

Having several accounts can be extremely handy if you want to get the most value for every bet you place online. Consider the same scenario if you were shopping online for a particular item. Its price may vary at several different online outlets and whilst you may be prepared to pay a little more to get the item quicker or to receive loyalty points at a certain outlet, it is still an important decision that you have to make when other choices are available to you.

Betting online is very similar. Whilst Best Odds Guaranteed or Enhanced Odds are available with many online operators, our reviewers try to establish a pecking order with our recommended sites in terms of their prices and odds. Do they match up to the best most of the time and do they aim to lead the way with the markets that are most common and expected?

Our reviews focus on this and give you the information you need to make an informed choice. However, there is no substitute for shopping around and having several operators available to you from our best betting sites list. Streaming options Having a bet can be a great thrill. Many betting sites now offer the option to watch the action via a live stream once you have placed a bet.

A small minimum stake applies but for a wager of as little as 50p, you can watch the result of your bet unfold from the moment you get involved until the end. If this is crucial to you be sure to check out our best live streaming betting sites that provide this service with the smartest user experience possible. There are many to choose from and the quality varies from site to site.

User experience The biggest issue faced with the Australian betting audience is getting the ideal user experience they want from an online betting site. Are the sports you want to bet on easy to navigate to, does the operator lay out the options in a way that makes finding what you want simple and efficient? Can you track your bets, check your profit and loss or take an early Cash Out when you want to change your mind and if you want to withdraw how long does it take?

These are paramount and a huge focus for our review team when they deliver a final verdict and score on a betting site. The look and feel and style of a site might be skewed to a certain type of sports bettor and you will see in our reviews that we pay attention and know the difference. Understanding what you need is important and knowing that we care about that will help you to make the best choice.

Remember, it is your choice and not ours — the right site is out there, maybe even a combination of two or several sites is what you need to get every facet covered and unlock free bonuses. Take the time to read over our reviews and find the best one for you, from user experience over mobile versus desktop or tablet, the payment options, the customer service and loyalty schemes, the bonus on offer and the markets and pricing. Our Team of Online Betting Industry Experts Our bookmaker reviews team is made up of regular active sports bettors, ex-betting industry employees, traders and odds compilers, customer support staff and tech-savvy marketeers.

No one person can cover all aspects of an online betting site review, so we pool resources to make the complete and definitive guide on the internet. With regular and in-depth updates to each submission, covering every bonus and sportsbook change as it happens, you can be sure that we have the most comprehensive rankings, industry information and detail available at all times so your decision is as simple as it should be before making your sports bets.

This is true whether you are just starting out with online betting or a hardened pro who wants VIP support and bells and whistles from your online operator. European Handicap — a wager where a whole number of points or goals is added to the underdog and accordingly subtracted from the favourite. The bet is settled on the outcome of the event after adjusting for the handicap. Learn more about European handicap betting. Exotic bet proposition bet, props — a bet that is does directly concern the final scoreline.

Examples include the first try or goal scorer in the fixture and the first stoppage in play. This term can also be used to describe bets on entertainment, finance, and other non-sporting results. Futures bet ante post — a bet on the winner of the league or tournament. Half ball — a popular bet type on events where a draw is a definite possibility, like soccer fixtures.

The bet wins if your selected team wins or draws the game. Note that this term is distinct from a half ball Asian handicap where one team is given a 0. Head to head bet 1X2 - a bet on the winner of a fixture between two opponents. Where a draw is possible football, rugby, AFL, etc.

Where a draw is not possible tennis, baseball, basketball, etc. This bet could apply to a specific period of the game e. Line bet handicap bet — a bet where the the underdog is given a points head start to create an even bet. For example in a game between the Blues and Stormers, the line odds could be: Blues Margin bet — a bet on the amount of points or goals that one competitor finishes an event in front of another competitor.

For a rugby game between the Blues and Stormers, a margin bet could be on the Blues to win by between 1 and 12 points. This combines the tallies of both sides. If a football game ends , the total is 4. This contrasts with standard bets that either result in a loss of your wager or a payout based on the wager odds.

The spread is a range of outcomes, and the bet is whether the outcome will be above or below this spread. To learn more, see the section on spread betting. Other terms Arbitrage — in a sports betting context it is a scenario where, due to a disparity in bookmaker odds, a punter can guarantee a net profit by backing all outcomes Bad beat — losing a bet under unusual or exceptional circumstances.

