Korean band named after cryptocurrency

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korean band named after cryptocurrency

BBC Korean says a red notice has been issued for the year-old, issued arrest warrants for five other people - who have not been named. Singapore's regulator has suspended Bitget, a cryptocurrency exchange that got into a dispute after promoting the digital currency Army Coin. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean boy band formed in and debuting in under Big Hit Entertainment. The septet—consisting of members Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook—co-writes and co-produces much of their. PROFESSIONAL SPORTS GAMBLING

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Korea also led the world in the mobile revolution, becoming early adopters of cell phones, camera phones, and smartphones. In fact, Korea is leading the world in mobile-first adoption, meaning the default assumption is that a Korean user is using a cell phone, rather than a computer, to access a web page or internet service.

Most importantly in the context of cryptocurrency, however, the Korean public has long been exposed to the concepts of micropayments and digital tokens. Those games included microtransactions that made the company millions in profit. For many titles from Nexon, in-game credits took on their own value. You could trade digital credits for real currency in some marketplaces, and Koreans grew up understanding how digital assets could be transferred.

As Bitcoin and the following blockchain movement arrived, Koreans were uniquely prepared to embrace digital currency. Additionally, cryptocurrency came along at an opportune time in the Korean economy. On paper, the Korean economy is strong, with a rising GDP. Instead, GDP per capita has been a gradual climb and opportunities for younger Koreans have stagnated. Youth unemployment in Korea in was 9. As young people struggled to find jobs, many were excited to turn to cryptocurrency as a way to make money.

And they did make money. Over the period from to , cryptocurrencies saw incredible returns. Successful investors spread the word, telling their parents and even grandparents to invest. Crypto in Korea through Crypto fever in Korea quickly built to a frenzy. By the end of , one-third of the Korean public had invested in crypto. The country was the third largest market in the world for Bitcoin behind the US and Japan , and the largest market for Ethereum.

Many young people invested their entire life savings into Ether. With such market penetration, Korea held a major position in the cryptocurrency markets. Any changes that impacted Korean consumers would impact the overall cryptocurrency market. Traders around the world looked to Korea and studied Korean news for indications of how the government would respond to the growing crypto trend in the country. In July , the government legalized Bitcoin as a remittance method for financial institutions.

The government also mandated that local cryptocurrency exchanges operate in cooperation with the Korean Financial Services Commission FSC. It seemed the government had accepted and normalized Bitcoin. The Kimchi Premium Part of tying crypto exchanges to the FSC included stricter regulations for collecting data on customers and how fiat cashouts could be processed.

Still, demand for crypto in Korea was at an all-time high. It got to the point where Korean investors were willing to pay more than the global market value for certain coins. Over time, the premium above market price grew. It seems like there should be an opportunity for arbitrage somewhere, buying cryptocurrencies on other exchanges in USD and then selling them for Korean won at a markup.

While the Kimchi premium has subsided with demand, CoinMarketCap unlisted and still does not list Korean exchange prices because they inflate market valuations for certain coins. Forward thinking, Korbit has been on top of maintaining a good relationship with the regulatory authority in South Korea and has thus taken all steps to ensure that it is regulated within the laws. Boasting a platform which focuses on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic, this exchange has quickly made its way into the Korean market and has managed to develop from a 20 person team to hiring over employees in less than eighteen months.

Coinone is also winning individuals over in its practice to promote education in trading by issuing statements on the listed coins and teaching users about the different features on the tokens, even getting into the nitty-gritty elements, such as the technological developments of the coin. Coinone prides itself on speedy transactions, security features, and investment consultation and places a high value on trust, innovation, and professionalism.

Like Coinplug, Bithumb is aiming for an easy solution for using digital currencies in everyday life. The platform launched when Kakao — the biggest messaging application developer in Korea — partnered with US-based exchange Bittrex and UpBit took advantage of this and provided users on the platform the opportunity to use their mobile devices for transactions, with the application being available to anyone who uses iOS or Android.

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