Examples include losing a low odds bet on a clear favourite and losing a bet in the dying seconds of a fixture. Learn more. Credit betting — betting using a line of credit with a bookmaker. This enables you to bet without first depositing funds.

If your bet wins you receive money into your account balance. If your bet loses you have a set period of time to top up your account. In head-to-head betting there are two competitors so the payout is half the value of a winning wager. Had you backed the underdog, say at 2. Dividend — the payout or return in currency terms from a winning bet.

Even money — a betting outcome at 2. Some examples are below. Multi betting is discussed later in this guide. Trixie — 4 bets consisting of 3 selections. At least 2 selections must win to earn a return. The Patent — 7 bets consisting of 3 selections. At least 1 selection must win to earn a return. The Yankee — 11 bets consisting of 4 selections. The Lucky 15 — 15 bets consisting of 4 selections. The Super Yankee — 26 bets consisting of 5 selections. The Lucky 31 — 31 bets consisting of 5 selections.

The Heinz — 57 bets consisting of 6 selections. The Lucky 63 — 63 bets consisting of 6 selections. The Super Heinz — bets consisting of 7 selections. The Goliath — bets consisting of 8 selections. Field — can refer to the list of competitors in an event. Sometimes, non-listed outside contenders are collectively called the field. For example, you could a place a bet on a specific poker player to win a tournament, or place a bet on the field meaning anyone not individually listed to win.

Fold — indicates the number of selections in a multi bet. A 4-fold multi bet is based on the outcome of four events.

List of sports betting sites australia post superbowl odds today list of sports betting sites australia post


In , Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act. In doing so, several sports betting service providers needed to alter the way they do business in Australia to fall in line with the Act. The law was brought about in an effort to curb problem gambling. The Act stipulates that companies looking to offer sports wagering to Australians must differentiate their particular service so as to remove access to casino, slots and other gambling- related games. As such, you will see that the best sites for Australian sports betting have created.

To understand how the list below was constructed, please read the research methodology outlined to the right of the list. Note that if you want to maximize your potential returns at Australian betting sites for your bets of interest, you may look to use an odds comparison site like oddsjet.

Odds can vary significantly so serious bettors should look to these services to ensure to take advantage of the top available value on offer. Here is the full list of criteria that has been used to establish inclusion into the list of the best Australia sports betting sites.

Accept Australian registrants. Offer Australian Dollar betting accounts. Established companies with excellent track records of trustworthiness and fairness. Provide competitive odds on the sports that Australians enjoy the most, plus emerging ones like esports. Offer an array of banking options that are widely used by Australians.

Provide an excellent user experience from both desktop and mobile devices. If you are a fan of a good multi-bet or otherwise known as a parlay bet , then you will find Sportsbet suits you well. A large portion of the Sportsbet advertising is directed towards multi-bets with what seems like an excellent decision to cater towards the punter looking to hit it rich with a big multi-bet win like this one.

Get started with Sportsbet here. Betfair Australia Sports Betting Unlike many other places to put down sports bets in Australia, Betfair is known as sports betting exchange, and not a bookmaker. Basically, with Betfair, punters are making bets against each other, with Betfair charging a small commission to the winner.

The significant feature of sports betting exchanges like Betfair is that they often have better market odds than sportsbooks. This is because bet prices are set by sports bettors as opposed to the bookmaker. While Betfair does offer better market odds, this kind of sports betting is more aimed at experienced or advanced sports betters. Get started with Betfair here. One of the best features of placing sports bets with the BetEasy betting website is their customer service and the added sign up bonus that you will earn Crown Signature Club points for every bet placed — great for those who frequent the Crown Entertainment Complex.

BetEasy offers over 35 different kinds of popular sports to place bets on, and a large number of markets. They also provide punters with their best value through their excellent offering of horse racing odds. The Neds sports betting site is tidy, and they go out of their way to provide punters with the best sources of information to help anyone back a winner.

While they have only been around since , their sports betting product is a winner and chock full of great information, and even better sports and racing markets. Unibet Australia Sports Betting Unibet has a massive worldwide presence, boasting over 15 million active members. Their Aussie sports betting site is a great place for placing a bet on your favourite games.

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